“Still need to find the other person:” Arrest made in 2 of 3 West Allis Central High School bomb threats

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WEST ALLIS -- A suspect has been arrested in connection to the March 7th and March 8th bomb threats made a West Allis Central High School. A suspect is still being sought in the March 9th threat case.

West Allis investigators worked with West Allis-West Milwaukee School District personnel to bring this investigation to a successful conclusion. The suspect, a 16-year-old boy from Milwaukee, is being referred to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office for charges.

Three bomb threats were called in to the school this week -- on Monday, March 7th, Tuesday, March 8th and Wednesday, March 9th.

"It was pretty crazy," said Alexa Roberto, West Allis Central High School Junior.

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After a school week of worry, West Allis Central High School pupils and parents get a ripple of relief.

"They finally caught the person who did this," said Roberto.

On Monday and Tuesday, students were briefly evacuated while the school was searched. Nothing was found, and classes resumed. On Wednesday, students were sent home for the day, and it was announced that there would be no school on Thursday.

West Allis police say Thursday evening they arrested the 16-year-old boy in connection to the stretch of bomb threats called into the school. But, he is only believed to be responsible for the threats made Monday, and Tuesday.

"Kind of makes me nervous because they still need to find the other person," said Roberto.

"It's nerve-wracking, you know, because we don't know if this is something that's true or not about the bomb threats," said Maria Parea, West Allis Central High School parent.

A district spokesperson tells FOX6 News, while the district is pleased with the progress provided by Thursday's arrest, there isn't any time to celebrate because, he explains, administrators need to continue to contribute to the effort into investigating Wednesday's bomb threat.

Anybody with information regarding the person or persons who left the March 9th threat is asked to call the West Allis Police Department at 414-302-8000.

A cash reward of up to $2,500 is being offered for information leading to the arrest of the individual/s making the March 9th threat. This reward consists of funds from the West Allis-West Milwaukee School District, West Allis Crime Stoppers and a concerned, private citizen.


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    • Fred

      If you’re supposed to be intelligent and responsible enough at 16 to get a driver’s license, you should also be aware of laws. Any bomb threat should be treated as an act of domestic terrorism with an automatic 50 year sentence if tried in adult court – minimum 15 years if juvenile court. Let’s see how fun that is to get some laughs.

    • bds

      You are correct sir. Especially if he made those calls while in possession of a gun. That always seems to make the judges go soft. Which is a good thing, right? That’s what we want from our judges, isn’t it? Letting their feelings get the best of them to the point that logic and reason go out the window? I wish I could get paid based on what my feelings dictate, rather than do the job I actually signed up for. My boss is such a #%$! I’m so sick of these micro aggressions against me!

    • Liberals don't have a clue

      You sound like an ignorant liberal who lets their children run around and do anything they want “because they are children”. Obviously parental and self-responsibility is lacking in your household. $10 says you “protect” your child from any punishment or taking responsibility for their actions, and most likely a bully at school. Am I right?

  • guest81

    I knew that reward would encourage someone to give him up. No kid is going to pass up that kind of money, no matter how good a “friend” he was. Idiot.

  • tod4fish

    Did the case of the February 4th Bomb Threat to West Allis Central High School
    go cold? It seems that
    when 4 threats get called into the same school in slightly over a month, serious efforts needs to be continued in the search until the law breaker is arrested.

  • libertarian

    Should be arresting all the conceal carry and gun owners in America and leave these poor children along. The conservatives are causing all this unruly behavior with their gun promoting mentality and encouraging people to defend themselves with deadly weapons. Conservatives are trash that ought to be collected and buried!

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