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Missouri professor Melissa Click refuses to accept firing

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Melissa Click

A University of Missouri professor who was fired for trying to block a journalist from recording a campus protest is fighting back.

Melissa Click appealed the decision and is now getting support from the American Association for University Professors.

The AAUP announced Monday that it would be investigating Click’s firing.

Click, an assistant professor of communications, said she was pleased by the news. She maintains that she was fired without due process when the university’s Board of Curators “overstepped their authority.”

According to a university spokesperson, Click was fired for failing to meet the standards expected of faculty members.

The incident occurred during a student protest on campus over racism in the fall of 2015. Click was recorded confronting a video journalist and blocking his way.

“Hey, who wants to help me get this reporter out of here?” Click was caught saying. “I need some muscle over here.”

The video went viral and Click has been charged with third-degree assault for the altercation.

In her statement, Click said she had apologized for her behavior but would not apologize for her “support of black students who experience racism at the University of Missouri.”

“In their decision to terminate my employment, the Curators bowed to conservative voices that seek to tarnish my stellar 12-year record at MU,” Click said. “[T]he Curators are punishing me for standing with students who have drawn attention to the issue of overt racism at the University of Missouri.”


  • ed flynns mistress

    Typical libtard behavior. Accept no responsibility for your actions and place the blame on others. Fire the educated idiot.

    • Ret1redDJ

      Kind of Like Trump Rallies huh! Calling for all minorities and muslims to be removed! Shows His True Colors! Or does that only apply to people that support Blacks?

  • Ret1redDJ

    It amazes me how when anyone speaks out about Racism; even if they are a popular figure or a teacher or anything that all of a sudden they are ignorant and shouldn’t have a job anymore or called names and everything else! Yet Trump is A God to the “BIGOT BRIGADE” that supports him! Where ar the charges for third degree assault against Trump for telling his supporters to kick people out of his rallies and his Racist practice of kicking black people out of his rallies while saying the Blacks Love him! Funny because i do not know any Blacks that like Trump except the ones on his payroll like Medgar Evers Brother!

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