Pres. Obama to visit Milwaukee on March 3rd in wake of “Healthy Communities Challenge”

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MILWAUKEE -- FOX6 News has learned President Barack Obama will visit Milwaukee on March 3rd in the wake of the city winning the "White House Healthy Communities Challenge."

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett issued the following statement about the president's visit:

“I am thrilled to be welcoming President Obama to Milwaukee next week to celebrate our success in the Healthy Communities Challenge. In November, when I received a call from the White House challenging Milwaukee to increase the number of new enrollees into the Health Insurance Marketplace, I accepted without hesitation with the knowledge that our coalition of health partners was already at work.”

“Our victory not only shows the success that a collaborative effort can produce, but highlights a much more important message: Today, more Milwaukee-area residents have health insurance coverage than ever before. This opens the door to care and to improving the health of our entire community.”

“I am proud of the collaborative effort that took place to increase the number of local residents enrolled in health insurance, and I look forward to showcasing the hard work of the more than 100 partners in the Milwaukee Enrollment Network during this visit.”

On Friday, February 12th the city, county, state and national leaders, along with healthcare advocates gathered around a speaker phone as the White House made the announcement. The call was the from the president's Chief of Staff, Denis McDonough.

A news release issued by the White House said under the leadership of Mayor Tom Barrett and County Executive Chris Abele, about 38,000 people in the Milwaukee area newly selected a plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace during this open enrollment period.

Chicago, Ill.; Atlanta, Ga.; Detroit, Mich. and Oakland, Calif. rounded out the top five for the Challenge. As the victorious community, Milwaukee receives bragging rights, a healthier community, and a visit from President Obama to celebrate their success in helping ensure Americans have health coverage.


  • 0311 USMC Grunt, Author of Sarcasm

    They should take him around 16th and north and drive around the hood for a while, that’s real HOPE and CHANGE.

  • A yooper

    Ditto on that. Just give Milwaukee the $5 million wasted on the trip. Nobody sees him anyhow. Just a waste of $$ on his trips.

  • Stan Jankowski

    What a boon for MKE Executive Chris Abele and his Communications lemming, Melissa Baldauff. He can cry over split milk with Obama the Lame Duck as they lament their pending descent into the Jimmy Carter sunset of liberal obscurity
    while Baldauff can deny more conservative journalists of their civil
    liberties by denying their entrance into covering the event. March 3rd will be a slob the knob type day around the MKE, no doubt…

  • molon labe

    Congress adopted Operation
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    • newshub

      (April 16 2009) when President Obama met in Mexico city with the director of the National Museum of Anthropology and famous archeologist Professor Felipe Solis Olguin. Professor Olguin died one week later, on April 23 2009. There were numerous reports, including news from central newspapers, that the man who shook Obama’s hands died of ‘flu-like symptoms’.

      Someone fabricated this lie since later White House and official Mexican sources stated that Professor Olguin died due to cardiac arrest. (There is one KGB technique that causes heart attacks. Two breaths of a highly toxic gas are enough to cause a heart failure.)

    • newshub

      Let us start with the normal situation. Assume that you are a supporter of President Obama. Would you be happy to shake hands with the US President? What about a slightly different situation: would you be happy to shake hands with the US President knowing that one man shook President’s hands and died days later? In fact, some of the public forums clearly expressed this idea:

      “You’re saying Obama killed him?” (from

  • Fred

    I like the tagline “Healthy Communities Challenge”….
    In many parts of Milwaukee these days, it is a challenge to keep your health, and your life.
    Maybe the Pres should stop off in a few of the more crime ridden neighborhoods and give a talk about respecting the law, respecting your neighbors, respecting the police, respecting yourself and respecting your heritage………..
    I guess that’s out of the question. A group of 13 year olds would jack the car. ……….

  • Susan Yaunke

    I really don’t have a comment. Just wanted to let president Obama that he is a terrific president and he will truly be missed. So sad he can’t stay president. I think he is the best president ever and I am going to miss him. Was hoping to meet a famous president b4 I turn 60 in April. It would be such an honor. Meeting president Obama is on my bucket list. Things I want to do b4 I turn 60. Ty very much. Sue Yaunke

    • warthog

      Either you are brain dead or just asleep to the fact that he is a PROVEN LIAR. Or you’re joking.
      President Dwight Eisenhower in his Farewell Address as U.S. President in 1961. “And the “War against Terrorism,” which has been designed, created, and pumped into the mainstream by the U.S. Government, the private interests in defense contracting, the insider trading in the U.S.-controlled stock markets, and U.S. law enforcement agencies worldwide. Corruption, intimidation, and fear-mongering are now built into American culture”.
      Stop it with your feelings guiding your way, how about truth, justice and LIBERTY?

    • nro

      You may just have to stay next to Mud Lake. Which is a good spot for you at your age. You remember Regan right?

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