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7-Eleven customer draws pistol, shoots & kills hatchet-wielding attacker

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Hatchet-wielding suspect shot and killed by customer at 7-Eleven in Seattle

SEATTLE — A customer drinking coffee at a Seattle 7-Eleven Sunday morning, March 13th drew a pistol and shot dead a hatchet-wielding man who went after him and the store clerk, authorities said.

Investigators haven’t yet identified the suspect, who’s believed to be in his 40s and was wearing a mask when he entered the store early Sunday, the King County Sheriff’s Office said.

“The suspect did not make any statements but swung the hatchet at the customer and then went behind the counter and attacked the clerk,” the sheriff’s office said.

Then, the customer fired back, according to the sheriff’s office. Paramedics tried to resuscitate the suspect, authorities said, but he died at the scene.

The customer, a 60-year-old man, had a concealed pistol license, according to the sheriff’s office. He was not injured.

The store’s 58-year-old clerk had a minor injury to his stomach from the hatchet attack, the sheriff’s office said.


  • Opinion8d

    I’m sure this is fake. People being able to protect themselves like some sort of cowboy or tv show just doesn’t happen in real life. Guns are dangerous and need to be control by the government. (all sarcasm) I’m sure the mainstream media will be all over this story….not!

  • chris

    I’m suprised fox6 showed this story. Can’t believe a liberal media outlet would show an incident where CCW saved lives. It’s goes against your Emperor in Chiefs Agenda.

  • Eddy Myballsitch

    Another one bites the dust, and another one bites the dust… I wonder if the perp had to wait 48 hours before he could pick up his weapon? Naw, must have bought it without a background check at at a “loope hole gun show”.

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