Police: Two killed after vehicle fled officers, crashed into St. Vincent de Paul building

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MILWAUKEE -- Two people are dead as a result of a crash that happened on Milwaukee's northwest side late Saturday, April 2nd. Police say the wreck happened near 96th and Silver Spring around 10:30 p.m.

Two killed in crash at 96th and Silver Spring

Two killed in crash at 96th and Silver Spring

Officials say the victims were in a car that fled Butler police officers who were attempting to conduct a traffic stop.

The Butler officers stopped pursuing the car shortly after entering the city of Milwaukee. Officials say the victims, however, continued to flee erratically at a high rate of speed as they were westbound on Silver Spring.

The driver, a female in her late teens, lost control of the vehicle and crashed into the St. Vincent de Paul building near 96th and Silver Spring. She suffered serious injuries and died at the scene despite life-saving efforts from Milwaukee Fire Department personnel.

Two killed in crash at 96th and Silver Spring Drive

Two killed in crash at 96th and Silver Spring Drive

The female's passenger, a male in his early 20s, died from his injuries at a hospital.

Two killed in crash at 96th and Silver Spring Drive

Two killed in crash at 96th and Silver Spring Drive

Police say a loaded semi automatic pistol and an amount of narcotics were recovered from the crashed vehicle.

"I got here, and all I saw was all the debris and glass all along the wall right here. A lot of debris. Plastic. Glass," Amos Robinson, who was cleaning up the crash scene Sunday said.

Robinson said he was thinking of the victims with every piece of broken glass he swept up from the pavement on Sunday.

"It`s kind of unbelievable, but the way things are happening nowadays, you can sort of believe it. You can't outrun the cops," Robinson said.

Robinson said a car seat was found among the debris.

"I hope there wasn't a baby in there," Robinson said.

Two killed in crash at 96th and Silver Spring Drive

Two killed in crash at 96th and Silver Spring Drive

Two killed in crash at 96th and Silver Spring Drive

Two killed in crash at 96th and Silver Spring Drive

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  • Mel

    Thank you Jack. I am shocked they didn’t remove your post already cause it sounds a LOT LIKE MINE!

    These citizens here need to realize that it is the ENTIRE VILLAGE not just one that is responsible for the way things are taken care of and problems solved here. The more people are blinded by race, socioeconomic status and just plain ignorance the more innocents will die and more violent, reckless criminals born to an already crumbling society to further our decent into chaos.

    People of SE Wisconsin, stop placing blame and band together with ALL, not just those of your race and economic status and talk to them, there is a way to solve this problem and it’s not with hate speech and judgement. God save Milwaukee!

  • Lorett

    Police had no business chasing this couple? In a stolen car with loaded gun and drugs? Are you efing crazy?

    • CherylMSmith

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  • Lashonda

    it’s terribly hard feeling sorry for them. this is the life many people choose to live. running from the cops is a truly bad idea. I was at home in my pajamas chillin. I’m safe. STOP LIVING THIS LIFESTYLE !!

    • Michael Neils

      Lashonda, I’m glad you are safe. How does this madness stop? There are so many programs, $, mentors, etc but there are so many who just don’t care. You’d think death after death would wise folks up but it just isn’t happening. You stay safe. I wish only the best for you and yours :)

  • imcrazy

    One reason criminals run is because it adds to the charges against them. Those extra charges are used to plea bargain to get a shorter sentence (if any) Fines don’t mean anything because they don’t get paid.

  • Bean

    It’s not considered a tragedy when you die while running from the police, honey. Get a grip. They did it to themselves. No sympathy is needed.

  • Robert

    I drive past this point every morning on my way to work, and every night on my way home. I have no sympathy for these reckless people who would put other peoples’ lives (not to mention their own) at risk because they don’t want to face the consequences of what they are doing. They were willing to use their vehicle (or was it stolen??) as a murder weapon – and maybe it’s cruel to say, but I’m glad they were the only victims of that decision.

      • Annymous

        You didnt know these people one of them was the nicest ppl you could ever meet she always had a smile and wanted to motivate ppl so please dont say something like that

      • Lashonda

        *ANNYMOUS* She wanted to motivate people? are you serious honey? she ran from police officers. there were drugs and a gun in the car. how the hell is that motivating anyone? she wasn’t too innocent. you go take a nap.

      • RobertG

        You really shouldn’t talk about people you don’t know. The female was a very good person. She was smart, caring, and a very loveable person. Everyone makes mistakes. She was with an individual who was a very bad influence on her life. The drugs and gun was his, not hers. I knew her personaly. Everyone who knew her would tell you. She would not hav ran from the cops he must have influenced her in some type of way and put fear in her heart to do something of this nature.. So you should f**** off. She was someones daughter, sister, aunt and friend. I’m thankful no one else was hurt but for her life to be lost at such a young age is a tragedy. All lives matter.

      • Robert

        Fox6 originally reported that the female was driving. I guess they got that wrong?

        Regardless, if I had to choose between these individuals with drugs and guns, running from the police, or myself, my wife, other law-abiding non-drug-dealing citizens, children, etc. I’m glad it was only these two who faced the consequences of their reckless lives and decisions.

        If I see red and blue lights behind me, I pull the f*** over and let the police/ambulance/fire department do their jobs. Trying to outrun them, and putting everyone else’s lives in danger, is such a selfish, uncaring, reckless, dumb thing to do.

        I know that MY life matters, and I try everyday to make decisions that confirm that fact.

        It makes me sick that there are so many people out there who don’t care for their own lives or anyone else’s.

        We need this community to step up and take responsibility for what is happening. Blaming the police, circumstances, or “bad influences” is just a cop out. If you really think your life matters so much, then why don’t you act like it?

  • Big show

    Kilwaukee is ranked 6 in most dangerous city. Yet our mayor decides its more important to focus on trolleys then education or corrections. The juvenile justice system here is a joke. Kids comitting felonies in other states would be sent to juvenile corrections for years. Here we just let them out with a warning for robbing or carjacking. Sorry to say this city will soon be like Detroit or Chicago. Keep it up Kilwaukee. Protect the criminals and punish the law abiding citizens.

  • Michael Neils

    Maybe you missed this part or it was just listed but the Butler Police stopped the chase. The fleeing vehicle kept right on going. Also a side note-if ya don’t run ya don’t get chased.

  • NH

    I’ll translate: for those making insensitive remarks, that was a family member. Please show respect.

  • Lashonda

    actually you don’t know what you’re talking about. those were cops from a different area. as soon as the criminals came into Milwaukee…the cops stopped pursuing them. the criminals kept driving at a high rate of speed and that’s what killed them.

  • Tired of the BS

    ANNYMOUS – I wonder if she was smiling knowing she was making bad choices — fleeing the police, narcotics AND a loaded semi automatic weapon. Pretty much tells us everything we need to know. This stupidity saved the taxpayers a bunch of money down the road because we won’t be paying for three hots and a cot for these losers.

  • Alex

    This is sad for all involved. Family of deceased as well. Although I support police action they as well have family and loved ones at home and if their lives are in danger they need to protect themselves and other officers. If you follow police commands when you did something wrong it won’t end like this

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