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Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner draws challenger in Wisconsin’s 5th congressional district

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Khary Penebaker and Jim Sensenbrenner

MILWAUKEE — U.S. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, the longest-serving current member of the Wisconsin congressional delegation, has drawn a challenge this year from a political newcomer.

Democrat Khary Penebaker of Waukesha County is the president of a roofing company and an advocate for tougher gun control measures after his mother shot and killed herself when Penebaker was a child.

Since he was first elected in 1978, Sensenbrenner has coasted to re-election — often with 65 percent of the vote or more — and Penebaker faces a significant uphill climb this year.

“He’s been there so long that he doesn’t have to work anymore for his election,” Penebaker said. “He rarely campaigns. He rarely gets out there and exchanges with people. You’ve got a guy there who feels almost entitled to his position, and I feel that’s wrong.”

Penebaker said he couldn’t say how long he’d want to serve if elected.

On the day Penebaker announced his bid, Sensenbrenner’s office touted the longtime congressman’s perfect voting record in 2015. Sensenbrenner didn’t miss a vote that year, according to a study released by CQ Weekly.

“I’m proud of my thoughtful and consistent voting record, as well as my dedicated service to the people of Wisconsin’s Fifth Congressional District, and will continue working diligently on behalf of my constituents as long as I serve in the U.S. House,” Sensenbrenner said in a statement.



    Did I read that correctly? He wants everyone else to be subject to stricter gun laws because his mother shot HERSELF decades ago??? Typical liberal mentality. Because they can’t handle something, they think everyone else should be controlled. How many times have libs argued because they’re afraid they would shoot themselves, or accidentally shoot someone else, or have their gun taken away from them? So let’s punish the people who are actually up to the responsibility. Thank god she didn’t slit her wrists or we’d all be eating steak with spoons.

    • Greg Wilson

      Conservatives are the same way about abortion, don’t be a hypocrite. Besides don’t you think our country should do something about the mentally unstable having free access to deadly weapons?

  • Jim

    Sensenbrenner could be the “poster child” for a career politician he has been in congress way too long. I went to a listening session of his, and had no clue as to what he said in answering questions, he is a hot air expert.

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