GAB bans hole-punched IDs as proof of residency

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MADISON — The state elections board has banned people from using hole-punched identification to register to vote.

The Division of Motor Vehicles punches holes through the expiration dates of old driver’s licenses and state ID cards upon renewal or replacement but allows people to keep the punched cards.

The Government Accountability Board adopted a staff recommendation Tuesday to bar people from using driver’s licenses and ID cards with the expiration dates punched out as proof of residency when registering to vote because it’s no longer clear the ID is current.

Hole-punched IDs that still have a visible expiration date after the most recent general election count as valid photo identification at the polls.


  • kellery

    Aren’t we looking for proof of ID not proof they can drive????? Another way to strangle voting rights. Time to vote gone.

  • Justin W. Braun

    When my wife obtained her Wisconsin license, she wasn’t allowed to keep her Oregon license card that had sentimental value to her. (They asked to look at it and wouldn’t give it back.) If I had been there, I would have made an issue out of it, because I didn’t think the Wisconsin DMV had the right to destroy it over her wishes. It was not issued by them, and they did not own it.

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