Franklin police warn of out-of-state burglary crews targeting Hindu homes

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

FRANKLIN — Franklin police are issuing a warning regarding out-of-state burglary crews that are committing burglaries in the Milwaukee area, including in Franklin. Police say they appear to be targeting Hindu homes.

Police say these groups have been going through the Milwaukee area as recently as over the last month.


In the past, police say these crews have used rental vehicles and commonly work in groups of three. They may perform surveillance on target residences. The burglaries occurred during the daytime or evening hours, when the homeowners are gone.

Police say these burglars take steps to ensure that no one is home before they enter the residence. The most common technique is for them to knock on the door. If someone answers the door they will have a pre-planned response. They will often ask if “Jane” or someone else is home, and then pretend they are at the wrong address.

If you notice newer vehicles with out-of-state license plates in your neighborhood, police ask that you please watch them and contact your police immediately if you deem this as suspicious activity.

Police have offered the following tips to reduce your risk of being targeted, and to reduce your loss if you are the victim of a burglary:

  • Do not keep your cash and jewelry in small fire safes. These safes are designed to protect paperwork in the event of a house fire. They do not provide protection from burglars, and only serve to show the burglars where the valuables are. Burglars often carry these small safes away with them.
  • Do consider keeping your cash and jewelry in a bank safe deposit box or a large floor safe which is bolted to the wall or floor. These safes are readily available at sporting good stores and cannot be easily removed.
  • Do consider an alarm which has a cellular back-up. Speak to the alarm company and make sure that the alarm signal would still go through in the event that the alarm panel was ripped out of the wall. This has occurred in several burglaries and the alarm has not always been triggered.
  • Do consider contacting your local police department to see if they offer security surveys to help you target harden your home.