Skip take out! Make a healthy Chinese meal at home

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MILWAUKEE -- You do not need to call out for take out tonight. Instead, you can make a healthy Chinese meal at home! Food enthusiast John Vanderlinde joined the Studio A team on Friday, April 15th to show you how.

Recipe: Skillet Orange Chicken

About John Vanderlinde (from website)

I am a 21-year-old food enthusiast, currently residing in the Milwaukee area. My love for food came from cooking with my grandparents in their restaurants. At age 15, I was hired at a local country club as a prep cook and I worked my way up to being a pastry chef. This inspired me to go to pastry school, from which I graduated and I began my career as a private and personal chef. Working as a private and personal chef gives me the opportunity to be creative. I also started a YouTube channel, and this allows me to share my passion for food with others, while connecting with a variety of viewers.