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“This is deliberate:” Cedar Grove Cemetery caretakers devastated after rash of vandalism

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CEDAR GROVE -- A place of peace and quiet in Cedar Grove was vandalized, and police need your help finding the person(s) responsible.

Cedar Grove Cemetery

Cedar Grove Cemetery

"It hasn't been a good week," said Herb Inselmen, caretaker at the Cedar Grove Cemetery.

A little more than a week ago, a fence was torn apart at the cemetery.

"They took one of the rails and stuck it into a gravesite," said Inselmen.

Inselmen was devastated.

"It's one of the most disrespectful things I think a person could do," said Inselmen.


The vandalism didn't stop there. On Saturday night, April 9th, more damage was done.

Herb Inselmen

Herb Inselmen

Nearly 40 headstones were pushed over -- broken and dismantled.

"This is deliberate," said Inselmen.

Inselmen walks the grounds almost every day to make sure each gravesite is well cared for. As a man who served during the Korean War, he values honor and civility, and said he's struggling to contain his anger over what has happened at the cemetery.

"It's disrespectful, unnecessary and it just shows that some young people, if they're young people, have no respect for private property or other people's property," said Inselmen.

There was no graffiti or markings left on any of the headstones, which the caretakers said is the saving grace in this case.

However, the damage is extensive -- estimated at more than $1,000. It could take weeks to make the repairs.

Zabel Monuments will be donating the parts and labor to right the wrong that was done to the cemetery.

Cedar Grove Cemetery

Cedar Grove Cemetery

If you have any information in regards to the vandalism, you are asked to call Crimestoppers at 1-877-CUF-THEM or 1-877-283-8436.


  • Get Real

    Really! This was deliberate? Are you that clueless? I always walk into a cemetery at night and “accidentally” knock over tombstone’s !

    • Get Real

      You want to fix this problem, tell your DA to stop “plea bargaining ” when you catch these thugs!!!!!

  • Mark

    If they catch these a$$holes they should just drop them off at the door of the deceased’s surviving family members and tell to to do what they want with them.

  • jim (a different jim)

    WTF purpose does such behavior serve? Why? I don’t get this. How is this fun? Just why? I really want to say something profoud, but building on such a story makes it nearly impossible. I just give up.

  • Mel

    As far as disrespect goes, this is a low as you can possibly go. These Jerks will be tormented by the dead whose Graves they have defiled. Don’t worry, they will get caught or have some awful things happen to them soon enough! And some of the people on here really need to stop with the ‘thug’ comments cause they love to blame brown people for everything wrong in their lives. Hate to say it guys it’s Cedar Freaking Grove, so it is 99% likely it’s spoiled rotten, self entitled white kids. Gees, get lives people, also WATCH YOUR DAMN CHILDREN!!!!

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