“The guy pulled a gun:” Chaos ensues after shots fired inside Potawatomi Hotel & Casino

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MILWAUKEE -- Chaos inside the Potawatomi Hotel and Casino as shots rang out around 2:30 a.m. Friday morning, April 15th. FOX6 News is learning more from authorities and from people who were inside when it happened.

Potawatomi Hotel & Casino

According to police, a 38-year-old male suspect retrieved a handgun from his pocket and fired several gunshots inside the Potawatomi Casino.  This caused several patrons of the casino to flee from the immediate area. While doing so, several people fell and received minor injuries.

The suspect then relocated to a different area of the casino. MPD officers arrived on the scene within minutes and with the help of Potawatomi security guards, the suspect was taken into custody without further incident.

Even though Sue Te Sroete knows the suspected gunman is in custody, she can't shake the fear of what she witnessed inside the casino early Friday morning.Potawatomi Hotel & Casino

"Heard the gunshots and yelling and people yelling at me to get down. But I just started running," said Te Stroete.

As Te Stroete desperately looked for a way out, she ran by dozens who had dropped to the floor or were hiding.

Greg Weinert

Greg Weinert

"I literally ducked behind the machine," said Greg Weinert, inside casino during incident.

Weinert didn't just hear what happened, he says he saw it. He was right next to the High-Limit Lounge, where police say the suspect was when he fired his gun.

"The guy pulled a gun, made all the people lay down, empty their pockets, took all their tokens, their money and then started shooting," said Weinert.Potawatomi Hotel & Casino

Police say at this point in the investigation, everything the suspect did isn't confirmed. But they say after he fired the gun, he took casino chips from blackjack tables. He was arrested shortly after and police located the handgun used to fire the shots.

A spokesperson for the casino says it will discuss additional safety measures -- anything from metal detectors to potentially arming the security guards.

"I don't think we'll take anything off the table," said Ryan Amundson, Potawatomi Casino spokesperson.

Amundson insists there is already a lot in place to keep people safe.

"We look at IDs of people that come in, we train our staff to look for suspicious behavior and intoxication, and also contract with the Milwaukee Police Department," Amundson said.

We're told a lot of those steps were put in place after someone was shot in the leg inside the casino in 2013.

As for the suspect in this incident, police say he is from Milwaukee, and is a convicted felon.

Police say their investigation has confirmed that no one was injured from the gunshots. The investigation into what lead up to the incident is ongoing.

Monitor FOX6 News and FOX6Now.com for updates on this developing story.


    • E.Reeaal

      Totally agree. With such a big place and so much money … So many cameras won’t help lives in this situation.

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  • A yooper

    Hate to say it but……The fact that nobody was hit it leads my to think “a very inexperienced shooter.” If the shooter was a fellow with a permit to carry his gun odds are his experience would have led to injuries or deaths.

      • amerie

        sadly you are right, I have held a ccw in 3 separate states and Wisconsin is the ONLY ONE that did not require me to actually go to a range, fire my weapon and qualify by hitting a certain percentage of targets. I am ALL for the second amendment but I am NOT for any dumbass that has never held a gun going to class where all you have to do is show that you can load one and pass a background check and a written test and come out with a ccw. I think they really need to change that

    • Alpha Co.

      I’m not exactly sure how you guys turned this into a conversation about CCW, considering the article mentions that this individual is a convicted FELON and wouldn’t have a permit! Or should have even been in possession of a firearm to begin with! Individuals that get a CCW aren’t running shooting up places and robbing people! Try to stay on point and realize that this was a thug who chose a casino to commit his act of crime. As far as the casino arming the security guards, they better raise the pay and hire way more qualified individuals for the job. I’ve seen their security guards and I wouldn’t arm half of them with a water pistol! They should hire off duty Milwaukee cops and have them run the entrances with metal detectors. They are far better equipped and trained to handle any immediate threats at the points of entry.

      • wilson

        I agree with you Alpha Co. This sin’t about carry conceal it is about some stupid felon who thinks he is going to rob the high rollers and get away with it. Nothing will elicit a quicker response form police than firing your weapon to start your robbery. And then make certain you grab as many chips as you can because on your way out the door you can stop at the cashier and cash in. What a complete moron!! And then there is this part of the story – Even though Sue Te Sroete knows the suspected gunman is in custody, she can’t shake the fear of what she witnessed inside the casino early Friday morning. Bet that won’t stop Sue from coming back and giving her money to the casino. How stupid do you have to be to go to Pottawatomi in the first place?? Giving those Indians your hard earned money or the money you are stealing from your employer.

    • Deanna

      This guy was a convicted felon, he should not have a firearm, and will never qualify for a legal CCW permint


    Minutes later police show up, 666 dead, time matters, that’s why CCW matters. Gun free zone I’m sure.

  • Opinion8d

    I would love to see the video inside showing the people ‘cleaning’ up the chips or money of those that fled…..there is always someone looking to take advantage of a little chaos.

  • Makeamericagreatagain

    Hes right though… dont know what to tell you… the city is getting more disgusting and its spreading outwards… pretty soon this garbage will spread into the suburbs.

  • Karen

    I was there when this happened and I didn’t see one security guard when I was leaving. The casino kept their music playing the whole time and never informed the guests as to where to go or what to do. They check id’s, big deal. Get a metal detector. This in not the first shooting there. They really don’t care about their “guests” just their money!!

  • Jim boukis

    I just was transported via time machine from 40 years ago and now they have a casino in Milwaukee.. how did that happen?? What happened to Capitol court…. Gimbels downtown??? what happened to this city. Where is Brier and hanging judge Seraphim. What the heck happened here..someone needs to find out who’s at fault.

  • Gina

    Ummm yes METAL DETECTORS! Purses and bags of woman are looked thru…yet those with no bag just walk in? Seems guns are usually kept on the person…metal detectors are needed.

  • A yooper

    if you’all want to be safe, avoid the Casino. light a campfire in your yard. When the gambling urge bites just take a 20 spot and throw it into fire pit.The glow of 5 seconds of fire will exceed chances of a smile from casino.

    • wilson

      Brenda, you admit to frequenting that place??? You like giving your money away? Just start sending me money toots!!!

    • YouCan'tBeSerious

      So it is the guns fault? I seriously hope you are joking. Guns are already banned from criminals, the law says so but yet go figure, criminals don’t follow laws. There could be an all out ban on all guns in America and criminals would still have them. So what you are saying essentially is disarm all law abiding citizens so they have to live in fear of the criminals and do no have the ability to legally arm themselves. That makes sense, WOW!

  • James G

    Casino rigs their table games. Not in the sense that the odds are against you but that they actually stack the deck with these automated shufflers that have these USB and data ports. Until the casino is regulated by a gaming commission that isn’t their own people. They are pretty much governed by their own people this place is terrible to play in. Anything with automated shuffler is rigged. Craps is probably the most rigged game in the place. He was not emptying people pocket. There was a witness in the actual High stakes room who saw what happened not some one outside with hersay. This guy snapped. Figured this place was fleecing him like it does eveyone else. People always ask why a casino that has a license to print money would cheat people would do so. They do it because they can and enough is not enough. 10 years ago the craps games were humongous there was always 5-10k in play. Now you barely see 1,000 total on the table because this place is killing the games by cheating. They rig the slots. Slots are suppose to pay back a certain percentage of every dollar. Theirs do not and instead of paying back the correct amount they choose to pay the fine instead. ( well I would to if I was paying the fine to myself) until this place stops cheating people and run their games fairly is say away.

    • James

      Those automated shufflers can take a shuffled deck and put them back in order. I have never been to a casino so sketchy in terms of wired things happening like this one. This is what u get when indian tribes are allowed to have casinos with no worries of being shut down “sovereign immunity” and also are regulated by their own people. Not allowing the Seminoles to add competition creates this monopoly where they can do whatever they want. Ask yourself this! Why does a shuffle machine need all these data ports in it when it is suppose to randomly shuffle cards and that it?

  • Marie

    They do nothing to keep people safe
    stopped checking purses, people walking around with suitcases
    this place a a huge event just waiting to happen.

  • David Dough

    What a joke. The crumby part about their rule is that they won’t allow legally armed citizens to protect themselves. i think its BS, wrong, and offers future liabilities for Poto to not allow citizens the right to legally protect themselves……

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