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Teen didn’t want to get out of bed; allegedly shoots family

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It began as a scene most parents and adolescents have experienced: it’s time to get up for school, but the teenager resists leaving the comfort of bed.

For a family in Nashville, this fight escalated to a violent extreme.

Police on Tuesday arrested a 16-year-old boy for allegedly shooting his grandmother, his sister and a nephew over an argument about getting ready for school.

The teen, whose name was not released, became angry with his mother and grandmother after they told him to get out of bed and prepare for school, the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department said.

“He made threatening statements before retrieving a handgun from a closet,” the police statement said. “He fired multiple shots inside the apartment.”

The grandmother was struck by at least two bullets, and his sister, 12, and nephew, 6, suffered graze wounds, police said. None of the wounds are life-threatening.

According to police, the family had no idea that the teen had a gun inside the apartment.

The teen fled and dropped the gun, but police arrested him and recovered the weapon.

He is charged in juvenile court with four counts of attempted homicide and one count of reckless endangerment.


  • Fred

    I hope this doesn’t shock anyone……This is a direct result of the liberal agenda penalizing parents for disciplining their children. Since it became illegal to keep your kids in line, these kids just walk all over the parents and do what they want….they are ‘entitled’ to get what they want at any cost. A kid that gets a size 12.5 up his arse every now and then grows up showing respect and listening to elders.

    • Christine Shaughnessy

      there are just too many guns available to people who have no business any where near one. what is wrong with this country? just look at who wants to elect Donald drumpf. what a world it is. omg

      • Fred

        Why is it, when there’s a bombing we blame the bomber; a drunk driving crash and we blame the driver; but when there’s a shooting we blame the gun (not me, I blame the nut-job that pulled the trigger). Keep drinkin’ the kool-aid Christine. Once guns are outlawed and we have a trolley and a new stadium, the world will be a paradise where the sun always shines, clouds are always fluffy, and the birds chirp merry songs but never crap on your car………

      • hard working taxpayer

        Nicely put Fred. You’ve saved me a lot of time typing as I agree with your comments.

      • me myself and I

        There are too many computers available to morons who have not got any common sense. I have never in my life seen where we have guns just lying around. If you read the article the family didn’t even know the gun was in the house. and with your comment it makes me wonder if you are going out handing and throwing out guns for anyone to get their hands on. That is part of the problem people who cry the most about things are the worst with what they cry about. This Administration is no better Fast and Furious come to mind. Get a clue moron and then you will understand.

  • 40 something employer

    what no one is commenting about is that there is a teenager, grandmother, mother, young sister and a nephew (no mention of an aunt) all living together in an apartment. a multigenerational broken family with no male/father figure.
    Are we supposed to be shocked and surprised that the teenager became violent and used a gun? isn’t this a perfect recipe for this kind of behavior?

  • coolidge

    I was spanked as a child when I did extreme wrong and I tell you what, I lived through it, adjusted my behavior and gave thanks to the good Lord that I had parents who cared whether or not I grew up to be a jerk or not. Thanks to a good crack on the @ss once in a while when I deserved it, I didn’t repeat certain behaviors or end up like this little loser. THANK YOU MOM AND DAD!!

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