Rebecca Bradley on controversial past writings: “I have apologized, and it’s time to move on”

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MILWAUKEE -- Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley says people feel sorry for her despite the anti-gay comments she has made. On Wednesday, March 9th, Bradley was hit with a new controversy that her opponent seized on during a debate.

The liberal group One Wisconsin Now revealed that Bradley once said it was "legitimate" to say women play a role in date rape. The group had previously uncovered that Bradley also called gay people "queers" and "degenerates" and compared abortion to the Holocaust in college opinion pieces written in 1992.

Rebecca Bradley

Rebecca Bradley

Rebecca Bradley

Questions about her past comments followed Bradley to a forum hosted by the Milwaukee Bar Association on Wednesday, and afterwards, she blamed the media for the controversy.

"I`m somebody who has put myself out there to serve the people of Wisconsin, and I deserve a little more respect than I`m receiving right now," Bradley said to reporters after the debate.

Bradley said she has received support from across the state this week.

"I think there are people who kinda feel sorry for me right now," Bradley said.

One Wisconsin Now

One Wisconsin Now

On Monday, March 7th, Tuesday, March 8th and Wednesday, March 9th, the liberal group "One Wisconsin Now" released opinion pieces that Bradley wrote for the Marquette University Tribune in 1992.

In the latest piece to be released, Bradley refers to an author and said she "legitimately suggested that women play a role in date rape."

"Any suggestion that I ever said that a woman is to blame for a rape is offensive for me as a woman," Bradley said.

Rebecca Bradley

Rebecca Bradley

When asked whether there is anything else that is going to be released that Bradley would like to speak out ahead of, Bradley said:

"I will wait to see what anyone else wants to throw out in this race. I think it`s becoming pretty overkill," Bradley said.

Bradley's opponent, JoAnne Kloppenburg, was critical.

"These were deliberate articulations of her beliefs. They were not casual, off the cuff comments. They are just a pattern of her career," Kloppenburg said.

JoAnne Kloppenburg

JoAnne Kloppenburg

Bradley said she doesn't know if her past writings will have an impact on the election.

"I have apologized, and it`s time to move on from the things I said and did when I was a kid 24 years ago," Bradley said.

Bradley said she would officiate same-sex weddings.

FOX6 News has searched the Yale Daily News archives for any opinion pieces that Kloppenburg may have written in college and we did not find any.

JoAnne Kloppenburg and Rebecca Bradley

JoAnne Kloppenburg and Rebecca Bradley

As for the debate between the Supreme Court candidates, Bradley explained why she left oral arguments for a political event, and Kloppenburg responded to a charge that she's soft on crime.

Bradley said her fellow justices routinely arrive late to oral arguments and leave early. In February, she left early to give a speech at an event hosted by the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, the state's top business group.

"I made sure before I left a few minutes early that all my questions were answered, and I later watched the rest of the oral argument on videotape, so I missed absolutely nothing," Bradley said.

Kloppenburg called it a dereliction of duty.

"There`s nothing routine about leaving oral argument in this case 23 minutes early," Kloppenburg said, to which Bradley replied, "not true."

Kloppenburg blasted Bradley for being appointed to the bench by Gov. Scott Walker -- but Bradley had a comeback.

"What Judge Kloppenburg has not told you is that she has three times applied for judicial appointments," Bradley said, referencing Kloppenburg's applications to former Gov. Jim Doyle and President Barack Obama.

The two also squared off over negative ads from outside groups.

A conservative third-party group that's airing an attack ad against Kloppenburg altered that ad on Wednesday , one day after it launched. The group, Wisconsin Alliance for Reform, removed a graphic that said "Conviction Overturned."

The ad criticizes Kloppenburg for siding with a convicted sex offender and allowing a new hearing in his case. Kloppenburg said the ad is "deceitful" and the offender is still in prison.

A spokesman for Wisconsin Alliance for Reform said the ad is factual.


  • Kari

    I see nothing wrong with her voicing her opinion. MANY people are against the gay lifestyle and MANY people have their opinions on MAY things! That is her right and she should NOT be persecuted for her opinions.

  • Sherry Edwardson

    She needs to get over herself. If Kloppenburg said those things she’d be shouting it from the roof tops. She’s nothing but a hypocrite and a Walker stooge.

    • Libsareliars

      No she would not be shouting this from the rooftops. It is only you liberals who make noise on this stuff. Good job making an idiot out of yourself.

      • Sherry

        BS. What, have you had your head buried in the sand for the last 7 years? Don’t be a hypocrite like her and Walker are. She’s a bigot and has no business being anywhere near the Supreme Court.

    • Libsareliars

      My head buried in the sand? First off Walker has been governor for a little over 5 years not 7. Next as far as Bradley is concerned, no one really heard of her until she was appointed to the Supreme Court. She said something almost 25 years ago. Tell me genius how many politicians have said stuff they regret but if it us a conservative that says it they are held to a higher standard. By the way are you going to hold Hillary Clinton accountable when she praised KKK card holding member Robert Byrd at his funeral or are you going to be the typical hypocritical liberal??? My guess is you find that ok but being a liberal like yourself why would I expect anything different.

      • Sherry

        When I said 7 years I was referring to all the whining you Republicans have been doing all these years. 2nd, yes I have held Clinton accountable when she praised Byrd so that shoots your theory in the foot. Are you holding Trump to the same accountability? Don’t even try to pretend that you righties wouldn’t be throwing this up in Kloppenburgs face if she had said the things Bradly did. I hate that we have to put up with Walker for another 2 years and all the damage he’s done to this once great state.

    • Sherry

      You bet I will vote for Hillary, just like you will vote for Bradley! And that 16 million is peanuts compared to what the Right has spent on Benghazi and Obamacare. I bet if the recall were to happen today it would pass with a landslide. Have a good day in your corner.

    • Libsareliars

      That’s right let us forget the people that died in Benghazi because of this stupid hack. It is people like you that are bringing this country down. Of course 16 million is peanuts when you are spending someone else’s money. I don’t have time to crawl in my corner I need to go to work soon and pay my fair share to the government. Maybe I am even paying for you to sit on your a$&.

      • Sherry

        You’re wrong on all counts. 60 people died in embassy attacks under Bush and not a peep out of any of you hypocrites. And, I also don’t have time to bother with your insanity anymore as I have to be to work as well at 2:00 and vacuum before I go. I wear more than one hat There shoots another of your theory’s in the foot. TaTa

    • Libsareliars

      Not once has this been so blatant as Benghazi to leave Americans die and not sending help.The worst part Hillary and Barack tried to blame it on some video. By the way sherry where is that video?? Hmmm. Maybe it got sucked up in your vacuum cleaner.

      • Sherry

        I guess we’ll never know what kind of help the 13 embassy’s under Bush needed will we since those 60 people don’t count or matter to any of you? What we do know though is that your Republican congress cut the budget for the security at Benghazi.

      • Libsareliars

        Truly amazing how an idiot like yourself throws things out with no facts to back them up. On the other hand why would I expect anything different from a whacked out liberal like yourself.

  • Truth Hertz

    The only difference between liberal queers and conservative queers is that liberal queers tend to be more open about it. Still a queer is a queer. Some of the loudest opposers to queer legislation have been conservative queers even though they’re queers themselves. Remember Charlie Crist, Larry Craig, Aarons Schock, Jim McCrery, Edward Shrock, Phil Hinkle, Troy King , Jon Hinson, Richard Curtis, Mark Foley, Robert Bauman and the list of closet queer conservatives could go on and on. So before you ignorant political goofs get caught up in partisan faggotry, do know that the goofs on the left are at least more open about their faggotry and you right winged queers are deceitful about your faggotry like you are about your politics. This is why us Independents have to get your two parties out of politics, you all are too gay. So what you apologized, people apologize all the time once they are caught doing something wrong, you didn’t come out ahead of this, you let it get found then you apologized for your bias views. Typical of the crooks in government in this state, from the top executive on down.

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