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Fox News responds to Donald Trump’s “extreme, sick obsession” with Megyn Kelly

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LOS ANGELES — Fox News has accused Donald Trump of making “sexist verbal assaults” against Megyn Kelly, issuing its most aggressive response yet to the Republican frontrunner’s repeated attacks on its star anchor.

The sharply worded response came Friday evening after Trump took his attacks against Kelly to a new level, referring to her as “sick” and “overrated.” Trump also called for his supporters to boycott her Fox News show.

“Donald Trump’s vitriolic attacks against Megyn Kelly and his extreme, sick obsession with her is beneath the dignity of a presidential candidate who wants to occupy the highest office in the land,” the network said in its statement.

“Megyn is an exemplary journalist and one of the leading anchors in America — we’re extremely proud of her phenomenal work and continue to fully support her throughout every day of Trump’s endless barrage of crude and sexist verbal assaults,” the statement continued. “As the mother of three young children, with a successful law career and the second highest rated show in cable news, it’s especially deplorable for her to be repeatedly abused just for doing her job.”

Trump, who for seven months has tried to impugn the credibility of the Fox News host, had raised the stakes in a tweet on Friday.

“Everybody should boycott the @megynkelly show. Never worth watching. Always a hit on Trump!” the GOP frontrunner tweeted. “She is sick, & the most overrated person on tv.”

This was the most intense attack in a campaign against Kelly that Trump began last August, when he complained that she had treated him unfairly during the first Republican presidential debate.

Since then, Trump has frequently accused Kelly of bias and unfair coverage, often with little to no evidence of any specific offense.

In the run-up to what would have been their second meeting, at the Fox News debate on January 28, Trump said that Kelly shouldn’t be allowed to serve as moderator. Fox News shot back a tongue-in-cheek response in which it accused Trump of being afraid of Kelly, and therefore unfit to deal with foreign leaders. Trump decided to skip the debate.

Trump and Kelly were reunited at the third Fox News debate, on March 3, where Trump struck a much more convivial tone. Kelly once again proved to be Trump’s toughest adversary, asking tough and well-researched questions that won her the praise of journalists and observers on both sides of the aisle.

It’s not exactly clear what precipitated Trump’s latest round of name-calling, nor his call for a boycott. Throughout the week, Trump has been trying to brand Kelly as “crazy” and obsessed with criticizing him.

In the eyes of many Trump critics, it is he who appears to be obsessed with Kelly. And while it’s hard to see how such attacks could have much success with the American public, it’s also true that a plurality of the country’s Republicans have so far supported the man making them.


  • Cindy

    Megyn Kelly started this by asking a STUPID, NON POLITICAL question. Here is a woman that wants to play with the big dogs, but can’t stay away from them at the same time… She should keep her mouth shut about Trump, she just makes him look better and better, and her worse….

    • WFScooter

      I’m from Texas and I spell it like I speak it, sorry. I actually voted for Kasich in our primary, and I couldn’t less about Trump. But what he said was no more an attack on Kelly than what you just said about me. Just sayin…

      I can add a g to sayin if that bothers you as well.

  • Patricia StLouis

    Yeah and Megyn Kelly has been slamming Trump every night on her show. Time for her grudge to go. Getting really old Don’t blame Trump. It is like she has a full out vendetta going and they say he is obsessed. I think. Megyn should look in a mirror to see an obsessed person.

  • Jeff

    If Fox is tired for Trump bad mouthing Megyan Kelly, why do they continue fawning all over him with their night-time personalities? Hannity and Bill have YUGE man crushes on The Donald. If I did not know better, I would Bolling wants to have Trump’s baby. I can honestly say, watching Fox has become very difficult to do. If you’re a Trump zombie, you probably love their focus on Trump. If you’re ambivalent about Trump, it gets rather boring to watch Fox lately. It seems like it’s time for Fox to stop talking about how Trump is verbally abusing Ms. Kelly and do something to show their support of her – like stop their over-the-top coverage of him every day of the week. It’s time to shut up or put up.

  • julian

    Oh, oh I guess somehow we did not realize Megyn is important to Fox. For someone really high up at Fox. To engage into a ridiculous no-win battle for her. There is more to this story than another Trump controversy. Oh boy, did he really strike a nerve at Fox. And everybody says Trump is over-sensitive and combatant!

  • Adrian Spidle

    Megyn has really aggravated me with her poorly researched and highly biased questions of Trump. I can’t watch her any more and she used to be my favorite Fox personality. I’m afraid she’s damaged her conservative cred and will maybe have to move to MSNBC or CNN.

  • Harry Baggins

    What’s sick is Fox news obsessing over slandering Trump. Obviously Fox is owned by the establishment who only want us to vote for who they want. Screw them and their puppet Megan Kelly. Fox has ZERO credibility.

  • synoptic12 (@supersynoptic)

    Did Kelly appear on the perverted Howard Stern show, and did she perform her job there? Apparently, Kelly has chosen the low road. She by no means is any type of litigator, only one which believes her past exploits can be construed as some type of resume; “A resume of filth”.

    • Diane

      Not sure what her being on the Howard Stern show has anything to do with how unusual it is for someone seeking public office to go after a reporter? Its like, hello, give it up! How can he possibly be considered presidential material when he cries like a baby when he gets “hard” questions? Reporters are supposed to report and question. That is their job. If you don’t see whats wrong with what he is doing then you don’t see the bigger picture in terms of how dangerous he is to the first amendment. He is trying to bully Fox into firing her. He is trying to set a precedent as to how reporters should behave around him. No other AMERICAN political figure does this. They just do their job understanding they are in the spot light and will sometimes have critics.Only a potential tyrant would care about how he is portrayed to try to control the masses.

  • synoptic12 (@supersynoptic)

    Furthermore, Megyn Kelly has been constantly instigating Donald Trump in accordance with the planned management of Fox News. In reality, Kelly’s resume consists of being on the perverted Howard Stern show. She believes that by taking the low road has brought her attention, the attention of someone playing the fool. Her litigation skills are hardly of any significance when coupled with her resume of “filth”. The harlot playing the role of a news person with delusions of grandeur.

  • Rim Rogers

    why the media are so frightened Trump? it is because Donald Trump has laid out a plan to overhaul the immigration, international trade policy, economic policy and national security?
    Ha,ha.. the media are going to be very busy for the next 5 years.

  • Kimberly Cuevas

    MY new hero. Asking the hard questions and not giving up until she gets the answer. The words that spew out of Trumps mouth when he is angry are whats going to bring America down if this man gets elected. He clearly does not think before he speaks. How can we allow this potential stick of dynamite to meet with world leaders when a hard question will light his fuse?

  • Allen

    About a week ago I decided to STOP listening to Megan Kelly. Although she considers herself to be non-biased, I was not believing it. I always had FOX on 24-7 and after dumping Kelly I switched to CNN. The next day when I turned on the TV I discovered that I LIKED CNN. I will miss O’Riley and THE FIVE but I no longer am a FOX devotee. One BAD KELLY apple spoils the entire FOX barrel. By the way, my decision had nothing to do with the Future President of the United States – Donald Trump’s assertions. Dumping FOX was MY decision.

  • Sharon Teal Coray

    I think it is the other way around she has a sick obsession with him! She needs to be boycotted and I am going to do just that…Fox your stupid….you will lose a lot of viewers due to her hatred toward Donald…remember she stated this!

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