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Madison judge enters final order striking down right-to-work law

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MADISON — A Madison judge on Friday, April 15th entered a final order declaring Wisconsin’s right-to-work law unconstitutional.

Dane County Circuit Judge William Foust issued the order, setting the stage for state attorneys to file a request for a stay.

Right-to-work laws prohibit businesses and unions from reaching agreements that require all workers, not just union members, to pay union dues.

Three unions alleged in a lawsuit that the law amounts to an unconstitutional taking of services since the statutes mean the unions must represent non-union workers who don’t have to pay dues.

Foust agreed in a decision on April 8th. His order Friday formalized his ruling.


  • Embarrassed

    Can someone explain how this is unconstitutional in Wisconsin but in other states it is? Wisconsin’s justice system is so ridiculous it’s not even funny!

    • Embarrassed

      Lisa… Lisa… Lisa…. Let me ask you something? Was the constitution written for “We the people” or “WE the union”? So are you siding with the rights of people or the rights of the unions? If you’re siding with the rights of the unions then we might as well just chuck the constitution because it doesn’t look like it’s doing me any good!

  • Embarrassed

    Here’s how it works in Wisconsin, If you’re in front of a judge and you don’t like what your heard, just keep looking for another judge until you find what you want to hear.

  • Embarrassed

    I guess here in Wisconsin, it works like this. If you’re in front of a judge and you didn’t like what you heard, then all you have to do is look for another judge until you eventually like what you hear because after all, all judges are not created equal. They all have their own law book!

  • Steve

    Bunch of butthurt union haters. Don’t mooch off my benefits that I am contracted to receive. Hmmm, let’s piss and moan about paying union dues and then expect/demand equal treatment. But this is really about the owners right to pay less in wages and benefits.

    • Big Man

      Unions suck! Communist organization – same thing. If I can’t get what I want I will destroy you and the company. Look what they did to the capital building. They’re animals. Strong arm thugs that want to beat your head in if they can’t get the money and benefits they think they deserve. The Wisconsin Supreme Court will overturn this activist judge. You watch. Then you’ll really be crying.

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