Police: 34-year-old man shot and injured near 21st and Brown

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Milwaukee Police Department

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee police are investigating a shooting that happened near 21st and Brown.

It happened on Thursday, March 10th shortly before 6:00 p.m.

Police say a 34-year-old man was shot and injured.


The investigation is ongoing.


  • libertarian

    Ban guns in Milwaukee Mr mayor. The upcoming presidential party along with Mr Barrett and the help of Michael Bloomberg can get guns out of America and Milwaukee to end the killing. Guns are killing our society at an alarming rate. People do not need to possess guns to live. Guns are the number one killers of human life.

    • truth hurts

      No they’re not, auto accidents, abortionists and liberals with guns are. Guns don’t pull their own trigger.

    • Fred

      Ok, just for the sake of inclusion and diversity I’ll entertain Libertard’s idea (after a big liberal hug of course)……….
      Get rid of all guns because they kill people….problem solved…
      Nope, not yet. Get rid of all knives, people die because of knife wounds.
      Get rid of all cars because cars kill people in crashes.
      Get rid of all flammable materials because people die in fires.
      Get rid of all drugs (legal and illegal) because people die of drug overdoses.
      Get rid of all hammers, baseball bats and other blunt objects because there are instances where those items have killed people….
      Or maybe, just an alternative idea, get rid of the people that use these items to kill other people.
      Last time I checked, inanimate objects don’t possess the power of reason to decide whether or not to injure a fellow human or other living creatures.

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