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Hartland mother charged with battery, disorderly conduct, allegedly over school’s illness policy

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Jessica Uriniuk

Jessica Uriniuk

WAUKESHA COUNTY — 32-year-old Jessica Uriniuk of Hartland faces charges of misdemeanor battery and disorderly conduct tied to an incident that happened in December 2015.

According to the criminal complaint, Waukesha County deputies were dispatched around 8:45 a.m. on Monday, December 14, 2015 to the Pewaukee Lake Montessori Academy because of a “disturbance in progress.”

The complaint indicates Uriniuk had emailed the school the day before saying her child had been sick and had “thrown up all over the house.” The email stated the child was not going to be able to attend a concert that was scheduled for the afternoon of December 13th.

On the morning of December 14th, Uriniuk brought her child to school. But it is the school’s policy that a child may not attend class for a 24-hour period after vomiting or diarrhea.

The complaint indicates school officials met Uriniuk and her child at the door — telling them the child could not come to school on that Monday because of the illness — that “she needed to follow the rules.” At that point, the complaint indicates a staff member “tried to escort (Uriniuk) out but (she) resisted.” The staff member that was escorting Uriniuk then told police that “the defendant then attacked” her and “grabbed her face and hair.” Uriniuk allegedly also kicked the staff member in the groin area.

Witnesses say the scuffle between Uriniuk and the staff member continued outside just a few moments later. Another staff member then handed Uriniuk her child’s belongings and blocked her until she left.

The school has a surveillance camera — but officials say it was a “live feed type camera to allow teachers to see who is entering the lobby area.” There is no recorded footage of this incident. However, the school has since upgraded its system to a recording function.


  • Check Your Facts First

    You think this is psychotic? I feel like you have an actual tie to this woman and you just feel the need to put her down some more.
    I mean the news is interesting but this is the kind of story you have an actual comment about? Boy, I think you have to learn to check your facts. I would’ve had nothing to comment until your comment. It’s a story from one side of the situation.

  • eric

    Nothing cute about frog like eyes and bleached hair lol…..but this is sad because the poor child had to witness his mom act like an animal !

    • skipnrocks8890

      No it’s probably her lawyer (creating a defense) or a significant other. She has a history of having a terrible temper and I doubt the principle of the school started a physical altercation. She has issues and needs help.

    • c00lhand

      @Skipnrocks8890 – I’m not her lawyer, but I do know her fairly well and I’ve only passed on the perspective that I’ve heard. I haven’t acted as if that perspective was 100% fact because I wasn’t there, but look at all the hateful and disrespectful responses people have made as if they know for 100% fact what type of person the mother is and what occurred during this situation while basing it all on this singular perspective that the news article has put out there. I’ll I’m saying is that there is often another perspective to consider before passing any kind of fair judgement on the matter. Now, you say the mother has a history of having a terrible temper indicating you know her well, so tell me who are you and how do you know her so well?

    • SusieQ

      I am a parent at the school and the sickness policy was clearly informed to all the parents at the mandatory meeting at the beginning of the school year, as well as in the written handbook. There has also been numerous emails sent to us reiterating the sickness policy. Every time I have received one of the emails, I ask myself what kind of parents would send their sick kid to school? Now it makes sense. I am glad the school put their foot down. It’s frustrating when you drop off your healthy kid in the morning and see sick kids being dropped off, knowing your child will probably end up catching it by the end of the week.

    • c00lhand

      @SusieQ – Thanks for bringing that information to my attention as that was not what I personally recall hearing from the mother; however, perhaps I’ve misinterpreted or mixed up what she was trying to explain regarding the school’s policies and their altering of rules on the fly. Admittedly, I was only overhearing part of her initial explanation regarding the situation since she was actually telling it to someone else (my girlfriend), but as she went on explaining and I started getting the gist of her story I became quite interested and started listening more intensely; so, certain aspects I recall better than others.

      As I stipulated in the larger response above there were some additional details to the perspective that I recall hearing that I didn’t share because I didn’t believe them to be very pertinent given the information I already posted, but given the bit of information that you’ve shared I think it’s certainly worth sharing now.

      I recall the mother explaining that her daughter was supposed be part of some kind of evening recital or concert through the school, but because her daughter had eaten something that didn’t agree with her stomach she had informed the school that she wouldn’t be bringing her to that event due to throwing it up. I believe she also stated that she informed the school that her daughter wasn’t running a fever of anything of the like at the time, so if she showed no signs of getting sick over night she was planning on bringing her to school. She explained some more details regarding the particular communication she was having with the school, but since I had to step away for a bit I missed some of that additional information. Anyways, from my recollection it sounded as if she maintained constant communication with the school that night and in the morning regarding her daughter’s condition and the only reason she was bringing her to the school was because she never showed any further signs of being sick outside of her stomach disagreeing with the food they had for dinner.

    • SusieQ

      Thanks coolhand. It could have easily been the food but in the best interest of the rest of the kids and staff you have to be firm on the policy. Especially with the stomach flu going around a bunch of times this winter. I think what everyone is wondering about, is how quickly she escalated the situation by reacting with violence and sending the principal to the hospital? I can understand the mothers frustration, but geez, bruised internal organs?

  • Opinion8d

    My guess is the ‘mom’ has some issues and didn’t want to have to deal with missing work or ‘daycare’ for her daughter. And it sounds like some ratchet behavior when the ‘entitlement’ mom didn’t get her way. She was probably inconvenienced and didn’t understand when everyone didn’t kiss her a$s. Hope the father has some better morals and values to raise his daughter! So sick of these people!

    • Grasshopper

      It is funny and unfortunate , all the trolling. But the bottom line comes down to what the courts decide. “Comments” from this type of social medium mean nothing. But it is nice to have a brother stick up for his sister. Hope all goes well, Coolhand.

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