Early voting numbers soar in Milwaukee, up 600% from last two presidential primaries

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MILWAUKEE -- The numbers are in...8,000 people voted during Milwaukee's early voting period -- a much larger number than anticipated -- which many believe could lead to record-breaking turnout on Election Day -- Tuesday, April 5th.

The 8,000 people who cast their ballots over the last two weeks in Milwaukee is an increase of 600% from the presidential primaries in 2008 and 2012.

Neil Albrecht

Neil Albrecht

"We knew it was going to go up, we just didn't think it would go up from 1,200 to 8,000," said Neil Albrecht, Milwaukee election commissioner.

Voters with business schedules, child care concerns and out-of-town trips were some of the reasons given for the early in-person voting.

Election officials say we are seeing one of the most relevant primaries in the country in Wisconsin -- and that has definitely brought out voters.

"The candidates have a huge presence in the state right now. They were encouraging people to early vote -- and then beyond that, we have some pretty high-profile races locally. I think we will definitely break some records in the State of Wisconsin -- in participation in the presidential primary," Albrecht said.

Early voting

As of late Monday, Wisconsin municipal clerks reported that 225,973 absentee ballots were issued and 209,169 absentee ballots were returned for Tuesday's presidential primary and spring election, according to the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board.

These figures include 136,947 ballots issued in-person in clerks’ offices.  Those ballots are stored securely and then counted on Election Day at the polls or an alternate location.

Absentee ballots sent to voters by mail must be postmarked by April 5th, 2016 and received by the municipal clerk no later than 4:00 p.m. on Friday, April 8th, 2016 in order to be included in the final taEarly voting

The G.A.B. has projected that 1.75 million Wisconsin residents – or 40 percent of eligible voters – will vote in the 2016 spring election and presidential primary, which would be the highest turnout since 1980 for an April election.

Kevin Kennedy, Wisconsin’s chief elections official, cautioned that the absentee numbers released are partial and preliminary.  While a new law enacted in March requires municipal clerks to record absentee ballot data within 48 hours of issuance and return, some of the data tracking those ballots may not be entered yet.

Early voting

In the April 2012 presidential primary, there were a total of 94,859 absentee ballots out of 1,127,414 total ballots cast.  Of the 94,859 absentee ballots, 27,085 were in-person absentee.  The increased number of absentee ballots in 2016 can be attributed to the expected increase

If you plan to vote, election officials ask that you are prepared with your photo ID and that you exercise patience and kindness. Expect all polling places to be rather busy on Tuesday.

Early voting

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    • grumpy0ldman

      The truth is your logic is faulty. What has an increase in early voting got to do with voter ID?

  • Gary Smith

    Phone records indicate Ted Cruz used DC Madam to hire prostitutes; the gag order will be lifted on the case soon. It appears he likes to cheat on more than just elections (see Iowa, SC, and Hawaii). Cruz is completely beholden to exploiters like the Koch brothers, Goldman Sachs, Robert Mercer, etc. He is a free-trading, war-mongering, exploiter-funded puppet who won’t secure our southern border to stop the drug traffic/illegal immigration or anything else the exploiters don’t want him to.

    Cruz is the typical snake politician. It is a shame that people are so easily fooled into voting for all the slick-talking, two-faced lawyers in DC (Clinton, Obama, Cruz, etc.) selling out our country to the big exploiters.

  • Gary Smith

    Super-PACs MUST be banned! They give a few wealthy people the ability to shape our entire political system; they allow for absurdly unequal representation! The people funding these PACs are people who have acquired their wealth from selling out America through political favors, endless wars, unfair trade deals, exploiting foreign labor, exploiting illegal labor within our borders, creating insurmountable debt for our children, and maintaining a rigged election process that ensures nothing will change. Super-PACs are a direct conflict of interest and an absolute corrupting force!

    In my opinion, any candidate who doesn’t denounce super-PACs is a snake, and a flat out TRAITOR to America! Exploiter tools Clinton and Cruz should denounce and refuse to abuse super-PACs like Trump and Sanders have instead of letting them trample all over our democracy while feigning ignorance! Anyone who votes for these conniving two-faced lawyers, who will NEVER speak off the cuff or do anything the exploiters do not want, is voting to continue selling out America!

    If someone with Trump’s resources can’t run without being shredded by super-PACs and the exploiter-controlled media, how does someone like me or you have a chance? The answer is that, unless we are puppets (e.g. Cruz and Clinton) paid for by the exploiters, we don’t! The process is rigged; you can watch a great example of how the media takes things out of context and falsely demonizes non-controlled candidates like Trump by searching for and viewing “The Untruth about Donald Trump” video.

  • Tall Milwaukeen

    Time to start ridding the Republicans out of our state and government! Great to see this huge turn out! Your next Scooter!!!

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