“A bad decision:” Alleged drunk driver kills two, injures two others in crash near Miller Park

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WEST ALLIS -- A suspected drunk driver was behind the wheel when a deadly crash happened near Miller Park on Monday, April 4th. Two people were killed in the crash that involved three vehicles. Two others were taken to the hospital.

Crash at 60th and Walker Street in West Allis

Crash at 60th and Walker Street in West Allis

The area near 60th and Pierce in West Allis is busy, but everything came to a standstill when the wreck happened just after 5:00 p.m.

FOX6 News spoke with one woman who tried to help some of those who were hurt, and another woman now mourning a loss.

"My dad was a character. He was a people person. He was faithfully into his church, his Christianity. He is going to be greatly missed. Greatly missed," said Tavaree Sly-Lundasi, whose father was killed in the crash.

West Allis crash victim

West Allis crash victim

Sly-Lundasi's father was one of the victims killed in the crash.

Police say a preliminary investigation has revealed a pickup truck was traveling southbound on S. 60th Street and struck a minivan as it made a left turn. The pickup truck and minivan traveled into oncoming traffic and impacted a northbound car.

Crash at 60th and Walker Street in West Allis

Crash at 60th and Walker Street in West Allis

"There were a lot of citizens jumping in and helping," said Jackie Vallejo.

Vallejo was among those trying to help.

"There was an older Caucasian lady in the smaller car and the car was smoking. She was asking us to get her out so my boyfriend jumped in and grabbed her and pulled her out the car. I pulled her to the sidewalk," said Vallejo.

A passenger in the pickup truck, and the driver of the car, sustained apparent non-life threatening injuries.

Tavaree Sly-Lundasi

Tavaree Sly-Lundasi

The driver and passenger of the minivan passed away.

Clutching a piece of the wreckage while praying at a memorial she created at the scene, Sly-Lundasi said she's heartbroken -- but equally upset to learn that the driver of the pickup truck was allegedly drunk.

Crash at 60th and Walker Street in West Allis

Crash at 60th and Walker Street in West Allis

"A bad decision on this person's behalf and now two people's lives are lost," said Sly-Lundasi.

The driver of the pickup truck, a 31-year-old Milwaukee man, was taken into custody by West Allis officers on suspicion of homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle.

The two surviving victims were transported to the hospital for treatment.


  • imcrazy

    Someday the sober people are going to park outside of the bars and run the drunks down before they get in their cars.
    Our government isn’t representing honest,sober people anymore. The lawmakers are afraid of the consequences if they get caught.

    • goose

      Wow !!! That’s Your solution, no wonder your a Bernie Supporter, blame the size of the vehicle. WTF

  • Dmarie

    This whole horrific incident is a devastating tragedy! I am so sorry for all who were involved. My sympathies to the families of the victims. My heart goes out to them now and in the days ahead.

  • null

    17 blocks west of miller park….not on 43rd street or in the area like I assumed. How about right next to CBS 58 / old sams club by the hawley road exit?

  • Karen

    Gov. wants to say how bad drugs are and they don’t consider alcohol a drug , people forget what they done when drunk,beat spouse and or kids, leave their kids where ever to go drink, cheat,lie. How about making it and spice illegal and leaving some the other drugs alone, those two thing cause more trouble and deaths than the others

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