Dozens urge Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson to support Merrick Garland vote

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MILWAUKEE — Dozens of people are urging U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson to support confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland.

The rally Monday, March 21st inside Milwaukee’s City Hall was among about 50 scheduled around the nation with the theme “Do your job!” — which participants chanted several times.

Speakers came from several liberal groups, including those supporting immigrants’ rights and criminal justice reform.

President Barack Obama recommended Garland to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia, but Republicans have said they won’t hold a hearing or vote in an election year.

Speakers at the rally said it’s the Senate’s constitutional duty to vote.

Johnson’s spokesman said he was traveling and not available for comment. Johnson has said he’s willing to meet with Garland, but notes he isn’t in charge of the confirmation process.


  • Big Man

    Sure, that’s just what we need is another liberal on the Supreme Court! Might as well just flush the country right down the toilet. Sen. Johnson is, at least, giving us a chance to survive. Garland is totally against the 2nd Amendment. Gun owners……BEWARE !!!

    • ZEK

      Great post!!!! you are Right on the money let the next pres make the offer of the scotus! great post :)

  • Opinion8d

    Do your job!?!??! How about Obama and the rest of the Country do their JOB in upholding their oath to the Constitution?!?!? Where is the outrage of protecting illegal aliens? American citizens are killed by illegals and yet the politicians would rather protect the illegals than American, taxpaying, citizens!!!! How anyone can support sanctuary cities or not enforcing immigration laws is ridiculous -it’s a true act of treason!!!!!

  • Gary Buelow

    johnson, if you support this anti 2nd amendment merrick garland. We the people of Wisconsin will make sure you are not voted in as our senator. garland is nothing but a hussien obama puppet. KEEP US VOTERS IN MIND when you make a decision.

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