Man shot, killed after minor crash; family tells FOX6 victim is Tamecca Perry’s brother

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MILWAUKEE — An altercation after a minor vehicle accident led to the fatal shooting of a 21-year-old Milwaukee man late Friday, March 25th. According to his family, this comes less than a month after his pregnant sister, Tamecca Perry, was murdered.10th and Concordia

Police say the shooting happened just before 11:00 p.m. near 10th and Concordia on the city’s north side. The shooting victim, who has been identified as Deshun Freeman, died at the scene despite life-saving efforts.

FOX6 News spoke with family members of Freeman, and they said he's the brother of Tamecca Perry.

Perry, a 23-year-old mother of two, pregnant with her third child, was shot and killed by a known 24-year-old woman who came over to her home to settle an argument. The shooting happened near 30th and Auer on March 6th.

"It's devastating. We never would imagine that both of my sister's children would be deceased from gun, gun play," said Elaine Freeman, the victim's aunt.

Tamecca Perry

Tamecca Perry

"We are getting tired of (the violence)," said Sylvester Thompson, a concerned resident. "We are feeling it all up and down this block. Everybody is hurt. It's senseless."

Thompson heard the tail end of Friday's heated altercation just yards away from his home.

Sylvester Thompson

Sylvester Thompson

"I seen cars banged up. We heard shots. We seen people scatter. That next thing, you know, we seen yellow tape. Everybody thought it was a fender bender but it wasn't -- turned out to be a homicide," said Thompson.

Police say the 21-year-old Milwaukee man was shot during a fight after the minor car accident.

Despite life-saving efforts, he died at the scene. 10th and Concordia4

"I'm scared because over a simple fender bender, somebody gets killed. Come on," said Thompson.

After the incident, the 28-year-old suspect involved drove a short distance from the scene at 10th and Concordia and called police.

"We are pretty much upset with everything that happened," said Thompson. "Everybody is hurting over here in this hood."10th and Concordia3

Police say the gunman in the incident that happened late Friday is a valid CCW holder.

"Concealed carry or not, common sense says you don't have to pull that piece. Just get an accident report and call it a day," said Thompson.

The case will be presented to the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office for review of possible charges.

As for the Tamecca Perry murder -- police continue to seek the known suspect, Shanika Minor.

Anyone with any information as to Minor's whereabouts is asked to contact police.

Google Map for coordinates 43.078923 by -87.923677.


  • idiots

    You all do know there is only half a story right. The 28 year old stopped called police. Seems to indicate more to the story . like did the 21 year old attack causing the other to fear for his life. Of course that is all speculation until facts are heard.

    • Get A Grip

      I agree that there is more to the story. The dead guy may have been trying to do a bump-and-rob and picked the wrong person. But that’s also speculation.

  • selfentitled

    I didnt feel it would be right to chime in on someone who has history of mental illness. Although, maybe there is some sort of contagious mental illness that only affects the people in the 53206. They seem to be the only ones struggling lately.

    • Whiteprivilege

      You people sure like to use the mental illness defense a lot. White privilege if you ask me. He probably was just a product of a broken family and inadequate up bringing and it came back to haunt him years later.

    • selfentitled

      So what’s your logic behind all of the BS that happens on the north side, daily. So quick to point out the occasional white tragedy, how about the dozens of tragedy’s that happen weekly in the hood. Are you saying that you believe all is well with “black” Milwaukee currently? (53206 has the highest violent crime rate of any zip in the USA btw).

  • Brandon Cronstill

    You’re right everybody is going to turn over all their guns just like all the drug dealers turn over their drugs, right?? Guns aren’t the problem, it’s the individual that has no self control or lacks having anything to lose that is the problem.

  • Mimi

    First his sister who was 9 months pregnant, now him.. Smh.. Senseless.. R.ip.. TT, her unborn, and, shaun

  • Matt

    Agree 100%

    I’d like to know that myself, and I’m black. BLM is a JOKE! Only matters if a non black takes a black life. If a black takes a black life all bets are off.

  • BrendaRMurchison

    I e­­­arn 2­­­5 do­­­llars e­­­very 3­­­0 mi­­­nut­­­es. Wo­­­rk f­­­or fe­­­w ho­­­urs a­­­nd ha­­­ve l­­­ong­­­er ti­­­me wi­­­th fr­­­iend­­­s an­­­d f­­­ami­­­ly. ­­­ch­­­eck it o­­­ut th­­­is li­­­nk fo­­­r de­­­tails.­­­


  • Arianna

    Ok you are seriously getting on my nerves…lets make guns illegal like heroin, which by the way I have lost 4 people too, meth, crack because since these things are all illegal that means no one buys them right????? You are the dumbest person of you honestly believe that taking away someone’s constitutional rights will solve this problem because of course these criminals all hey their guns legally right???? And of you think all guns need to be taken away then you better take away EVERYTHING that could be used to harm someone such as all knives anything that could be used to strangle someone…get it??? Doubtful because your a liberal but maybe if I continue to reply to your stupidity you may get what I’m saying

  • Ivan

    And mayor Tom Barrett is focused like a laser on his street car. You folks in Milwaukee just keep voting him in and the body count will continue to rise.

  • RealInfo

    The deceased is named Deshaun Freeman. On facebook, he was Cutthroat Shaun or East Sideshaun. The second Facebook identity contained statements about feeling suicidal and homicidal. He stated that he was popping pills and drinking to feel better. Some images of liquor were taken in a car, by the steering wheel. Other images showed guns, some of which had illegal extended clips. There were also statements about dealing drugs and photos of drugs. The family has begun thr process of deleting these public statements to alter or protect his image. It is known that there was a photo circulated briefly online that showed the deceased shortly after thr incident. The family has begun the process of asking those who have or saw the photo to talk to them. They have not asked anyone to turn it in to police.

    • RealInfo

      Just providing real background information on the deceased. Why are you so defensive? This was his public persona. He didn’t try to hide it. All his family knew he dealt drugs. All of his family could see his posts about wanting to die and feeling homicidal. I didnt judge him. I just stated facts. You are reacting to your emotions about those facts. If you look at my post and see negative issues, negative character traits, then why didn’t you intervene? It’s better to intervene than to feel guilt and justify later.

    • Rere d

      Now the east side Shaun page is having loading errors, so the statements and pics can’t be seen. The other page cutthroat is still up but a cleaner page……coincidence?

  • RealInfo

    Per Sonya Strothers, family to the deceased. “My nephew did not have a gun on him.” Although she was not present, Ms Strothers states that Deshaun got out of the car to apologize to the other driver, who had a gun behind his back. According to Ms Strothers, there was an argument and the other driver pulled out the gun and shot DeShaun. Ms Strothers used an additional post to blame Scott Walker and the expansion of CCW law for this crime. Oddly, there was no acknowledgement of DeShauns access to and ownership of guns, his desire to obtain a CCW to show people “the pain I feel”, or his occupation drug dealing. This is especially odd since earlier posts highlight the need for adult involvement to prevent criminal behavior in the lives of young people. Ms Strothers comments are public on her Facebook page. DeShauns Facebook image has been deleted.

    • RealInfo

      Please quote the part where I judged him. I stated facts. Facebook is not a private scrapbook. The things you post are public. And I am hardly the only person looking at all this. When something happens in our city, people are curious. DeShaun wasn’t hiding any of this. It was public knowledge. Why are you and his family suddenly covering it up?

  • Honky

    26 comments. 11 comments shown. Fox6 moderator is moderating the wrong part. Is it because the person that shot the deceased is automatically a suspect in the eyes of fox6? Not that they deceased did anything to help the chain of events, like talking about wanting to die over the past week.

  • chris

    If the suicidal comments are true, perhaps the victim caused the accident then began a confrontation with the other driver. Then the other driver pulled his gun for protection, the victim saw this as his chance and continued to aggressively go after the gun holder. In essence a suicide by the hands of another. Far fetched by not out of realm of possibility.

    • Michael Neils

      Chris that could be. Everyonce in a while you do hear of such things. Sometimes by cop sometimes by spouse. I hope fox6 keeps everyone posted with what happened.

  • RealInfo

    Sonya Strothers, non biological aunt of the deceased, has posted a mugshot photo of the person the family believes is the shooter. However, a quick CCAP search of the name provided shows past convictions for domestic abuse and a current restraining order with a firearm restriction, both of which would have made him ineligible to be a CCW permit holder. You are welcome to view Sonya Strothers page, which is public, but I will not share the name here because the information seems inaccurate based on media reports that the shooter had an active CCW permit.

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