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Gov. Walker signs bill that lifts Wisconsin’s ban on new nuclear plants

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Gov. Scott Walker

MADISON — Gov. Scott Walker has signed sign a bill lifting Wisconsin’s ban on new nuclear plants.

State regulators currently can’t approve a new nuclear plant unless a federal facility for storing waste exists and the plant doesn’t burden ratepayers. No such federal facility exists.

The bill would erase the storage and ratepayer clauses from state law, clearing the way for new plants. The bill’s Republican authors argue nuclear power is a renewable energy source and the ratepayer language duplicates other sections of state law that require regulators to determine that any new power plant won’t burden customers.

Democrats say nuclear power is too dangerous, pointing to a meltdown at Japan’s Fukushima plant in 2011.

Walker signed the bill Friday at the Wisconsin Energy Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.



  • Truth Hertz

    Man is the only species on the planet that voluntarily destroys the environments in which it lives. The world’s intelligent species preserve their environments by refraining from being gluttonous. Not man, we just can’t go off the grid for a few hours to conserve resources because we need to watch the tube. To hell with book reading under candlelight for a few evening hours, let’s put a nuclear power plant in our fresh water drinking source and risk contamination like we do with fracking. All this so we can be the laziest most destructive species on the planet. Now excuse me while I pop me some microwaved popcorn. :)

  • Left Wing extremeist

    All conservatives are earth destroying cum bags. Then this bone headed bald headed governor hands out gun and knife carrying permits to further increase destruction of humanity.

  • Steve Tadisch

    I commented a few days ago about this bill and it seems it was removed so I will reiterate I question the need for New Nuclear Plants when the Kewaunee Power Station owned by Virginia Power Monger Dominion was closed do to lack of Electrical Contracts. They stated it was profitable but not as much as their eastern plants. It just was relicense in 2012 to run another 20 years with no structural issues stated by the NRC and could be extended. After studies where done by Wisconsin PSC they commented the projected need for Electricity for 15 to 20 years out was down and they had no problems of it closing and losing 500 to 600 jobs with supplement support of another 300 or more jobs. 2 years later Wis PSC allowed Natural Gas booster plants and other facilities to be added because now 2 years later their projected electrical needs will require more production to meet needs. If EPA rules close down the coal fire plants as they project rates will increase by 1/3 or more and predicted shortages will exist. Several meetings where held by NRC commission explaining and answering questions about the closing of the Kewaunee Power Station. It was asked several times of the condition of the stucture and if it could be restarted.The answer was it is in good condition otherwise they would have received a twenty year renewal.There is no procedure written to restart a shut down Nuclear Plant as of now because there wasn’t a need. After further questions about the procedure it was acknowledge that procedures could be written. Dominion Power has stated several times they have no intentions of restarting the Kewaunee Power Station and they don,t intend to sell it for any other company to run it.They claimed they had it for sale on the market but didn,t have any acceptable offers.The market they offered it to was a select small group of buyers so it wasn’t on the open market like they claimed. Here is a energy source that is available to Wisconsin yet is controlled by out of State Virginia based Dominion Energy Monger call your politicians ask why we allow building new when this Power Station remains idol. Wake them up and ask why ?

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