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The Sloppy Shef makes extra large cookies — and delivers them right to your door!

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MILWAUKEE -- Chip spent the morning at Sloppy Shef -- which is an online baking business. Sloppy Shef makes extra large cookies and delivers them right to your door. All cookie are made from scratch.

About The Sloppy Shef (website)

Why the Name...
People ask me, "Why are you called 'The Sloppy Shef'?" Early in the cooking/baking life of The Sloppy Shef, the name definitely fit.  With dropping eggs on the floor, more flour on me than in the bowl and not turning off the hand mixer in time (dough up on the ceiling fan)…I told you the name fit. Well, over time the name has followed me, but the results are...well you taste for yourself.

About the Cookies...
The Sloppy Shef loves to bake cookies, but really enjoys EATING cookies…and you will too.
The Sloppy Shef has taken baking cookies to another level:
• Huge cookies with the extras you will love.
• Cookies that are made from scratch just like Grandma made.
• Oh, and these goodies are DELIVERED to your home or business. That’s right!

Ordering Information...

Call or e-mail your order, and The Sloppy Shef will deliver to you so you don’t have to bake, clean-up or go buy store-bought cookies.  Let The Sloppy Shef take care of everything!

Cookies are $18 for a Baker's Dozen (13 cookies), plus delivery charge.

Lead Time: Please allow a minimum of 24 hours.

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