Brown Deer police: Two women removed from McDonald’s restaurant after fight over apple pie

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BROWN DEER — Brown Deer police say two women were removed from a McDonald’s restaurant in the village following a fight over an apple pie.

Police received a call regarding a report of an altercation at the McDonald’s restaurant.

Contact was then made with two customers — a 30-year-old woman and 34-year-old woman, both from Milwaukee.

They were apparently unhappy after not being served an apple pie.

An altercation then began between the women and employees.

Both women were removed from the restaurant by police, and directed to file a complaint through McDonald’s Corporate Offices should they feel their service was inadequate.


  • You Know Who You Are

    When are these young white women going to stop all of this fighting at fast food restaurants??

      • If black lives matter don't white

        Is $10 an hour to much for a person who can not do their job and get an order right? maybe if McDonalds paid more they would get better skilled workers. I will not go to McDonalds anymore because of the nasty ghetto workers. I do not want them handling my food and the service it terrible. Also McDonalds keeps raising their prices but not the quality of their food. I can get “REAL” food for $10 a meal.

  • Mark Deprez

    Cops called over apple pie, PLEASE…..GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!! “COP LIVES MATTER”. They could have been SHOT.

  • The truth hurts

    How about the women get tickets for the disturbance they caused. Why do we allow people to act in an inappropriate way without punishment? Two women in their 30’s that still can’t act like adults. Amazing.

  • Larry

    Would a simple “excuse me but I didn’t get my apple pie” have sufficed? People need to stop looking for fights and learn some manners.

  • Katrina

    I am a black woman. I was once a restaurant worker. I cringe when they see black people because they are generally lousy tippers, the most demanding and they are always trying to get something for free. I now own a successful food business and black people are my worse customers. They try to get stuff for free, they’re always trying to cheat me and most of them are rude. This never happens with my white and hispanic customers. I literally want to close up shop when I see them coming. Black people really need to do better. Yall know it who yous are.

    • BlackPower

      You should close up your business if you feel like that about your own race. I guarantee you don’t turn down our black money. I’m displeased when I hear the things we’re doing but I would never get on a outlet as this and join the cowards bashing us. I’m sure your parents are proud.

      • Fred

        Katrina was simply making an honest assessment of her Customers. Maybe people like you Blackpower, should stop acting like the world owes you and all the other blacks, and start acting like an equal part of society. After all, people like you keep crying that you never get equal or fair treatment…well, start acting like the majority, not the minority. Apparently Katrina didn’t sit around crying with self pity because the ‘the man” keeps her down, waiting for the system to give her a profitable business…..she most likely worked her butt off and created the opportunity to start her own business……..

      • Jus sayin...

        I agree with you Katrina that just because a situation happened where black people might have been involved does not give someone the right to “jump on the bandwagon” and bash an entire race for their own experiences. All black people do not behave as such and when I do eat out n about I do tip generously showing my appreciation, a black man, but I will not tip generously no matter what race is serving me, its about individuality not wholly.

      • If black lives matter don't white

        BLACKPOWER: You are part of the problem. You think it is Okay and except the way YOUR own race acts and your are BLAMING the business owner who is posting the comment. I am sure her parents are proud. She worked hard and has her own business. Most blacks can not graduate from High School or keep a fast food job. They are uneducated, lazy and stupid. And then they want New cars and $200 basketball shoes and steal soda.

    • If black lives matter don't white

      Great comment. True and I am glad a woman of color posted it. It is NOT just white people who think black are loud, rude, demanding, cheats and poor tippers.

  • If black lives matter don't white

    ALL the fast food place on Brown Deer are terrible.
    At Wendy’s the counter girl came to the front to answer her cellphone but did not greet me or take my order. I left and NEVER went back. I have not been to a Wendy’s since.
    Burger King on Brown Deer rd. at 9PM had all their lights off and told me they stopped serving food. AT 9PM!
    At 9PM went to Taco Bell and all their light were on and their was no workers to take my order at the drive thru so I left…and never went back. Low paid, low skilled uneducated blacks who do not care about their jobs.
    Brown Deer is the suburban ghetto of African Americans.

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