Governor Walker signs bill prohibiting people from bothering hunters in Wisconsin woods

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ROTHSCHILD, Wisconsin — Governor Scott Walker has signed a bill prohibiting people from bothering hunters in the Wisconsin woods.

Walker signed the bill Saturday, April 2nd at the Wisconsin Bear Hunters’ Association’s 52nd annual convention in Rothschild.

In a statement, Walker calls hunting, fishing and trapping “major pastimes” in Wisconsin, and says the bill provides hunters with “additional protections from interference.”

The bill’s Republican authors say concerns about hunter harassment have grown since the Wolf Patrol, a group of animal rights activists, followed and filmed wolf hunters in Wisconsin and Montana in 2014.

The bill expands the definition of interference with a hunter to include remaining in a hunter’s sight and photographing or confronting a hunter more than twice with the intention to interfere.


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    This will save their lives too. Confronting people with a gun in the middle of the woods? You’ll never be found again, idiots.

    • Bernie supporter

      You stupid conservatives must not of thought far ahead enough to what the ramifications would be as a result of all your gun permits and promoting gun ownership. Now we have people being shot in record numbers.

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