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Chelsea Clinton campaigns in Milwaukee as Sanders schedules rally in Madison; Trump, Cruz argue over wives

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MILWAUKEE -- Chelsea Clinton was in Milwaukee, Waukesha and Madison on Thursday, March 24th -- campaigning for her mother, Hillary Clinton. This, as Republicans Donald Trump and Ted Cruz continued to argue about Cruz's wife. Voters head to the polls in Wisconsin on April 5th.

Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton arrived at a "Hillary For America" campaign office on MLK Drive in Milwaukee on Thursday morning -- in an effort to get her mom over the top in a tight Wisconsin primary with Bernie Sanders.

"It matters that someone knows how to make government work," Clinton said.

The Clintons are also looking toward fall.

Chelsea Clinton told dozens of her mom's supporters that Republicans Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are racist and sexist.Cruz Trump

"This is not our country. These are not our values," Clinton said.

Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton

Cruz and Trump have brought their Twitter war to Wisconsin.

Donald Trump on Wednesday night retweeted the photo below, comparing their wives:

That, and other attacks by Trump against Heidi Cruz got a response from Cruz on the campaign trail in Dane County.

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Asked about the Republican presidential race, Chelsea Clinton said she doesn't defend anything that Cruz or Trump say. Clinton said she hopes Wisconsin voters stand against Trump's views.

Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton

"I hope that Republicans here in Wisconsin do send a signal about what they want for their party," Clinton said.Hillary Clinton

Clinton said she thinks her mom will campaign in Wisconsin before the April 5th primary here.

Sanders has scheduled a rally in Madison at the Alliant Energy Center Saturday, March 26th.

Robert Dempsey, Sanders' director in Wisconsin said Sanders can win Wisconsin.

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders

"It`s going to be up to states like Wisconsin to maximize our delegate count, to reinvigorate our operation and carry forward to July," Dempsey said.

On the Republican side -- the anti-Trump group "Club for Growth" reportedly plans to spend $1 million to defeat Trump in Wisconsin, so voters can expect a few more TV ads ahead of April 5th.

Trump has his own rally scheduled in Janesville on March 29th.

CLICK HERE for a running list of presidential campaign events in Milwaukee area ahead of April 5th.


  • idiots

    Clinton sure knows how to make government work………on taking all your rights away………on lying to the american people……. On how to make criminals safer while you a victim ……. On how to take no responsibility for your actions……..on how to blame everyone else for your problems……..

  • Michael

    Anewr a question for me Black Communitty of Milwaukee. Other then call Republican’s racist, and Sexist. What accomplishment’s did Chelsea say her mother has done. Other then say she has had more exsperiance? Is the world safer because of Hillary? No it is not. Did Chelsea say how her mother would bring more job’s for inner city ppeople? No? Did she mention how Hillary would help in education? Nope. All she did was call Republican’s racist, and sexist. I noticed the crowd that showed up for Chelsea were mostly White. Why is that? I’m just saying.

    • True Patriot White Christian

      The idiot feral parasitic black plague must be exterminated. God sent Trump to do just that. HEIL TRUMP!!!

  • chris

    I’d rather listen to Trump and Cruz argue over wives than listen to the bs being spewed from Chelsea and Bernies mouths.

  • Rafael Perez

    Talk about good omens. Senator Bernie Sanders for President. Birdie Sanders for Vice-President. It would be the cutest and most intelligent Vice-President we ever had.
    Unbought and Unpaid for. Talk about a discerning bird.

  • Leelaa

    Cruz’s wife looks pretty ugly.
    There are many ugly women running around in politic already, Hillary Clinton for one. It is more than enough for the country to bear.

  • Leelaa

    Surprise that Hillary Clinton is still allowed to be on the campaign trail instead of being in orange scrubs, in the big house, in upstate New York prison.

  • Bryce1

    Chelsea Clinton husband Marc Medvinsky is a Hedge Fund Manager for GOLDMAN SACHS! It’s a Family Affair. I will not vote for any candidate who takes money from MONSANTO, Private Prisons, Fracking or Saudi Arabia ( 2 million!) Who’s dictator treats women like dogs

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