“We don’t know this woman:” Idaho couple shocked to find stranger living in their home

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IDAHO — An Idaho couple was stunned when they learned that a stranger had suddenly moved into their home.

Renea and Brian Prindle moved out of their home in December 2015 and are in the process of selling it.

They have continually driven by the home and were shocked when something changed.

“The first thing we noticed was a vehicle in our driveway. Our outside lights were on. Our inside lights were on. There were sheets covering up the windows. There were kids running in and out of the house,” Renea Prindle said.

The couple soon met a woman who said she was renting the house from a man named Daniel Brink, and even showed them a lease.

The address listed for Daniel Brink was found to match the address for the Portland Rescue Mission, a homeless shelter.

Immediately, the couple called police.

“We told the cops, ‘we don’t know this woman. Our home is not for rent. Our signatures are not on the lease agreement. We don’t have a contract with this woman and she’s trespassing,’” Prindle told KIVI.

Officers looked over the woman’s lease and said she had every right to stay there.

“The cop said we had to respect her privacy and we weren’t allowed to go into our home. We couldn’t get past the front door. We were standing in the doorway but we weren’t allowed in, and we could smell the cigarette smoke. It was horrible. We could smell marijuana, and we weren’t allowed to search our property. We asked the police if they would search our property, and they said they couldn’t,” Prindle said.

The couple says they made an agreement with the woman that she would find another place to live by a certain date. When that date came and went, they changed the locks.

They said the woman then called the police, who told her that she had every right to break a window to get back inside the house.

The Nampa Police Department told KIVI this is a civil matter, so they are not investigating.

“Someone broke into our house, changed our locks and is living there. This is a criminal matter!  It’s not a civil matter! We’ve basically been told that there is no section of the law that exists for this scenario. We’ve been forced to take on the role as landlord and we’ve been forced to move forward as if we were landlords,” Prindle said.


  • Pooh

    Wow, has Idaho succeeded from the US and become a communist state? That poor family. Another example of no consequences for breaking the law and poor law abiding citizens paying the price and loser trailer trash prevailing.

    • venicementor

      I think the cops are idiots and complicit. “Officers looked over the woman’s lease and said she had every right to stay there.” A perfect scam = the cops could can’t figure out that the woman and the “leasing agent” are the same person. No wonder scammers make the millions they do in this country – cops and judges like this, help them.

  • Seviliy Moua

    According to the Landlord Tenant Guidelines from the Nampa, Idaho Police website its says on page 5 the terms a written lease should include: 1. Contact information: The names, addresses and telephone numbers of the landlord, the property owner, the tenant and an emergency contact and any other important contacts, such as maintenance personnel. (This right here should have been good enough for the police to know that they were the actual owners and had every right to go back on their property, the way the police handled this situation was wrong and they should’ve checked back at this guideline). Passing through 9 other guidelines that should be considered invalid going on to number 11. Signatures. The signatures and dates of all parties. (The property belongs to the Prindle Couple so if their name was not signed by their hand, it should be invalid) I’m not a lawyer but these guidelines are there and is linked to the Idaho District Attorney Website (http://nampapolice.org/Index.aspx?NID=670) which I believe should be real. Plus if they weren’t the real owners, they never would’ve put this out on the media.

  • Gene

    Huh, missing teeth, and that white trash accent, seems a little too suspicious to me! I don’t mean to pass judgment so quickly, but interesting how the scum sucking scammer, looks like a meth-head.

  • elvenkingx1

    Someone ought to write up a fake lease and move into the police station. “I have this paper, so I now have every right to be here and you can’t do anything about it.” Let’s see how long that lasts.

    • Al

      I live in the South and if that happened in the my home, the person would be escorted out at gun point as a burglar. Case Closed. That is how we continue to empower future problems. By not taking the correct approach. The woman was a scam artist and it should be dealt with as such.

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