It happened again at West Allis Central: “Three bomb threats in three days — it’s ridiculous”

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WEST ALLIS -- Classes were cancelled at West Allis Central High School on Wednesday, March 9th after the school received its third bomb threat in as many days.

West Allis police say a bomb threat was phoned into the school around 10:30 a.m.

Police say the caller indicated the school would blow up.

"I can`t leave work everyday for a bomb threat," Tiffany Stark, a West Allis Central High School parent said.

West Allis Central High School

West Allis Central High School

"We are getting entirely too good at this," Marty Lexmond, West Allis-West Milwaukee School District superintendent said.

"It's disruptive really -- and annoying, every time," Jonathan Colon, a West Allis Central High School student said.

On Wednesday, students were evacuated from the school based on the threat and police recommendations. A voicemail sent to parents indicated students were moved to Mount Hope Lutheran Church on 86th and Becher. Parents were able to pick up their students there.

"It's frustrating! I had to take off of work for this," Marena Velez, a West Allis Central High School parent said.

"I think three bomb threats in three days -- it's ridiculous. I hope whoever is doing this is caught," Jennifer Leonard, a West Allis Central High School parent said.

The West Allis Police Department, and Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office's Bomb Unit and K-9s were called to the school to perform another sweep.

West Allis Central High School

West Allis Central High School

No explosives or devices were located.

Police said this in a statement:

This is the third bomb threat at West Allis Central High School in the last three days. Even though no explosive devices have been located and nobody has been injured as a result of these threats, they are very serious matters. Responding to these false threats drains vital public safety resources away from other duties. The West Allis Police Department will vigorously investigate and use all resources at its disposal to investigate the threats.

School officials tell FOX6 News ALL West Allis Central recreation department and after-school activities are cancelled for Wednesday evening, March 9th.

Classes will be canceled on Thursday, March 10th -- so district officials can meet with police and talk about how to put an end to these threats. Teachers and staff will be in school.

West Allis Central High School

West Allis Central High School

"That is in order for us to have a meeting with local law enforcement. We`re going to bring in the chiefs and lieutenants, and meet with our principals and our safety staff to really review this entire situation and consider what else we should be adding to our protocols," Lexmond said.

Another issue that will be discussed is whether any days will need to be added to the school year to make up for all of the time that was lost this week.

Central students may enter the building to collect their belongings during these specific times:

  • Wednesday, March 9th, 2016 – 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. – Enter through Main Entrance
  • Thursday, March 10th, 2016 – 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. – Enter through Main Entrance

A WIAA boys basketball varsity sectional scheduled for Thursday evening, March 10th at West Allis Central High School will go on as scheduled.

The following is a letter sent to Brookfield Academy parents regarding that game:

Dear BA Community,

As you know, our Boys Basketball Varsity Sectional is scheduled for Thursday, March 10th, at 7:00 p.m. at West Allis Central High School.

A series of recent bomb threats at West Allis Central prompted us to contact the WIAA to see if a change in the location for this game might be possible.

Discussions with the WIAA unfortunately determined that a change in location this close to game day would not be permitted by the WIAA. The WIAA will provide additional security for the game. They have assured us that they believe the location for tomorrow’s game is safe and will proceed as planned. If this should change, we will let you know.

We certainly understand that the decision to attend this game rests with each individual family. We look forward to cheering our Blue Knights on to victory. Enjoy the game!

Spence Taintor Head of School

West Allis Central High School evacuated (Wednesday, March 9th)

West Allis Central High School evacuated (Wednesday, March 9th)

Classes will resume at West Allis Central High School on Friday, March 11th. All students will report to the field house.

A $2,000 reward is now being offered for information on who might be responsible for these threats.

Lexmond has made the consequences for these bomb threats clear: Disciplinary action could include not only explusion, but also criminal charges -- a felony on the caller's record.

Lexmond said school district officials will also pursue damages for the cost associated with disrupting school.

West Allis Central High School evacuated (Wednesday, March 9th)

West Allis Central High School evacuated (Wednesday, March 9th)

Anyone with information as to who may be responsible for these threats is asked to call the West Allis Police Department at 414-302-8000. If they wish to remain anonymous, they can contact the West Allis Crime Stoppers tip line at 414-476-CASH.

Meanwhile, West Allis Mayor Dan Devine has released this statement:

The events this week at West Allis Central have been frustrating to me and to the entire community.  I am extremely angry this continues to happen, and it must and will stop.

The fact remains that almost all West Allis Central students are good kids who attend school for the right reasons. Their parents want them to learn, and the faculty is trying their best to teach them.

These irresponsible actions not only disrupt the learning process for the students and teachers, but are a drain on our emergency services.  These threats are also a major injustice to the taxpayers of our community.  I will continue to work with the police department and the school district to bring an end to this lawlessness.

The school was evacuated on Monday and Tuesday because of bomb threats. On each of those days, law enforcement officials were called in -- and students were moved to the field house on campus.

Students were eventually allowed back into the school building after it was determined there was no threat.

West Allis Central High School

West Allis Central High School

Some parents decided to take their children home for the day.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office's Bomb Unit was called out to the school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to assist with the investigation and sweep of the building. We're told the cost of that response ranges from $750 to $1,150 per incident -- not including the resupply of any materials used.

FOX6 News has received the following data, showing how many times the MCSO Bomb Unit has been called out to schools in the Milwaukee area in 2015 and 2016:


January 6th: Nathan Hale High School in West Allis

January 27th: Williams Bay High School in Williams Bay

March 3rd: St. Francis High School in St. Francis

November 18th: St. Francis High School in St. Francis

December 14th: Wauwatosa East High School in Wauwatosa


January 20th: Greendale High School in Greendale

February 4th: West Allis Central High School in West Allis

March 7th: West Allis Central High School in West Allis

March 8th: West Allis Central High School in West Allis

March 9th: West Allis Central High School in West Allis

March 9th: Wauwatosa West High School in Wauwatosa

West Allis Central High School

West Allis Central High School

School was evacuated at West Allis Central and classes were cancelled for the day about a month ago -- on February 4th due to a bomb threat.

We're told there have been no arrests made in connection with these three bomb threats.

Monitor FOX6 News and for updates on this developing story.


  • Simone

    I’m a freshman at Central, and this is getting ridiculous. It makes me feel unsafe about where I am. I cannot get my projects and assignments done during school anymore. This needs to stop now, because whoever is doing this is either a student who thinks this is cool, or someone is trying to mess with the police.

  • Michael Neils

    How can the parents/guardians keep taking off work to pick up kids? Arrest the individual/s and charge them with felonies.

  • pmelaschmeling

    1000.00 reward?????? how are they paying that???? with truancy tickets???? what a joke this school district is……

  • Peter Lapp

    These individuals are stupid, not even smart enough to attend school. Once they are caught and they will be caught. Our weak (slap on the wrist) judicial system better punish heavily

  • Opinion8d

    Grow some balls and ignore it. You really need to cancel classes to figure out how to deal with it?? What the heck are you doing right now or yesterday to figure that out. Once again, this illustrates the ineptitude of public employees.

    • nicole

      If you feel that you have a better plan to figure it out then why don’t you step up and take on that responsibility. Me being the parent of a student that attends West Allis Central I am fine with them cancelling classes to try and figure it all out. I would rather they take every precautionary step possible in case one of these threats happens to be real. What happens when they don’t take it serious and a bomb really goes off and someone is injured or killed? Are you gonna be saying then that should have known it was real and not a joke.

      • Opinion8d

        After 3 days in a row, and sweep by police each day, does it really take a genius to figure this out? Send the kids to school and screen them when they come in if that makes you ‘feel’ better. Should they simply cancel the rest of the year? When is the last time a bomb went off in a school?? Unless you’re going to strip search everyone coming in and out of the building, and inspect everything coming in and out, there would never be a scenario where there ‘couldn’t be a bomb’. So the kids come back Friday and someone calls in another threat, please tell me what difference there is going to be? The best thing to do would be to go on with classes as usual and have authorities do a walk around the building.

  • Irritated Student

    I’m a senior at Central and take 3 AP classes, because of these threats my AP schedules have been pushed back just like the other AP students and this is rediculous. Our test is in May and if we can’t have class we aren’t going to be prepared for that. There’s no postponing that, because it’s the national test, if we aren’t ready we don’t pass. So who ever is doing this needs to stop now because it wasn’t funny the first time and is making a lot of people mad.

    • ,

      Its refreshing to see a student take school seriously, good luck with you classes and test don’t let barriers stand in the way of your success. one small bump isn’t pothole don’t let the ignorant bug get you down. Good luck in all you do

  • Artillery

    It’s a joke because the city doesn’t prosecute these ass hole punks! Give them 10 years in the the clink and it will stop. If my kid did that I’d beat him to within an inch of his life.

    • Rolling Troll

      You are right and wrong at the same time. The city doesn’t prosecute. The District Attorney will.

  • Logic

    Immediately stop accepting/block calls from blocked numbers. Do not answer calls immediately. Allow them to route to a voucemaol system. Check the voucemaol system and respond to calls from parents, vendors, etc. This may not stop the threars, but it will force the suspect to leave more of a trail if they try again.

  • Carl

    Even in the face of danger deemed real enough to close the school during the day, and I quote from the article above, “the WIAA unfortunately determined that a change in location this close to game day would not be permitted by the WIAA” WOW! rules do not allow for changing venue even in the face of danger to children. The WIAA is a disgrace.

  • Erik Eriksen

    quick…make a law saying it’s illegal to make bomb threats…that’ll stop them…. just like the new proposed law criminalizing a threat to shoot up a school…oh, wait, it’s already illegal to make bomb threats…and it’s already illegal to shoot people…

    all these laws sure do STOP CRIME………….right?

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