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Are they still a danger? Judge to rule on whether Morgan Geyser, Anissa Weier can be released

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WAUKESHA COUNTY -- A judge on Friday, April 15th will decide whether two young girls, accused of stabbing a classmate 19 times and leaving her for dead in the woods to appease the fictional character "Slenderman" should be released from custody while the court proceedings against them continue.

13-year-old Morgan Geyser and 14-year-old Anissa Weier are seeking their release after nearly two years in custody -- saying they are not dangerous and can return to family.

The girls were 12 years old at the time of the alleged stabbing.

Morgan Geyser, Anissa Weier

Morgan Geyser, Anissa Weier

Letters have been written by Anthony Cotton and Joseph Smith Jr. -- the attorneys for Geyser and Weier to Honorable Judge Michael Bohren requesting the girls be released.

The requests will be considered in court on Friday.

For the past two years, the girls have lived in a juvenile detention facility.


A psychiatrist who examined Geyser is expected to testify in court Friday that two months at the Winnebago Mental Health Facility has gotten her to a point with her schizophrenia that she can now receive outpatient treatment.

A letter from Geyser's attorney asks that she be allowed to live with her grandfather, Robert Niesen, a retired police chief in New Holstein.

Waukesha police investigate stabbing incident

Waukesha police investigate stabbing incident

The letter says, in part: "Mr. Niesen has removed his hunting rifle and hunting bow from the home, and the kitchen knives have been placed in the safe."

A letter written on Weier's behalf asks the court to reduce her bail from $500,000 to $5,000. The letter suggests Weier could live with her family, and her treatment would involve talk therapy.

Both girls would be willing to wear GPS monitoring bracelets as this case moves forward.

Crime scene of stabbing in Waukesha

Crime scene of stabbing in Waukesha

The letter filed by Cotton on Geyser's behalf says she is at a "critical juncture" in her development -- requiring outpatient psychological, educational and social skills training or she runs the risk of being institutionalized for a long time.

On Friday, it is expected that a judge will rule on whether the girls will be released.

This is not the first time the girls have asked to be released -- but one girl's attorney said they now have a very strong case and a detailed plan.

READ IT: Motion for bail modification for Anissa Weier

READ IT: Letter from Morgan Geyser's attorney Anthony Cotton to Judge Michael Bohren

Morgan Geyser, Anissa Weier

Morgan Geyser, Anissa Weier


  • Chaos78

    And the kitchen knives have been placed in the safe…. yeah they 100% sure that Geyser is safe to be out and about!

    • WilliamJPoorman

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  • Bean

    Yes, they are both still a danger. Get this case moving and make them pay for what they did to that innocent girl!

    • Queen Davies

      Any individual should be held accountable for their actions, regardless of their mental state.

      If one committed a crime– especially against someone else’s life, liberty, and property, should be held to the fullest extend of the law. That’s what the government is supposed to do– uphold your rights, not give treatment or welfare to individuals.

    • 25 year old with an opinion

      I just think people don’t know enough about mental illness. Most of these comments are people throwing accusations out there and making threats. I agree with you though Tyler and I’m all for reading the other opinions, but that’s just it. They are opinions and we all have a right to agree or disagree.

    • Kf

      Couldn’t have said it better if they are released who knows who knows what will happen or who will get hurt

  • Abra Naber

    “She is at a “critical juncture” in her development — requiring outpatient psychological, educational and social skills training or she runs the risk of being institutionalized for a long time.”

    Isn’t that the point? To be jailed for attempted murder?

  • Mark Erhart

    sure! show her the same mercy she did too the fellow student they stabbed and left for dead in some wooded area ….

  • Titus Pullo

    once again a sexist double standard by our court system know damn well if this crime was committed by two 12 yr old boys on this girl, there is no way in hell they would be released. Yet our court system wants to make every female criminal into a victim.. release these girls? are you out of your f ing mind..they stabbed their friend and left her to die..i say let them rot

    • HarleyQ

      Please learn your facts before trying to talk about people being sexist.. there were two boys who kidnapped, beat, raped and KILLED a toddler they took from a mall and they only served 3 years due to the fact they were underage and found “treatment”

      • Kelsea

        Yes that is true but that was out of the states so different laws. Unfortunately it’s a little easy to get out of jail over seas I read about it all the time

      • Ruby

        Not just sexist but come on, these girls are white and I hate to bring this up with the whole “race” thing but this always happens. Every time something like this occurs they happened to be “mentally ill” you know if these girls were of color they wouldn’t be getting free.

  • Titus Pullo

    talk about a sexist double standard in our courts..if two 12 yr old boys stabbed this girl there is no way in hell they would get out..yet the legal system wants to turn every female criminal into a victim…either they are insane or have been abused cause everyone know women don’t commit crimes..
    let them out? are you f in out of your mind.. these girls stabbed their friend multiple times and left her for dead

  • Barbara

    Alot of posters on here don’t seem to understand that a permanent release isn’t being sought.
    They are asking to be allowed to live at home while the court case goes on instead of in a juvenile facility. The one girl has a serious disorder that is exacerbated by living in an institution. At this young age, they could both still be rehabilitated-staying locked up just makes that ever less likely going forward.
    They will still be tried and sentenced for their crime.

    • Maria

      No. We understand. We just think that it is completely ridiculous to pretend they are not a threat to society.

    • HarleyQ

      You know..its funny, if this was an adult…or even a 16-17 year old…I am sure you’d be stating that they can’t be helped and are not safe to be out…

      Is it because they are so young that you’re naive enough to believe not being in a secured Institution is better for them??

      Or is it because they are female??

      We all understand they are talking about being released into family custody while the hearing proceeds…and not talking about just letting them go. …

    • Scott

      Certainly not an easy answer, but I know that if they were going to become my neighbor, I’d be very comfortable with the status quo. Freedom is a right that can be lost.

    • Tiffany

      They probably thought they would get away with it because of their age. Stupid little brats. I dont care if they have an illness. That does not justify the fact they stabbed a girl 19 times, period.

  • riffarr

    If I were a family member of the victim, I would be waiting for them. They’d have to be surrounded by guards day and night. At home or out. Nowhere would they be safe. They wouldn’t have to fear cartoon shadowman anymore, there would be a real shadowman after them.

    • Tyler

      That makes you worse than them. The world never moves forward from revenge. You should be wanting to help these poor children, they’re schitzo, they have a mental health issue that needs to be solved. They shouldn’t be killed. Or tortured. Or whatever you were referring to..

      • Becky Brantley

        Okay I have a few things I would like to touch on.
        Firstly, I understand these girls are claiming to have a mental disorder, so lets go with the idea that they are telling the truth. While I am not putting anyone down, I have personally known a large number of people with mental disorders that do not maintain it. Such as not taking their medication, swapping, selling their medication, getting high off of it, or again, just not taking it. If we are going off the idea that medicated, these girls are safe, then what happens when they start cheeking their medicine? Go out and attempt to kill someone else?

        Secondly, you speak of revenge as if it is a foreign, unacceptable idea and while I agree that revenge can take someone down an even darker road, it may be the only road they have. Imagine this. Lets say you have one child, just one, (as if having more than one makes it better, but some seem to think so) and a person or persons goes out and kills your kid. All your love, your hopes, everything, the way you are used to living in day to day life, dies along with your child. Would you not ponder revenge? What if the courts simply gave them a light sentence and let them out, all the while, you go home to an empty home with nothing more than pictures and memories to comfort you, but they are still alive?

        Death doesn’t have to warrant revenge. If someone raped a mans daughter, he might seek revenge. What I am saying is, any act can justify revenge to any person. Just as revenge does not have to constitute murder.

        Those that justify revenge are often those that have nothing left to live for. Me personally? If those kids killed or permanently maimed my only child, then yes, they would have to spend their lives looking over their should for me.

      • 25 year old with an opinion

        I dont understand why the lady under you commented because she is everywhere in what she is saying. First off, the people posting have to stop throwing these “what if” comments out there. Focus on what really is, the story is all in plain text in the article. Second, the psychiatrist diagnosed one of the little girls with schizophrenia. She didn’t claim to have a mental illness, standard procedure is to have them both talk to a psychiatrist. She didn’t tell the psychiatrist to lie about having a mental illness, that’s not something worth losing your job over. Plus, I’m sure the little girl didn’t know what was exactly wrong hence the psychiatrist evaluating her and giving her the diagnosis. As far as everything you mentioned about the medication, not everyone with a mental illness has to take medication for the rest of their lives. Their are other ways to maintain a stable life with a mental illness, but without medication. That being said, mental illness is a chemical imbalance in your brain meaning you’re not getting enough of something whether it be the happy chemical (Endorphines) or you’re not getting enough dopamine etc. Their are easy fixes though, go for a run/walk/jog to get your blood flowing, do something you enjoy doing (a favorite hobby), or some are even as simple as the foods that you eat.

        Let’s move onto revenge. It seems as though you’re saying an eye for an eye should be used in this situation, but it seems you forgot that the little girl they attempted to kill is still alive. I feel for the little girl and her parents and I’m glad she is recovering from this horrific event, but if her parents reacted in any of these negative ways that the others who posted on this did they wouldn’t be helping themselves out. What I’m trying to say is they are grateful for their daughter being alive, that’s what matters to them. I’m sure it was very hard to find out about their daughter being left for dead, but what is seeking revenge going to do? They still have their precious little girl by their side and seeing her strength in overcoming this matters more than doing wrong onto the ones who did this to her or their families for that matter. Two wrongs don’t make a right and if you would get satisfaction at “getting back” at someone who wronged you, you aren’t any better than them. The text below is from an article I read.

        1. Revenge is predominantly emotional; justice primarily rational. Revenge is mostly about “acting out” (typically through violence) markedly negative emotions. At its worst, it expresses a hot, overwhelming desire for bloodshed. As perverse as it may seem, there’s actual pleasure experienced in causing others to suffer for the hurt they’ve caused the avenger, or self-perceived victim (cf. the less personal Schadenfreude).

        Justice—as logically, legally, and ethically defined—isn’t really about “getting even” or experiencing a spiteful joy in retaliation. Instead, it’s about righting a wrong that most members of society (as opposed to simply the alleged victim) would agree is morally culpable. And the presumably unbiased (i.e., unemotional) moral rightness of such justice is based on cultural or community standards of fairness and equity. Whereas revenge has a certain selfish quality to it, “cool” justice is selfless in that it relies on non-self-interested, established law. At least obliquely, the two quotes below are suggestive:

        “But men often mistake killing and revenge for justice. They seldom have the stomach for justice.” ―Robert Jordan

        “Social justice cannot be attained by violence. Violence kills what it intends to create.” —Pope John Paul II

        Those that justify revenge are often those who have nothing left to live for.

        I’m sorry, but you contradict yourself a lot in this. What you said which I posted above just doesn’t make sense to me. Are you saying people that think seeking revenge is right have nothing left to live for? I was under the impression that you would seek revenge with all your what if scenarios that you made up.

  • Maria

    Please stop using this girl as an example of mental illness, specifically schizophrenia. That’s like using Dahmer as an example of homosexuality.

  • Kayla

    So because she has a mental illness she’s supposed to get off on attempted murder? You are part of what’s wrong with this country. The little girl needs help, yes. However – being out on the streets isn’t what she needs. She needs to be punished for what she did. Even the mentally ill don’t always go around stabbing someone 19 times. Hopefully it doesn’t happen to YOUR child. Or anyone’s child. But she done what she did & she deserves the repurcussions. Case closed.

  • Mike moss

    Worst idea ever. For one, they thought slenderman is real. And two, he would invite them to live in his mansion if they stabbed a classmate. They need to stay locked up. What? Next comes the bullying and either suicide attempts or worse another stabbing victim?

  • lora

    If either of them truly have a mental problem like people are stating then they should be going to a treatment facility not home or out in public.

    • Tyler

      Exactly, but they shouldn’t be in prison. They need the issue solved, not new issues created.

    • 25 year old with an opinion

      A psychiatrist diagnosed the one little girl with schizophrenia. I’m sure the psychiatrist wouldn’t lie about that. Yes, it can never be solved. It can be maintained though.

  • Dylan

    Never let them out they are both dangerous to themselves and others..they can be medicated bUT never cured..and off their medications. They will do it again ..for a lifetime they will be dangerous and a threat

  • clhlvslwd

    Why don’t we ask the family of the victim if it’s safe to let these two crazies back out into the world to claim more victims.

  • Peter

    I’m sorry but if these 2 were adults they would have been given life. I would not want these 2 in my neighborhood. I feel that these girls should stay where they are then be put into an adult prison.

  • Kate

    If you have to remove your hunting equipment and lock you kitchen knives in a safe I would say she is not ready to be released.

  • John

    Why not charge them as adults like any other delinquent you find strolling down the street smoking a joint or like those who steal the cars & grope their classmates! Gotta love filthy gut wrenching ameruca

  • Aleyboo

    Except if this was any of your children, the people commenting, you’d be saying they didn’t know any better and want them released.

    • Unknown

      If that was my child I wouldnt call her my child I would want her locked away for good I would want nothing and I mean nothing to do with her!

  • Veronica

    Dont let them out !! They have kids longer than that for killing what makes them so special .

  • wargsiith

    How come their trials taking so long to be concluded? I was under the impression a sentence had been passed already.

  • JustMe

    What I don’t understand is why they were in in juvenile detention to begin with and not in a locked facility for the criminaly insane. Whith schizophrenia it is possible that they are now on a medication that stabilised them and they can now tell what is and is not real, but what I want to know is will the psychiatrist personally take responsibility if they relapse and become violent again?

    • 25 year old with an opinion

      The psychiatrist isn’t their babysitter, they don’t see them everyday. You can’t blame it on the psychiatrist if they choose not to take their medication.

  • MikeHunt

    It’s a catch-22: Are they able to be certified “all better” – no. Do we want to pay for their time in jail (tax money) – no.

  • Kyle Steven Scoville

    No, clearly this was a case of bullying gone horribly wrong, the two girls were probably jealous of the girl and in the usual overly hormonal fashion of teenage girls coupled with broken social media culture decided this “slenderman” was a good way to get what they want which presumably was to have the other girl dead, to what end is questionable as is the “logic” of any school age child, but the fact is they knew what they were doing, they appear capable enough of such horrid behavior, I’ve seen and heard about young girls doing this and worse, usually over a guy they like. No this should be used as an example and they should be in juvenile detention and then prison until……I would say until they are at least 40 years old, then have them released with ankle bracelets/tracking for the rest of their life, possibly under 24 hour supervision of a medical caregiver. This is not something that just goes away, and personally it would be better to have them lose out of their entire young life than possibly try to kill again.

  • Kyle Steven Scoville

    They can get help, and never be allowed among the rest of society ever again, I don’t know about all the name calling, I just got here and made a comment, but clearly the fact you’re so moved by those probably means you have other potential motives behind what you’re saying. Children or not these kids knew what they were doing and need to be made an example, and lose most if not their whole life, letting loose dangerously mentally disturbed people is not worth losing others should they decide to try again, no they should lose everything that caused them to want to do this in the first place, their youthful years should be that, I’d say let them go when they turn 40, then they can be released under constant tracking, probably never to have normal contact with others anyway. You cannot erase what they did, forgiveness is one thing, judgmental? You’ve got some mental issues yourself if you think this way, and I only hope you yourself are never allowed into a position where you think killing someone for some hidden reason is the right thing, there are messed up people out there and they serve as examples to the rest of us what not to be. You can’t change reality, whatever purpose you had to defend what these girls did *smh* you already lost so give up and make peace with basic behavior.

  • Suzanne Hooper

    I am REALLY tired of people doing inexcusable acts against other people and then playing the “mental instability” card! I know they are kids but NOPE, this was premeditated ~ they need to stay right where they are.

  • Martin

    Are u kidding me those are some evil little monsters and at 12 I knew right from wrong and they deserve to rot for what they did

    Now I’m sure if these were African Americans the story would be way different but hey its america right folks? But yea we all know the lil white girls families are trying to get em out and they most likely will only because of skin color

  • 25 year old with an opinion

    I agree with Barbara and Tyler.
    My opinion is that I don’t think the psychiatrist is willing to risk their job and lie about what he or she diagnosed. Everyone hears schizophrenia and thinks they hear voices, they must be a danger to society which is not always true. Ok, they committed a horrible crime and I feel for the parents of the victim. Punishing the two children is not going to help though. They were in juvy for two years, they want to get out. They are even willing to wear a gps monitor bracelet. Locking up the knives in the house is just a precaution being taken, to try and avoid something bad like this happening again. If it were to happen again then you can put all your hate comments out their, but the psychiatrist is still going to do his or her part to prevent it. It would be worse off being released when they are 40, that’s like throwing them to the dogs. They would have been in a prison cell for more than 20 years and thrown back into the real world. A lot can happen in 20 years and being under 18 they were never really exposed to the real world in the first place. I have more insight on mental illness due to the fact that I was diagnosed with something at the age of 19. It’s not schizophrenia, but there you know I have a diagnosis of some kind of mental illness. The point I’m trying to make is don’t try to come up with reasons as to why they did it, just take into consideration that mental illness is out there and if you can’t put yourself in their shoes because you don’t have schizophrenia don’t try to come up with reasons of why they should be in prison and only be releashed after like 20 years. I’m not trying to start a debate, just throwing that out there. Do what you want with it, but if you don’t have anything nice to reply back with please don’t say anything at all.

    • Elleb

      I’d pay to hear you give this speech if the girls were Hispanic or of color from a poor neighborhood!

      • 25 year old with an opinion

        Well, where do I sign up? We are all supposed to be equal. I’m no racist and ya I’ll admit that sometimes they do base it off the color of someone’s skin. Complaining on here isn’t going to get anything done though.

    • Tina Cartee

      I say any person at any age with a mental illness that has symptoms that cause a person to kill or attempt to kill someone, needs to be locked away in a mental insitution. Mental illness is no excuse for taking or attempting to take someones life…PERIOD.

      • 25 year old with an opinion

        What if it were you? Put yourself in their shoes for a second. What if you were 12 years old and were never diagnosed with schizophrenia until after you already attempted to kill someone? Would you want mercy for yourself and to not have to be locked in jail for the rest of your life? I’m sure your answer to that question would be yes. Was it wrong that they attempted to kill someone? Yes. Do they have other options other than keep them in jail for life? Yes. If the little girl had passed away, it would be different. She didn’t though, she is still alive and recovering from the horrible event. They are 13 and 14 now and they are being helped. Keep them in juvy until they are 18, maybe even put them in jail for two years after that. Their is no reason for them to be confined in a box for the rest of their lives though. The fact that she is now being treated for her schizophrenia should come into consideration here. It’s more clear to her of what she did and that it was wrong.

    • 25 year old with an opinion

      What exactly do you mean when you say execute them? I’m pretty sure that word can have two meanings. Do you mean kill them or do you mean come up with a plan to resolve this? A death sentence to someone under 18? They are only 13 years old, they still have a long life ahead of them. Are you suggesting to take that away from them? It would be a little different if the girl did pass away, but she is still alive and trying to overcome this. Just so you know, the judge is coming up with a plan to keep this sort of the from happening again. I’m sure the girls psychiatrists and family would keep an eye on them if they are released into custody of the legal guardian until the plan is decided by the judge.


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  • allison

    wow the judge should keep them for life that judge should not let those to pysco girls out even if they are making progress and those two girls will kill again if the both had the chance. their families should not take any chances with those killers they should stay where there at for a very long time

  • Tiffany

    Exactly. They deserve to Rot in hell, mental disorder or not. So its okay to stab a little girl 19 times? If they have that mentality at 12 who knows what else they are capable of. Its disgusting people are actually defending them. They almost murdered another little girl but its okay because they are kids & have a mental illness. Idgaf lock them up and throw away the key.

  • 25 year old with an opinion

    Way to prove Neys point. You are disturbing and one messed up person. Would you be saying the same thing if it was your child? No one is making excuses for them, they are stating facts. Everyone is trying to look intelligent, but they look really bad saying all these negative things. Come on, Ney is right about taking some half information and making judgements about it. Everyone wants to talk talk talk, but most of them don’t even know anything about mental illnesses. I’m not saying what they did was right not all all, but the fact that she wasn’t being helped for her condition played a factor in it.

  • Mark

    I’m reading all these comments and most are appalled at this even being put in front of a judge for consideration (as am I), but really…. what better chance of it happening then in WI. How many repeat offenders do we see let out on the streets to go right about their same business of robbing, carjacking, etc….. I’m pretty sure we can all agree these punks are a danger to society…. but yet….. it’s Milwaukee. It’s what we do.

  • Tina Cartee

    If their minds are already contaminated with such evil thoughts and ideas at THAT young of an age….it sure as hell isnt going to get any better as they grow older and really get introduced and learn of the evils in the world. I can only imagine how sick & evil these girls will be as adults…I say they should hang them now and save the taxpayers years of money but at the very least, they should be locked away never to be heard of again…SAD…but TRUE…

  • Terry Bell

    These two fawking murders should stay locked up!!!!!!!!!! Almost murderers. If they get the chance, they WILL DO IT AGAIN!

  • Iishia

    I ask my self everyday y our black kids don’t get the same treatment as white kids ? I no y cause the white man letting us no it’s still they world and they do what they won’t to do now if that was a black little boy or girl they would of put them n the dirt but no cause it a white girl or boy they get second Chance why is that ? I wish some of my people cases can get look into but no we get no respect n no I’m not playing the racism card its just fact’s!!! All life matter on this earth!

    • 25 year old with an opinion

      You’re not playing the racism card. I agree with you. Look at the Trayvon Martin case. What kind of punishment did Zimmerman get, besides his badge taken away? Now he’s auctioning the gun he used to kill the kid with? I don’t know who looks worse, him or the person who is probably going to ask that they be anonymous. That gun is not worth anywhere near what that person bid. We live in a messed up society and the issue with that sort of situation is that we can’t bring that child back. Zimmerman is still walking the streets though, right?

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