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Back in custody: Waukesha police arrest sex offender Kenneth McDonald a day after his release

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WAUKESHA -- Waukesha police arrested 44-year-old Kenneth McDonald, a convicted sex offender, just a day after he was released. Police say McDonald violated the terms of his release.

Kenneth McDonald

Kenneth McDonald

Around 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 9th, a citizen reported seeing McDonald walking on Moreland Boulevard near Hawthorne Elementary School.  Based on this citizen report, Waukesha police officers responded to Hawthorne School and took McDonald into custody.

"Who knows what his intent was.  I don't think it was good," Mari Jo Tamble, who lives in the neighborhood where McDonald was arrested said. "I hope they find a nice place for him, where he can be watched."

"They say everyone gets a second chance, but it's one of those things where I don't know if he ever really needed one," another neighbor said.

McDonald was transported to the Wisconsin Probation and Parole office.  He will be detained by the State of Wisconsin Department of Corrections for an investigation into this violation of his GPS requirements.

McDonald was convicted in 2005 after pleading guilty to a felony charge of second degree sexual assault of a child in September.

Kenneth McDonald arrested March 9th

Kenneth McDonald arrested March 9th

In February 2006, McDonald was sentenced to serve six years in prison and 12 years extended supervision.

Upon his release, officials said McDonald is considered a serious offender with a high probability to reoffend.

Officials said McDonald's offense was committed against two girls -- ages three and six, whom McDonald lived with. McDonald inappropriately touched both victims, and also admitted to being in possession of hundreds of images of child pornography.

The six-year-old girl McDonald was convicted of sexually assaulting is now 17 years old.

When the crimes happened, McDonald admitted to police he assaulted as many as eight children.

He has served his time, and on Tuesday, he was released on GPS monitoring, with no permanent home.

Kenneth McDonald arrested March 9th

Kenneth McDonald arrested March 9th

Officials in Waukesha circulated a mugshot of McDonald and warning residents of his release.

"Nobody should trust anybody like him," the 17-year-old woman who was a victim of McDonald said. "I can't believe someone like you would do something like that, and I've waited 11 years to say this: You are not a man. You are a monster."

Kenneth McDonald

Kenneth McDonald

It all began when McDonald, a family friend, was staying at the home where the girl lived. The girl's family had no idea what would happen next. The house was raided, and hundreds of images of child pornography were discovered on McDonald's computer. McDonald was arrested, and then confessed to much more.

"They told me that while they had him in some room, he just started dropping that he had touched her and what he had done for the most part and started spilling his guts and I flipped out. I flipped out," the victim's mother said.

Officials at that time said they believed McDonald was responsible for molesting eight children.

FOX6 was there in 2006 when McDonald was sentenced. He looked very different, and said he needed help.

"I've come to realize that I do have a serious problem and I need help," McDonald said at his sentencing hearing.

It's not clear whether he got any help in prison.

The 17-year-old girl he victimized when she was six, who has Asperger's, testified against him.

"They say he's remorseful but I don't think he is. If you're the kind of person who could do that to a child you have no guilt," the victim said.

Kenneth McDonald

Kenneth McDonald


  • crockett3663

    I’m guessing that he WANTED to get arrested. He was looking at being homeless…maybe in his eyes he’d rather be locked up. At least that way he’s got three hots and a cot and a roof over his head.

    • Abby

      This is ridiculous! I agree he was probably trying to get can you expect a person regardless of their past offenses to live..the Doc and Probation want to set people up to failure. My boyfriend is a registered sex offender bc he had consensual sex with a 15 y/o who said she was older when he was 19. Now he has to deal with all of this same crap! Set up for failure..they ultimately have a life sentence bc of one mistake.

      • Opinion8d

        First off, I could agree that he wanted to get arrested. How they can release a person, who is highly likely to re-offend, that doesn’t have a place to live is crazy. It seems he has no family or at least anyone to support him -and rightfully so. HOWEVER, it is NOT the same as your perv boyfriend -this guy molested young children and is clearly mentally ill! He should be branded as such to protect others if they are letting him out. As far as you believing your boyfriend and how he was ‘lied’ to, is ridiculous. Guys are pigs and I’m guessing yours was desperate to prey on younger girls -or simply has no morals just to hook up with unknown people. Either way, rationalize it as you want, but if you think this guy and your bf are ‘dealing with the same crap’ then you should think about your own decisions!!

      • Susan

        I can’t believe you are involved with a sex offender. I hope and pray you do not have kids. Or if you do, I hope you don’t have visitation

    • john doe

      I have to agree with Crockett, I’m not wanting to admit this but my brother is scum and he has spent most of his life in jail and he was released a year ago just to go back in due to he had no place to go and no one would hire him so he just offended again for the free room and board.

    • FrankDHayden

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  • FBI

    Seems more like he violated his probation to GET CAUGHT. Not necessarily re-offend, though that is very likely. So it’s either to be put back in a place he’s most comfortable with, or commit again.

    • hard working taxpayer

      Castration doesn’t matter. They still have hands. Leave only the head (sans tongue) and torso.

      • Susan

        Don’t leave hands, feet, or tongue. He could still commit sexual acts if he wanted to. I agree with others:
        But, Aim, Fire, Kill, problem solved.

      • Susan

        Don’t leave hands, feet, or tongue. He could still commit sexual acts if he wanted to. I agree with others:
        Buy, Aim, Fire, Kill, problem solved.

  • Joel Lee Sherman

    This news story is unfortunately lacking in about 10 critical facts. It would have been more professional to NOT publish the article at all. Thankfully I am here to assist in following the FACTS minus emotions and perhaps THE TRUTH will be properly presented. Thank you for your time. Sincerely,

  • PH

    He missed everything being done for him in prison. 3 meals a day, free health-care, a place to sleep, watch TV all day.

  • hard working taxpayer

    Once a pederass always a pederass. It’s psychological and progressive. He didn’t look to get arrested to avoid being homeless–the state owns homes that they place these cons into on our dollar. He was looking for gratification plain and simple. Look up his record: child porn, various degrees of sexual occurrences with children. Stay in prison, sicko.

  • Frank B

    Why do we have to keep this low life piece of scum alive? He sexually abuses kids and we have to find him a place to live and pay his expenses?! He can live 6 feet under where he belongs. From his picture it looks like he could join the Amish mafia. Of course that would show initiative so why would he do that! Wake up America. Things are getting worse because we make excuses for everyone and don’t hold people accountable for their actions

  • truth hurts

    Make him wear a sandwich board that says he molests little black boys and drop him off in chitcongo.

  • dylan

    he is a sex offender even the person who commented about a 15 yr old,,, don’t break the law you won’t find yourself in this mess.. it isn’t societies responsiblity to find a job or house a criminal of any kind. that is what family is for and if you have burned your bridges and even your family wants nothing to do with you oh well ..figure it out!!! keep him locked up

  • Opinion8d

    Clearly you’re confused. Unlike some cultures that glorify criminal behavior, believe in no-snitching, and have no value or morals, what you see here is everyone calling for him to be locked up for life or killed. People called the police to report the guy because they don’t want him around! And while you may find it hard to believe, race doesn’t matter -it’s all about the behavior!

  • Jeri Oberle-Amoroso

    What did they expect releasing him with no where to go. How do you just release a sex offender on to the streets? I can’t say I feel sorry for the guy but he really didn’t stand a chance being put out on the street. I’m guessing he did that on purpose so he could go back to prison. At least in prison he had a roof, food, bed, and medical.

  • Frank B

    And why should we be paying for his roof,food,bed and medical? drop these freaks on an island and let them work on providing a roof, food, bed and medical. If they can’t do it, oh well. Darwinism survival of the fitest consequences for your actions

  • Syd

    Just wondering if anyone commenting/debating caught that he was on GPS tether?? Obviously he knew he was being tracked… and as for the comments to Abby about her boyfriend: he shouldn’t even be compared to this. This adult pedophile’s victim was a 6 year old child. In Abby’s boyfriend’s case both were teenagers. Makes him stupid at worst but not deserving comparison to a pedophile and the idiotic remark about child visitation. Sex offender does not = child molester or pedophile. I was a child victimized myself btw; given sedatives in a beverage by my best friends father at sleepovers; sexually abused & an unknowing model for his perverse collection of photographs… This crime sickens me to the core and touches me personally but it is not the same.

    • Karen

      Finally…someone with some sense!! I agree with everything you said! My condolences to you and everything you went through personally, I hope your best friend’s father paid for his crimes to you! @ Hard Working Tax Payer you stated that there are state owned homes where these “cons” could go, cons released from prison but not the sex offenders cons. They have to go right back to the community where the crime occurred ( does that make sense?) and be homeless! Law was changed and Senate bill 409 was passed. It is designed for failure and makes it harder for those who want a second chance…who have already changed. Your last comment was ” stay in prison sicko” which is ironic…..considering your name….are you aware that for each prisoner it cost $30,000 a year to house, feed, keep warm, recreation, oh yes…and clothed (shoes, clothing etc.) all in prison. Who wouldn’t want all of that? Especially with no family or friends on the outside who cares. Good going…..Hard Working Tax Payer!! Remember what you said when your taxes are going up, your paying for his living expenses inside prison. Yet he’s already done his time. Rehabilitating…lifetime reporting…GPS reporting….DOC full involvement in getting him working OR… everyone could give up and assume that he’ll reoffend and give him what he wants… be taken care of for $30,000 a year. No worries…never to be responsible for himself.

      • C

        I will gladly pay $30,000 a year to keep a pedophile in jail. Can’t think of a better way for my tax dollars to be used. Pedophiles can not be rehabilitated. Do some research.

      • Joel Lee Sherman

        Our society does not need sex offenders to be rehabilitated to keep our communities safe. Put your money where your mouth is st. Pay me the $30,000.00 and move him to our main location in Tampa. I will make things safe for you. I have done it for years and I will do it again. Just remember: Talk is cheap. I have worked with over 1,000 sex offenders and predators. Those with jobs and those that consume ALL contribute to the same tax base that YOU BENEFIT FROM. So put up or shut up. Sincerely,

  • mezcalhead77

    It’s weird how the justice system figures sex offenders serve their time so they can be trusted to just walk around all willy nilly like they’re not going to do it again. Sitting in a cell for a few years doesn’t rehabilitate a sex offender. They sit there day in and day out daydreaming. That’s even worse. You need to give them years and years hard labor, or even execute them. That will save taxpayers millions.

    • Karen

      Um…this one has a GPS tracking every move he makes. One to two visits a week with his parole officer and SAT classes. He hasn’t been in prison a few years, it has been 12 years. To execute the thousands of sex offenders would mean to execute everyone who has ever had sex, besides only a few states has executions now. A lot of murderers don’t even get executed. Remember there is a difference between sex offenders and pedofiles. A 17 yr. old young man (who the state considers an adult) that has consensual sex with a 15 yr old girl is considered by the state to be a sex offender. There are many…yes many who have found themselves in this situation and spending time in prison. So you have to be careful the way you judge a sex offender calling for execution if you don’t know the story. This one is a pedofile. Will he re-offend? God knows…..

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