Something new in Shorewood: Brian Kramp checks out Metro Market

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SHOREWOOD -- Metro Market has opened a new store in the Village of Shorewood. Brian Kramp visited the store on Thursday, March 10th -- to give you a better idea of what you'll find when you walk through the doors.

About Metro Market (from website)

The first Metro Market opened in downtown Milwaukee in 2004 and introduced the urban shopping concept to the city. A convenient stop for those who work and live downtown, the list of fresh and prepared offerings catered to the lifestyles of people on the go. Its Wi-Fi equipped café, serving espresso and gelato, became a neighborhood meeting place.

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  • trumanburbankblog

    What a mess they created. Brian, how come you didn’t show any video of the rest of the store?
    How about the upstairs, you know the one where customers have to wait in line @ the elevator to go with their cart and purchase staples because they put the produce on the 1st floor. The 2nd floor feels like one has been banished to Siberia compared to the maze/overkill they created on the 1st floor.
    How about that parking structure and people walking directly into the traffic entering/leaving the garage and no other options for entry/exit for the store?

    Better yet, just head on over to Yelp and/or Google for customer reviews. This new Metro Market just may have created more business for all of the other local grocery stores because it is such a pain in the *** to do grocery shopping and let’s not even talk about how much time one wastes.



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