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Community to mark one-year anniversary of police shooting

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Madison Police Officer Matt Kenny and Tony Robinson

MADISON — One year after an unarmed biracial man was shot and killed by a Madison police officer, some say little has changed, despite a slew of conversations and task forces.

On March 6 last year, Madison police officer Matt Kenny, who is white, shot 19-year-old Tony Robinson in the stairwell of an apartment house after responding to calls about Robinson behaving erratically.

The shooting sparked protests throughout the city, a lawsuit from Robinson’s family, calls for examination of police use of force and renewed efforts by police to educate and engage the community.

A year later, the conversations are continuing, but activists say little has changed.

Rallies are planned throughout the weekend to mark the anniversary, beginning with a march Friday afternoon starting on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.


  • A yooper

    Why is race an issue? If your parents taught you anything it would be respect. The picture of “victim” in cap in gown should have known better. At all of the rallies and other BS they should teach young thuglettes to do as the po po says.

  • Jim

    “Little has changed” yea thugs still don’t listen to the police and are getting shot in the hood. Just listen and go on your way and not get shot!

  • Larry

    Liberal left in Madistan has become unhinged. Simple case of officer assault. Officer did his duty and saved others from being killed by a crazed animal, although it was unfortunate it was justified. Of course the blacks want to inject race into this naturally much as the lying female black professors at some universities saying they were wronged and profiled during traffic stops which wasn’t the case as video comes out destroying their false claim. Liberals will pay a heavy price in the next election when they are ousted along with their racist miscreants. You’re entitlement’s are about to cease so put your stupid signs down and get to work.

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