Charged but not in custody: Police seek Shanika Minor in death of pregnant woman

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Shanika Minor

Shanika Minor

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee police are working to track down 24-year-old Shanika Minor for her alleged role in the deaths of Tamecca Perry and her unborn child. Minor is now charged with the crime — but she is not yet in custody.

Minor faces the following charges:

  • First-degree intentional homicide
  • First-degree intentional homicide – unborn child

Police say 23-year-old Perry, a mother of two, pregnant with her third child, was shot by Minor who came over to her home to settle an argument. The shooting happened near 30th and Auer just before 3:00 a.m. on Sunday, March 6th.

Tamecca Perry was pronounced dead inside the duplex at 30th and Auer after sustaining a gunshot wound to her chest.

Tamecca Perry

Tamecca Perry

According to the criminal complaint, police went upstairs and spoke with Minor’s mother, who told police that her daughter and Perry had “an argument over the playing of loud music” a week prior to this shooting incident. Minor told investigators her daughter “thought that the victim was disrespecting her.”

Shortly before 3:00 a.m. on Sunday, Shanika Minor showed up at the residence near 30th and Auer.

Minor’s mother told police she went outside to “calm things down.”

Fatal shooting near 30th and Auer

Fatal shooting near 30th and Auer

Minor’s mother said prior to Minor showing up at the home, Minor had called her mother and told her she was at the residence. Minor’s mother said she told her daughter to leave, but her daughter wouldn’t leave. Minor’s mother said she went downstairs in an effort to “prevent her daughter from getting inside,” but she was able to get inside.

Minor’s mother indicated at one point, during the argument, she attempted to push Minor outside, while telling Minor that Perry was nine months pregnant.

Perry’s boyfriend told police Minor “was carrying a black firearm with an extended clip.” The complaint indicates that while Minor and Perry argued in a hallway, Minor’s mother stood between them, trying to keep them separated. At one point, the complaint indicates Minor “raised a hand and pointed a gun in the direction of Perry.”

The complaint indicates Perry’s boyfriend told police Perry’s daughters were “running toward their mom” and he stopped them.

Fatal shooting near 30th and Auer

Fatal shooting near 30th and Auer

Perry’s boyfriend then heard the sound of gunshots coming from the kitchen area. Perry’s boyfriend as well as Minor’s mother both called 911 immediately after the incident.

Minor’s mother told police her daughter fled the scene in a vehicle.

Perry’s unborn child, who was due on March 11th, didn’t survive the shooting.

Again, Minor is not in custody at this time. If convicted of the charges against her, Minor faces up to life in prison.

Anyone with information as to Minor’s whereabouts is asked to contact police.

Tamecca Perry shot and killed near 30th and Auer

Tamecca Perry shot and killed near 30th and Auer


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    • selfentitled

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    • Someone who really care!

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    • selfentitled

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    • JS

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  • Someone who really care

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  • Gerry Small

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  • Tamiel

    I don’t see this murderer on any most wanted lists, no updates or coverage in this investigation! MPD is incompetent.

  • John

    Loud music especially subwoofers can cause huge stress and sleep deprivation for people who work and keep a schedule and is downright cruel to senior citizens and children. Even though it’s a week later this should be the lesser charge of manslaughter. A pregnant woman with 3 kids has no good business and is asking for trouble blasting loud music and disturbing her elderly neighbor to the point a relative has to step in to handle the situation. If this was the wild west the shooter would be a hero, the one who disturbs the neighbors with loud music most likely has a personality disorder since keeping people up at night who need to sleep is ok for her. I hope the judge and jury have at one time lived near a neighbor who blasted a subwoofer

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