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Sex offender set for release: Milwaukee police issue community-wide notification

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MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee police are notifying the public about a sex offender set to be released into the community.

Police say notifications of this nature are typically done with a specific neighborhood in mind where an offender will be living.

Jameel Ali

Jameel Ali

Jameel Ali (also known as James Henry McGee and James Henry McGhee) has not yet disclosed a location where he will be living, according to police, so MPD is issuing a community-wide notification in this case.

Ali will be released into the community on April 20th.

Ali is a 67-year-old black man, standing 6′ tall, weighing 197 pounds. He has gray hair and brown eyes, and wears glasses.

Ali has a scar on his right ankle and forearm, and a tattoo on his left forearm.

He will be on 24-hour lifetime GPS monitoring and he is required to comply with lifetime Sex Offender Registration requirements, police say.


  • Antiestablishmentarianism

    I guess the “community” is the entire world, huh? I’m in another state, so there is no reason I need to know this information. The “news” needs to let the police handle the notifications and report real news. It’s interesting they describe all of his features, yet don’t say what he was convicted of. I wonder why that is? When there’s a community notification on the news for someone who committed a heinous act, there’s an entire story on what the person did, but not in this case. This tells me he’s one of those whose crime was something stupid like peeing in public or they would have had the courtesy to mention it.

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