Senate committee takes up natural Christmas tree ban in churches, at Capitol

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MADISON — State senators are considering legislation prohibiting government officials from banning natural Christmas trees in churches and the state Capitol.

The bill has already cleared the Assembly and has a hearing before a Senate committee Wednesday.

National Fire Protection Association guidelines call for banning ‘live’ Christmas trees in places where 50 people or more gather, with some exceptions for safeguards.

The bill’s author, Republican Rep. Jesse Kremer, says the legislation aims to clarify any confusion about administrative rules. Kremer says some churches might not have natural trees this Christmas if the Senate doesn’t act on the bill, which stops state and municipal governments from passing any rules or ordinances prohibiting natural Christmas trees in the Capitol rotunda or in a church.


  • kellery

    What HUGE waste of time. How about actually doing something real important like jobs bills, education bills……the list is endless. Time to vote them gone.

  • libertarian

    Ban the cutting down of all trees! What a disgusting tradition killing earth’s precious trees for some stupid make believe holiday.

  • Truth Hertz

    Really, this is news?Typical religious hypocrites. Ever read Jeremiah 10: 1-8? So then the next question would be, why is this even transpiring? The reason, the idiots that claim they are so faithful to these goofy faiths don’t even read the damn books associated with their so-called faiths.

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