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Eww! Airplane ponytail incident goes viral

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“Congrats … You’ve invented a whole new way to be awful at 35,000 feet.”

So read a tweet from airline passenger Dante Ramos after the person in the seat in front of him flung her ponytail over the back of her seat and let it dangle directly in front of his seat-back screen.

Ramos snapped a pic and the photo of the invasive ponytail quickly went viral.

A op-ed columnist for the Boston Globe, Ramos wrote a story about the incident and his ensuing ephemeral flash of fame.

In the column, he bemoaned the amount of attention his hair tweet received, compared with more serious topics he’s written about.

But, c’mon.

Are the trials of university adjunct professors’ attempting to unionize and President Obama’s trip to Cuba (two recent columns) really as important as a person’s right to not be grossed out while flying from Houston to Boston?


  • 2ECOND

    welcome to liberal butthurt America, where a ponytail offends…. to the guy that wrote the tweet, your a douche bag.

    • PorkChopSammy

      both on wrong counts, I wouls be bothered by it too, HOWEVER Im not scared of other people enough to NOT say something and ask or demand her to move ot out of my face instead of being a wuss about it ans feeling it has to be on the net

  • Reagan 84

    Really passenger? Just throw her hair back on her side and be done with it! If she does it again,make sure you have a cup of soda and stick her hair in it. You can always ask for another soda.

  • Sara

    The girl eas clearly a dumb b**** and didn’t have any respect for the passenger behind her. How do you NOT know you flipped your hair onto someone’s screen?

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