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Three-year-old girl struck by gunfire while seated in vehicle near 25th & Hadley

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MILWAUKEE — A three-year-old girl was struck by gunfire while seated in a vehicle near 25th and Hadley on Sunday, March 20th.  It happened around 8:50 p.m.

Police say the child was struck after shots were fired in the street during a large argument.

She was taken by her mother to a hospital, suffering from a serious injury. It is believed that she will survive.

A 17-year-old boy, also believed to have been shot during this argument, walked into a different hospital suffering from a non-life threatening injury.

Milwaukee police say their investigation into this incident is ongoing.

Google Map for coordinates 43.069722 by -87.944864.


  • Libertarian

    Time to confiscate Americas guns government. Let’s get these guns out of peoples hands and stop the needless killing by these lethal devices!

    • Fred

      I partially agree. Guns should not be in the hands of people who have not purchased them legally. The government needs to make it mandatory for all unregistered owners, felons and minors who don’t have parental consent to own a gun, to turn in their guns and ammunition. This will get a majority of guns off the streets that would probably end up being used in violent crime. If the government initiated this mandate, I’m sure the friends, relatives and neighbors of the offenders would help the government to get these guns.

    • Libsareliars

      Libertarian why don’t you go and try to confiscate the guns. Maybe then we will not have to see your stupid posts anymore.

    • Chrisco

      You most certainly are not a libertarian. Real Libertarian support the 2nd amendment and what it stands for. You need to change your name to represent you views.

  • Ethel

    I hope and pray the little girl is okay. Here we go again. People need to get proactive. Instead of candlelight vigils and tears, take back the neighborhoods from this violent lifestyle!!!! It has become too easy to blame everyone else for the problems! People have to unite and fight the people that are destroying inner city families!!!

  • robert

    but it’s the police that shoot us down like dogs in the street!!!! black lives don’t matter when skillet and shinebone are the shooters-they just doin’ what they supposed to do!! SMDH

  • Jim

    @ fred I sure hope that is sarcasm cause if such laws are passed I am sure all felons & gang bangers will line up at the police station to turn in their guns they have illegally!!

  • A yooper

    Just shooting away…. No idea where the lead will hit. Bunch of savages fighting & you bring your 3 year old along to the party??? What could really go wrong here? There is no fixing these people. Things are just degenerating so fast in this city. Years ago it would have been a fist fight maybe someone would pull a knife. Now if hat is tipped wrong just shoot. What a sad world the northside has become.

    • A Praying Man

      The child was an innocent bystander, sitting in a car seat. The story doesn’t say if people were trying to leave or about to drive off but you jump to stereotypical conclusions. I pray that God tend to the hearts of people who comment racial things but couldn’t live where some Americans live. Most importantly, I pray God touch that child.

      • Fred

        I grew up down there. It’s much worse now but it wasn’t a picnic back then. I don’t need to hear about being stuck there in poverty with no opportunities. It’s called going to school, getting a HS diploma and then bagging groceries and flipping burgers to pay for college tuition. If you’re dirt poor there are more opportunities for you to get free education than anyone else around…ever hear of grant money? ..mommy and daddy don’t have to be rich for you to get educated and become a productive citizen.

  • A yooper

    These people don’t care. A sadly but homeless guy abandoned by his family attacks a Policeman and the entire hood goes berserk when he is killed. Not a whole lot of logical thinking going on. Whoever dreamed up the ” Black lives matter” slogan is an idiot. The simple facts show that these people don’t care about a thing until a white officer is involved with a shooting. And true on the easy availability of handguns. I really don’t know how to stop all of these thugs from getting them.

  • A yooper

    It is not “stereotypical” thinking It is typical thinking. Whenever something is going down the natives gather in hoards to see what’s happening. That is typical. We don’t need a wall to keep Mexican people from trying to get into USA to work. We need a wall to keep the savages that we have here from destroying the remains of a once proud city. With violence going on here we are no different from Detroit.

    • robert

      me myself –I refuse to vote until they put YOUR agenda on the table-build walls to keep these savages from getting out destroying other people’s lives. I cried my eyeballs out at the lakefront last year on the 4th when they allowed these unsupervised savages to come down there and kill Tariq-those bullets could’ve hit any one of us!!!

  • Neka

    Get well soon Cakey I love u baby girl Quanna keep yo head up God got you all covered my prayers r wit you all call me if you need anything its time to move back home baby this is a wake up call an i pray that God bring whoever did this to light and if anybody know who did this speak up #JusticeForCakey

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