Congressman Grothman on his comments on voter ID: “I don’t know what’s controversial”

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MILWAUKEE -- Wisconsin Congressman Glenn Grothman is getting attention for comments he made on election night in Wisconsin on April 5th. On Thursday, April 7th he explained why his thoughts about the state's voter ID law should not be considered controversial. FOX6 News caught up with him and asked him to clarify what he meant.

Glenn Grothman

Glenn Grothman

Grothman said he doesn't seen anything controversial when it comes to comments he made to a Milwaukee television reporter on Tuesday, April 5th.

"I don't know what's controversial about it. It surprises me that anybody would object to those comments," said Grothman.

On Tuesday, Grothman implied that the state's voter ID law would benefit a Republican candidate in November, saying:

"I think Hillary Clinton is the weakest candidate Democrats have ever put up and now we have photo ID. I think photo ID is going to make a little bit of difference as well."

Democrats jumped at the chance to say Grothman's comments prove what they've said all along about the voter ID law -- that it's meant to keep Democrats at home.Voter ID

"How many of those individuals are Democrats who came to the polls and did not have an ID, and got sent back home?" said Representative David Bowen (D-Milwaukee).

Grothman said he simply meant an honest election makes Republican voters feel better.voter ID2

"We have no idea how much cheating was going on two years ago, four years ago, eight years ago -- but to me as a Republican, the more we can do to make sure the elections are honest, the better I feel about it," said Grothman.

Grothman also said the photo ID requirement was not a move meant to give Republicans a tactical advantage.

"I never heard anybody in the Republican caucus talk about suppressing votes. They talked about honest elections," said Grothman.

Grothman also said high turnout Tuesday in Wisconsin points to the photo ID rule not suppressing votes.

2.1 million Wisconsinites cast ballots -- the highest turnout since 1972.


  • Chrisco

    I don’t see a problem with it. You can get free state id’s. You have to prove who you are for everything else.

    • jhs39

      People have a constitutional right to vote. They don’t have a constitutional right to “do everything else” that a picture ID might be required for–and if you bothered to do 30 seconds of research you would find stories from dozens of elderly people who were denied picture ID’s in Wisconsin despite bringing multiple pieces of identification. In many cases elderly people were not born in hospitals–they were born in homes with midwives–or the hospitals they were born in are long gone. Getting a birth certificate under those circumstances can be extremely difficult–and was never necessary before to vote or get a social security card or work or join the military or marry–but now it’s necessary to vote? And you don’t see a problem with that? People like you are the reason this country was sold off to the highest bidders. It’s actually much easier to buy a gun in Wisconsin than to vote.

  • Buster

    This isn’t a big deal. ID’s are required in other states and Wisconsin was a notoriously easy state to vote in. It’s no secret the Wisconsin Democrats were running Illinois Democrats up here to vote. It was easy to pull off. The dead people also were voting.
    Somehow some people feel they can justify doing whatever it takes to achieve their ends. If it takes doing something underhanded to get your way, it’s probably not for good.

  • Jim

    I personally saw some one try to vote twice in the recall election. Already voted absentee & tried to vote on election day. Don’t know how this person was voting but voter fraud does exist.

  • Kat

    You have to consider that a lot of people living in poverty do not have the money to find transportation to a DMV to obtain a State ID and then to pay for a ride to the polling place. I think we need to be considerate of those less fortunate than us. This is what the Republicans wanted it to be, a way to keep the poor and minorities from voting pure and simple. Notice I didn’t say the poor minorities since the poor come in all colors including white!!

    • truth hurts

      The biggest turn out in 44 years, you must be high. 2.1 million, almost half the adult population of Wisconsin not even excluding felons that can’t vote. Quit being a minion.

    • David

      Kat, please explain how lower income people do not have an ID? How do these same people function in society. You can NOT get any state or federal aid without an IB, Buy cold medicine, cash a check, heck in Milwaukee you can’t check out a library book without an ID. It is complete BSC too say people do not have an ID. You can’t function in modern society without one!

    • fightingbobfan

      Wow, all the ignorance and cluelessness. I had a mother-in-law who voted every year, worked the polls every year. She didn’t drive and because at the time she was born, didn’t have a birth certificate. She could do everything, including fly.

      Grothman admitted that voter ID would cut down on the number of Democrats voting. What more do you need to know?

      • Opinion8d

        I think your mother-in-law example is only relevant as you said you ‘HAD’ one -past tense. There were many people in that boat at one point. Today though everyone has an ID. Out of all those votes cast, I have yet to hear of any compelling stories of people unable to vote -it would seem that this was a non-event.

  • Liberty

    In Racine Presidential elections there were always more Illinois plates on the cars in the lot than Wisconsin plates? Why was that? I think the Free IDs are a good idea. Poverty doesn’t stop anyone from buying beer and or getting medications? Poverty is the point they always bring up.

  • uknownothingatall

    Idiot media. What it means is we won’t have all the fraudulent and illegal voting that we have had in the past. I witnessed it myself years ago with someone asking a poll worker if so and so has voted yet, the senile woman looks it up and tells her no, then after I vote and walk out I see the woman at at a van telling another woman to go in and vote as so and so. Keep the democrat criminals like that away from the polling place.

    • Picklybear Pederson

      That would have to be a isolated case as all pollworkers know the rules, and one of them is they are not allowed to disclose whether or not somebody voted. The pollworker is at fault here in the first place. I am sure that lady went running from poll station to poll station trying to find a unsuspecting pollworker.

    • Brent Bublitz

      All the fraudulent and illegal voting that resulted in absolutely no police reports, arrests or prosecutions? Except for that one republican guy that one time, that is.

  • A yooper

    What is the problem?? A middle school kid needs an ID. How can a person exist without an ID?? If you are too stupid to not have one you certainly should not be allowed to vote. You can’t possibly have a job without an ID. Just don’t get it!!!!

  • fightingbobfan

    I don’t care how supposedly easy it is to get an ID, which it isn’t in many cases.

    The fact is you don’t pass laws for nonexistent problems, otherwise that is an illegitimate law. If you have no proof of massive voter fraud, then you are either ignorant or you just don’t want certain people to vote — and that’s immoral and anti-democratic.

    • Chrisco

      These people you are taking about can not get state or federal benefits without an id. These are the people you are defending.

    • truth teller

      I guess the assault weapons ban was and is a bad law since less than 1/2 of 1% of all gun related deaths are attributed to AWs. Somehow I am guessing you believe the ban should remain in place where it is still enforce even though you can’t prove massive death and mayhem from assault weapons

  • fightingbobfan

    Maybe some of you war truly ignorant about the difficulty for many of getting an ID and why there has been no proven massive voter fraud. If you aren’t, then shame on you. Apparently your party can’t win elections without cheating.

  • idiots

    Hahaha. Proving who you say you are to vote is cheating? WTF. Wow our world is definitely changing. Criminals are now victims. Insuring a fair system is now cheating. Ha. Please show me one person who doesn’t have some form of identification that is legally able to vote.

  • A yooper

    How can it be that hard to get an ID? Unless you were raised in the basement by your Aunt & Mamma & Daddy are in prison there must be some proof of your existence.

  • Jeff Wagner

    Grothman is notorious for saying outrageous things, like “money is more important to men” as he defended his vote against equal pay for equal work. He said a lot of other ridiculous things, too, and I’m sure his colleages in Congress laugh at him behind his back. How on earth did that man ever get elected? Oh yeah, his buddies made sure his district is solid red when they redistricted. He’d never win in a fair election.

  • Dalekmaster (@Whovian4269)

    Well gee, Glenn, maybe people have a problem when you admit on camera you’re using the statistically-nonexistent “voter fraud” boogeyman to disenfranchise likely Democratic voters and cheat your way to a GOP victory.

    • truth teller

      Why wouldn’t voter ID affect the right and the left?

      Because the right are the evil rich and no one that is poor could possibly vote republican, right?

      You morons are giving away our country at a record pace and are so corrupted by PC that you can no longer be counted on for relevant competent thought. (maybe you never could)

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