Police: 16-year-old boy arrested, accused of throwing egg during Trump rally in Milwaukee

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MILWAUKEE -- Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was in Milwaukee on Monday evening, April 4th for an event at the Milwaukee Theatre. This, on the eve of the presidential primary election in the Badger State. Milwaukee police say there was one arrest during the event -- a 16-year-old boy, who was cited for disorderly conduct, accused of throwing an egg.

The question heading into Tuesday, April 5th was will Wisconsin be Trump's undoing? Or will he pull off a comeback in the Badger State and move closer to the Republican presidential nomination?

On Monday in Milwaukee, Trump acknowledged he is trailing in Wisconsin, but he said "we're making progress."

"You`re going to say 'that was the single greatest vote I`ve ever cast.' You`re going to look back and you`re going to be proud of yourselves, and you`ll be proud of your country again," Trump told voters in Milwaukee.

Donald Trump and wife Melania at Milwaukee Theatre

Donald Trump and wife Melania at Milwaukee Theatre

Melania Trump in Milwaukee

Melania Trump in Milwaukee

Trump's wife, Melania read prepared remarks during Trump's event at the Milwaukee Theatre -- calling her husband fair, hard-working and kind. This was an attempt to convince undecided voters that Trump is not "anti-women."

"I`m very proud of him. He`s a hard worker. He`s kind. He has a great heart. He`s tough. He`s smart," Melania Trump said.

Trump has poured resources into the Badger State.

So what if he doesn't win?

"One of the great writers called me up and said 'what you've done is incredible.' I said 'no, no. I have to win.' He said 'if you win, if you lose, it will go down in the history books. It's incredible.' I said 'no, Sir. If I don`t win, to me I will consider it a tremendous waste of time -- and a tremendous waste of money. But a tremendous waste of time,'" Trump said.

Donald Trump in Milwaukee at Milwaukee Theatre

Donald Trump in Milwaukee at Milwaukee Theatre

About 1,000 people were on hand for Trump's event in Milwaukee, but the theatre was far from full.

Early during the event, someone appeared to throw something in Trump's direction. It missed by a mile, and security led one person out.

Milwaukee police say the object was an egg, and a 16-year-old boy was arrested for throwing it. Police said he was being cited for disorderly conduct.

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During his speech in Milwaukee, Trump renewed his call for John Kasich to drop out of the race and kept up his attacks on Ted Cruz, who is leading in Wisconsin, according to the latest Marquette University Law School poll, released on March 30th.

Marquette University Law School Poll: Where Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich stand in Wisconsin

Marquette University Law School Poll: Where Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich stand in Wisconsin

"I`m in my hotel, and I`m looking at the ads, and Cruz says 'I`m going to bring back jobs.' He`s using my same language! Here`s the problem -- they don`t know where to begin. And if they did -- lyin' Ted! Lyin' Ted!" Trump said.

Trump hosted several events in Wisconsin on Monday -- including a town hall event in La Crosse on Monday morning, a rally in Superior on Monday afternoon, a "Hannity" taping in Milwaukee at the Pabst Theater on Monday evening, and finally, the rally in Milwaukee at the Milwaukee Theatre.

Supporters await Donald Trump's appearance at Milwaukee Theatre

Supporters await Donald Trump's appearance at Milwaukee Theatre

Trump on Monday explained a potential loss in Wisconsin -- saying that he has been beset with negative ads from other campaigns and third-party groups, bemoaning the influence of talk radio in the Milwaukee area and Governor Scott Walker's endorsement of Ted Cruz, and the fact that John Kasich remains in the race.

Donald Trump speaks in La Crosse

Donald Trump speaks in La Crosse

"How about Kasich? Kasich is one for 32, OK? You know what he is? He`s a guy that just doesn`t stop. Which I respect in one way in one way, because I always say 'never quit. Never give up,'" Trump said.

At 9:00 p.m. CT, Hannity presented an hour long interview with Trump at Pabst Theater in Milwaukee, taped earlier Monday.

Featuring a live audience, the program included questions from both host Sean Hannity as well as Wisconsin voters before they cast their ballots on Tuesday.

Donald Trump speaks in La Crosse

Donald Trump speaks in La Crosse

Trump said he would be staying in Wisconsin Monday night, though as of late Monday night, Trump had no public events scheduled for Tuesday.

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  • Gary Smith

    Wealthy exploiters are currently hiring people to disrupt Trump’s rallies through craigslist. You too can be a clueless tool and hold up a “Trump is a racist” sign while yelling at his supporters for $15 per hour.

  • Jim

    You should not be able to attend a political rally unless you are of voting age. Seems all these incidents are caused be young thugs looking for trouble.

    • Nelson Nunez

      This “thug” goes to one of the best collage prep high schools in Milwaukee… so watch what you say because you never really know. Good try tho lil buddy!

  • yhep

    Awesome kid! The only thing he did wrong was that he only threw one egg. Should have thrown a whole dozen.

    • Angry Dad

      Why don’t you try pulling up your pants and getting a job instead? take some responsibility for yourself and quit trying to turn this country into Venuzuela because you’re a lazy socialist b!tch.

  • nycjoe (@billthevoter)

    He missed Trump by a mile BECAUSE he threw the egg at Melania as she was leaving the stage – why don’ t you report incident honestly ! The ” kid ” throws an egg at an innocent woman …hmm. Pretty sick/nasty if you ask me

    • Erick

      What would a 16 year old boy have against Donald Trump’s wife? Hitting his wife would accomplish nothing. Considering he may be of Hispanic heritage it would have been more appealing to him and his peers to hit Donald himself. You trying to make a 16 year old boy seem like a monster while he cannot defend himself and he believed in what he did is sick and nasty if you ask me.


    Fox says very negative things about Trump, would they do the same for the liberals?

  • Opinion8d

    Nice to see the Democrats are succeeding at recruiting future generations of ignorant people. And yet, people will blame Trump or the republicans for being out of control…..

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