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Lawrence Univ. hosts Hillary Clinton rally, former President Bill Clinton fires up the crowd

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APPLETON --  Former President Bill Clinton was in Appleton on Friday, April 1st to stump for his wife, Hillary Clinton. The event was held at the Lawrence University campus.

It was a crowd of mostly young people who packed the hall on Friday. One of the topics important to the crowd -- the high cost of a college education.

Pres. Clinton said his wife wants to have lower interest rates for college loans -- and expand work study programs. He criticized Bernie Sanders' ideas for states and federal government to offer tuition contributions.

"Do you really believe after what Governor Walker has done to education in Wisconsin that he would do that?" asked the president.

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Minnesota Democratic Senator Al Franken came to support the Clinton campaign.

"Bernie's a colleague. I feel like I've known Hillary for over 20 years. I just believe that she's the smartest, most experienced, toughest and hardest working person I know," Franken said.

The latest Marquette University Law School poll, released Wednesday, March 30th, shows Sanders leading Clinton in Wisconsin -- 49 percent to 45 percent.

New Marquette University Law School Poll shows Bernie Sanders leading in Wisconsin

New Marquette University Law School Poll shows Bernie Sanders leading in Wisconsin

CLICK HERE to access a running list of presidential campaign events in the Badger State ahead of April 5th.


  • Mark Deprez

    JUST IMAGEN…….”DRAFT DODGER TO COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF” I could never, ever have thought this could happen in my lifetime. If you had said this to me in the 60 ‘s I would have said, “stop smoking that stuffffffff”

      • Michael Raines

        Draft Dodger? If you are referring to Sanders, the facts (to which you can google for yourself) are, Bernie Sanders applied for conscientious objector status during the Vietnam War, but he was too old to be drafted by the time his number came up anyway.

        Don’t be afraid to use the Internet to also check facts and not just post inaccurate statements.

  • Mike Schwarz

    BJ Clinton, will he help or will he hurt Hillary. What’s amazing is that these characters who suffer national disgrace get any respect. Bush, Rumsfeld, Chaney, BJ Clinton should hide there face and the media should avoid these disgraced politicians. The fact they aren’t is one of the many things despicable about US Media.

  • Liberty

    ISSUE SUMMARY: Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is telling Christians that “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.” In other words, she is saying Christians need to change their beliefs to agree with same-sex “marriage” and abortion-on-demand (including partial-birth abortion) and even threatens saying “Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will” [against those who subscribe to Christian moral beliefs.]

  • Alan E. Mason

    When I first saw the headline, I thought it said, “Bill Clinton Fires One Up With The Crowd.” Now that, I says to myself, could be interesting. This? Meh…

  • Doree's blog

    “Packed the hall”? From what I understand it was a very small room and it was nearly empty. How is that “packing the hall”? Even though this video clip doesn’t show the crowd, from the sound of the “crowd’s” responses, IF the room was full, their enthusiasm was terribly anemic.

  • Doree's blog

    Michael Raines, You mean like the fact that Bernie never has been able to hold any job at all for more than a couple of weeks other than as a politician? You mean like the fact that Bernie didn’t have any job at all until he was 24 years old and that was as mayor, which meant he was taking money from the tax payers as payment? You mean like the fact that even his friends say that Bernie can’t do anything successfully except talk? He has no skills and no work experience. He couldn’t even stay married. He couldn’t support his wife and son, so they left him. Bernie has failed at everything he ever tried, except talking his way into getting votes. He’s nothing more than hot air wrapped in skin and he thinks that qualifies him to take everyone else’s hard earned wages to give to people just like him who don’t, won’t and can’t work for what they get. Now those are facts. Deal with them.

  • instrumentum vocale

    She reached for her phone, to read of her win…
    The final results, of Wisconsin were in….

    She stared at the screen, as her face turned bright red….
    Then she threw it at Bill, and here’s what she said….

    What the Hell’s wrong with them? And why can’t they see?….
    I am sweet, and I’m kind, I love birds, I love bee’s….

    I’m not bought, or corrupt, I’m just honest, you see…
    I just don’t understand… why the PEASANTS hate me!

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