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‘Fight for $15:’ Fast food workers rally in Milwaukee and across the country

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MILWAUKEE -- Fast food workers in Milwaukee are walking off the job --  and the strike could be the largest ever for the fast food industry.  It's taking place in hundreds of cities across the country.

Since 2012 there has been a nationwide campaign to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Those who are protesting today hope now is their time -- after recent victories in New York and California for higher pay and expanded benefits.

This is not the first time fast food workers in Milwaukee have gone on strike.

Protesters in Milwaukee gathered at the McDonald's near Capitol and Holton Thursday morning. They plan to gather at the Washington Park Senior Center near 44th and Vliet for another rally and march at 5 p.m.

The minimum wage in Wisconsin is $7.25 an hour -- and the last time it went up was in 2009.

Many of the strikes happening today across the U.S. focus on McDonald's. Strikers say the company avoids paying workers fair wages and their fair share in taxes.

Last year, McDonald's announced it would raise starting wages by one dollar above the local minimum wage at its company owned restaurants, about 10 percent of locations.

The Fight for $15 campaign is organized and funded by the Service Employees International Union.



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  • chris

    Walk off the job then fire them. If you want to make 15 an hour get some skills and get a job that pays 15 an hour. Don’t try to support a family on a job intended for a high school student.

  • BG

    wow! first get the orders correct! Work your way up to raises. I work 3 jobs ( 1 full time and 2 part time). So instead of complaining just thank god you have a job!!!!!

  • Opinion8d

    I see they are pushing the message to included ‘fair share of taxes’ now too!! I guess we’ll see more self-serve kiosks popping up. What an ignorant group of people being used by the Unions……

  • Voice of Reason

    Have fun. I’ll be watching from my 26.00 dollar an hour job, because I got a real skill. Get a real job, get real pay.

  • Libsareliars

    Funny how this so called walk off the job is happening in Milwaukee and not the suburbs. Gee I guess they must really be busting their butts in the inner city to be able to walk off the job. My guess is this whole thing is bought and paid for by the cry baby unions.

    • societygoingdownthedrain

      Do they get free healthcare? My friend ate at McDonalds and found a dirty band aid in his French Fries. Unfortunately, he ate a couple of the french fries first before he seen the band aid. The band aid was half way down the package so he did not notice it right away. He complained to the manager and the manager offered him a new lunch with new french fries. The manager assured him the new band aid was now secure on the finger of the fry chef. So they are providing medical care. My friend was given nothing for his nausea and upset stomach.

    • amerie

      AMEN if they do this I will make it my PERSONAL goal to help put them out of business. One thing they are not considering though. Even if they DO get the raise, they are not gonna get pay to screw off and take selfies while screwing up your order, if this happens they will use automation and kiosks AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE and what few jobs are available there will be fierce competition for. Not too mention (hopefully) business will drop drastically. I’ve been cutting back my fast food consumption since this first began


    A precision machinist with 35 years experience can barely make that wage. No, I won’t be there to pay ten bucks for a shrinking Big Mac. I doubt anyone else will either. Enjoy your upcoming unemployment.

  • societygoingdownthedrain

    Gimme Gimme Gimme, mo money but I ain’t gonna do anything to deserve it. I always try to look the bright side; at least they are working.

  • D.

    McDonalds is a hellhole. And then there’s true story of the lady who called 911 because they ran out of Chicken McNuggets:

  • charles

    LMAO@ people that can,t even get orders right then on top of that have some of the worse attitudes, trying to FORCE a 15 dollar minimum wage. LOL go to any MCdonalds and watch the attitudes. Like its our fault they work at mcdonalds. NONE of these ghetto azz/ bad attitude having mcdonalds workers deserve 15 an hour!

  • Wil Masterson

    I think that these workers are being unrealistic. People who make $15/hr went to school and earned it, or are in a skil-type job. Fast food jobs are meant to be lesser paid jobs because they don’t require formal education or higher skills deserving the higher wages. These demands will only drive up the cost of the product. I will refuse to eat at any fast food place like this that raises the minimum wage to $15.

  • Sarah Connor

    Really looking forward to the eventual use of computers/machines for the majority of fast food work. We’re really only one or two steps from that right now. Computers/machines have greatly minimized the effort and skill needed by humans for almost every job in fast food restaurants. Which is why so many people are outraged that individuals who have to do so little work are demanding the payrate of many who have worked so hard to achieve their success.

  • Angela

    It’s going to be really interesting when minimum pay gets raised…and the culture of “tipping” is obliterated. It’s already beginning to happen in restaurants where minimum wage was raised locally. Once waiters moved from a few dollars an hour plus tips to a higher wage plus tips, restaurant owners saw that there was a huge disparity between what wait staff were earning versus what cooks, etc were earning. To rectify this, they eliminated traditional tipping. The tip is now built into the price, and front and back staff are paid the same. Needless to say, wait staff who had done well under the old minimum wage are outraged. But that’s just one of the rarely discussed side effects of this plan to increase to $15.

  • Calvin Fintor

    They want $15 an hour to flip burgers? That is about $32000 a year. Our boys in the military only get about $18000 a year to go overseas and put their asses on the line every day. How about we give our boys in the military $15 an hour, who are protecting us and send these people back to school if they want $15 an hour!

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