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Slenderman case: Judge says bail remains at $500,000 for Morgan Geyser, Anissa Weier

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WAUKESHA COUNTY -- A Waukesha County judge on Friday, April 15th said a $500,000 bail is appropriate for Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser -- the two girls accused of stabbing a classmate 19 times to appease the fictional character "Slenderman."

Anissa Weier

Anissa Weier

13-year-old Morgan Geyser and 14-year-old Anissa Weier were in court Friday morning seeking their release after nearly two years in custody -- saying they are not dangerous and can return to family.

A letter written on Weier's behalf asked the court to reduce her bail from $500,000 to $5,000. The letter suggested Weier could live with her family, and her treatment would involve talk therapy.

During Weier's court appearance on Friday, a Waukesha County judge said the risk of flight is high and the crime is grave -- adding that a $500,000 bail is appropriate.

Morgan Geyser

Morgan Geyser

Morgan Geyser also appeared in court to request her bail be reduced.

A letter from Geyser's attorney asked that she be allowed to live with her grandfather, Robert Niesen, a retired police chief in New Holstein. Niesen testified in court.

Niesen was asked if he had any concerns about his personal safety, and the safety of his wife, having Morgan in his home. He responded, "No. I have no concerns. She loves her grandmother."

In the end, the judge ruled Geyser should remain in custody -- and her bail should remain $500,000.

"I need to prevent the person from absconding and not appearing. The need to ensure public protection," said Judge Bohren.

Geyser's lawyer says this case highlights the problem with the mentally ill and the justice system -- and that now a little girl, back to normal, cries in court.

"A lot of it's hazy for her because the psychosis was so extreme," said Geyser's lawyer.

In the wake of Friday's hearing, FOX6's Myra Sanchick received a statement from Morgan's mother. Angie Geyser said the following:

"We are beyond disappointed. It’s reprehensible that the state of Wisconsin feels it’s appropriate to keep a child who is recovering from a serious mental illness in the deplorable conditions of the Washington County juvenile detention center. She’s already been the victim of one sexual assault and will always remain a vulnerable inmate due to her age and psychological condition. The lack of humanity surrounding the treatment of both children and the mentally ill by the justice system is appalling."

Judge Michael Bohren

Judge Michael Bohren

While the girls go back to secure detention in Washington County, the entire trial remains on hold while the court of appeals decides whether this case stays in adult court, or winds up in children's court.

Monitor FOX6 News and FOX6Now.com for updates on this developing story.


    • Netta

      Lol What’s tht supposed to mean Lol They stab a classmate for a character fictional at tht lol but I see race is always an issue when the crime is so heinous Huh biggiot

    • melerod109

      Should have a two-time carjackers Gets put on a bracelet and he’s a violent criminal to the entire public these girls should be released until the trial

  • Mel

    I’m sorry. I wouldnt release then until the families have some training to. They ignored dangerous behavior and need to recognize it.

    • Be Realistic and Honest

      If a person is so gullible that they can be led to kill, then they are just as dangerous as the person doing the leading.

      • Be Realistic and Honest

        Their victim was a little girl at the time. She deserves justice. Our community is filled with little girls. They deserve to be safe.

    • Charity Christman

      So she shoukd be let Free? Even though She MURDERED someone? No ahe should Rot in prison where she belongs! There is a family out there who had to put THEIR chikd to rest becuase these two sick vile humans desided to stab her 19 not one but 19 times! Lead astray my ass she knew that she was killing a human she helped let her rot!

      • What?

        Just to clarify, the victim did not die. The girls are being charged with first degree -attempted- homicide.

    • Be Realistic and Honest

      Their victim was a little girl at the time. She deserves justice. Our community is filled with little girls. They deserve to be safe.

    • Mel

      Well said TGIF. Religion and it’s variety of mixed nuts that get put in should not be listened to at all.

    • Priscilla

      Exactly, they are mentally ill and need treatment for that. They should not be released to their families as they are not equipped to handle them. But-they need to also be punished for their crime.

  • Mel

    As a Mother I am wondering where you get your logic from (comma) cause I would tell my child of they committed an act like this, so heinous and despicable, that if they wanted to act like an adult then they will face the consequences of their actions like an adult then. And I am a mom you should REALLY examine how you think, cause just because a kid is mentally ill doesn’t mean they didn’t know right from wrong here. And the parents, families and relatives of both of these girls continually ignored warning signs they exhibited. Or just plain never paid ANY mind to them at all which regardless of what these morons do for a living shows me they are incompetent parents and we shouldn’t dare release thsee two to their custody until they can be proven to competently care for them with these illenesses. And too bad the one girl was assaulted in jail, she must have deserved it, because it is pretty hard to provoke people in there as they do not want lengthier sentences. TOO BAD she has breakdowns, she helped her friend stab another friend, leaving her for dead, tough sh!^ she is upset. All of the people here need to start showing themselves but most importantly their children that if you act like an adult and commit an adult crime then you pay for it like any other person and the consequences of one’s actions can haunt you for your entire existence. They need to stay in till after a jury or judge decides what should happen. Because regardless of whether or not they are mentally fit for trial, their moronic families, who apparently think that money cures all, can demonstrate that they have more than adequate training and certification to ensure they can vigilantly observe the girls to make sure they do not do any more harm to them and the public. And again, I am a mother and my child attempts to MURDER someone the I myself would tell them to sit as they HAVE TO TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR ACTIONS.

  • ,

    First off I never said to free them I said being a mom I would want my child home who wouldn’t? And yes if the girls are well enough to go home they should proceed with the case so I stand by what I stated I don’t care what anyone says. You have no idea what kind f parent I am or how my children are raised, but none of them have a criminal background or have ever been arrested and they are all on honerroll or high honers so don’t judge what you don’t know.

    • Mel

      Just because one’s children are intelligent does not mean the parent IS. So maybe thinking BEFORE you open your eating hole might come into play. Of course a mom wants her child but examine what you are saying here, you want to have mercy on two (sadly mentally ill but nonetheless coherent ) children whose parents ignored blatant warning signs there were problems, let them consistently be together alone and unsupervised for long periods, finally culminating to a point that they ended up carefully, coldly, but most dangerously of all calculated exactly how to lure a friend into the woods and try to kill her home and with their mom’s because the psychologists say they are ‘all better’ now. Seriously? Your making yourself look even more dumb. I just hope that you misinterpreted some facts or something here. Cause I don’t care how young a child is, if they can commit 1st degree murder (thank god now only attempted) regardless of if it would be my kid, they deserve to sit, even if they are partially rehabilitated, because I would not want to have them come out, lie about taking their meds and end up hurting themselves or anyone else. Being out of jail before trial is a previlage reserved for NONVIOLENT, NON SEXUAL crimes going through court, not these two. Seriously lady, have a cup of matcha or coffee and wake up that cerebral cortex because you are making no sense and sound ridiculous.

    • Libsareliars

      Well apparently these girls had some bad parenting otherwise they would have been doing good things instead of trying to kill their friend.
      Don’t try to tell me any different.

  • Opinion8d

    I completely agree with you. They need help and this case should be moving much faster for everyone’s sake.

    For those that disagree and call her an idiot, I would urge you to look at this objectively. Nobody disagrees that what they did was horrible. But if you look at these girls, they were normal 12 year old girls -12! Not hardened 12 yr old’s from the hood who were raised in constant chaos without values or morals. They did not have a history of any kind of criminal or deranged behavior. They were 12 year old’s with a wild imagination coupled with mental illness. This wasn’t an act of bullying, turf war, or response to being disrespected -this was a mental defect that drove them to commit this crime.

    To say lock them up forever, let them rot, etc., ignores the facts! Even if convicted of attempted murder as an adult -they are not going to be in prison ‘forever’. What if they get 20 years -which would be a stiff sentence for the crime. Do you want them out at 32 years old without being treated for their mental illness, having had prison life as their only guiding system??

    I’m all for tough sentences and holding people accountable. I truly believe they need mental help. I think it’s terrible that they have been only given limited help while being held. It’s a disservice to them and the public.

    • Mel


      Seriously. You WOULD agree with a fellow ignorant racist moron. I bet a million you live a sheltered, stay at home existence in the burbs. Because it is not an intelligent statement to even bring socioeconomic and geographic location into the argument at all. I am floored that someone could actually be more stupid than the , that posted here. Lol I stand corrected!!!! And I didn’t say to keep them in prison for ever, institutionalized for the schizophrenic until the family is throughly educated and/or certified by the state they can competently supervise her and the other girl should receive the stiffest sentence possible for an adult. Why? Because they plotted this FOR MONTHS, THEY DECIDED ANOTHER CHILD TO LIVE THIS DERANGED AND VILE FANTASY OUT! Mentally ill, truly mentally ill people do not plot things like this, they react to delusions and impulsively so. The one girl was not even mentally ill before, she just followed what the other wanted to do. Again she had all the opportunity to speak up and say something about it and didn’t, plus participated in the act. She should sit the maximum for this. Both girls are sick, twisted individuals that should remain under supervision for the rest of their lives. It’s sad, it’s harsh but it is the truth.

    • Opinion8d

      @MEL The socioeconomic and geographic details where to draw parallels to the fact that some kids are just rotten to the core with no soul. Generally they come from those demographics where by the time they are 12 years old, they don’t care about anything and usually have severe behavior issues and have a long history of violence. These girls are not those type of kids. These are 12 year old girls with a 12 year old brain. They were living in a mental fantasy world and skewed their reality. And you can say they ‘plotted’ for months, but they really didn’t plot anything -they fantasized about it. Their ‘plan’ was so ill conceived, that they were going to get caught regardless.

  • A yooper

    Kind of amazing how these whack job girls are locked up tight. They are not a threat to society They simply are mixed up kids. A piece of sh-t ghetto dude gets run in 3 times for armed robbery and is rewarded with a cool ankle bracelet. he is out and about. good job on one of his “brothers ” putting him 6′ under .I think that those girls would be ok on the outside.

    • Be Realistic and Honest

      There is no difference between these girls and the type of person you described. No difference. Both are a threat to our community.

    • Dee

      Yea because robbery is soooooooo much worse than trying to kill an innocent girl by stabbing her 19 times. Funny how you made them seem so harmless. If they would black girls you would be screaming the chair. Gtfoh

  • Dylan

    These girls planned and executed a murder plan..the only part was they only almost killed their friend…what about the real victim the one with the scars.19 of them…when the two attempted murderers..CA they shall proceed to adult court and to sentencing g..thank you to the judge. These two mentally ill individuals…need to be court ordered in medication so for LIFE…in a monitored situation. For LIFE.and the parents should pay restitution. To the victims families…the parents were clueless..and where was grandpa when this was brewing not in the picture.I would guess..they the two would be murdered should have to have their lives monitored as longoing as the victim has scars

  • Be Realistic and Honest

    Niesen was asked if he had any concerns about his personal safety, and the safety of his wife, having Morgan in his home. He responded, “No. I have no concerns. She loves her grandmother.”

    Let’s analyze this statement by her grandfather. First, he doesn’t see her as a threat to himself. Of course, he is a trained former officer who probably still maintains ownership of at least one gun, and sees himself.as capable of defending himself in the event of an incident. That leaves her grandmother, who he probably sees as less likely to defend herself. So what makes him think that she won’t harm her Grandma? Because “She loves her grandmother.” It’s not that she is now safe and won’t become violent…it’s that he believes her love for her grandma would stop her from being violent to her grandma. Well that’s nice. But she doesn’t love the neighbors. And she doesn’t love the people in stores, libraries, etc, that she would go to. So what would stop her from hurting them. Nothing in her grandfather’s statement says that she is truly safe.

  • Be Realistic and Honest

    Can we be honest? The issue at play here isn’t mental illness…the issues at play are race and gender. There would never be this many cries for mercy if these two were Black or Latino males. Stop looking at these girls as sweet and innocent little cherubs that need to be protected. That’s an image in your head built on their race and gender. Here…try this…try replacing their names with DeShaun and Angelo…and pretend this happened in Havenwoods Forest, in the heart of Milwaukee. You know in your soul that your reaction would be completely different.

    And, for the record, THIS is what people mean when they refer to white privilege. That two white girls can commit a heinous crime and people come out of thr woodwork to defend them and plead for them…but if two nonwhite kids did it, those same people would be crying for their deaths. (Obviously this doesn’t apply to all the people who posted here. Some of you clearly get it.)

    • just tired

      I am tired of the race card. I know racialism is out there but i also have seen it from the other side. I am white female but my best friend who was in foster care is black man and I love him with everything in me. I am more for defending minorities then whites/indian. I have seen a change though and not so much on white side. I seen him take offense to whites by twisting there words and i seen him with walls up so high you can’t break them down and I have seen him full on by-polar and the foster mom calls me to come over to calm him down for i was the only one he would listen to. Yes some was racist and those times i was right by his side defending him and calling those people to the carpet. how dare they we all have one color it is red for we all bleed it. it what brings us all together and I refuse to let anyone ever knock down any race within my power. I will also tell you it doesn’t matter to me if they are boys or girls black, white or Latino. if a cop kills someone and it was race hell yes let band together and say no. not in violence but to be heard when violence and breaking into peoples homes and businesses in the name of justice then i do have a problem for it doesn’t help the cause and just saying would we cry out if they where black or Latino and boys i listen to the facts and i make my decision on that only yet when you say the race card for everything I also have a problem for blacks can also be racist against us whites like my friend a lot of times he twist the word to sound bad when what they said wasn’t bad and the wall of anger kept most people away from him yet he said no one tried to make friend with him but I did why I knew that wall. most people run from that wall so if you want people in be inviting. I find mental illness is a hard one for it is a chemical imbalance out of ones control. i have seen it more times then i like to and when they are on the right meds it is like a completely different person and can excel and grow into wonderful people. I would not try them as adults that just stupid they were not even close to 18 and also had mental illness so no i do find that just wrong. Would i let them out no and I would not let them stay where they are at there are mental places where she can go and get the help she does need. she will need lots of therapy and so will her family so is it time nope but I do hope she does get out at some point. mental illness is not the same as when we were all kids it is not a death sentence anymore and being doped up isn’t anymore really either. it like having diabetes and having to give yourself shots does it dope you no. it makes it’s so your sugar levels are normal. the meds she on helps her see reality more clearly and gives her the ability to stop and think what we all take for granted. We as a whole need to see these girls need help all 3 of them and what best for all. we are finding out a lot of people have mental problems and it is not a closed door subject anymore. one thing that does need to change is doctors i seen more doctors just talk to the patience adult and children then the people they live with these people live with them on a daily bases and can see thing sometimes better then the patience for mental patience usually fight being on meds and don’t report all that going on so for it to really work there needs to be better support foundations to bill on a good family doctor relationship but with laws saying to be private the families are being shut out and that is just wrong as well. I am not going to play what if cards i deal in facts and it doesn’t help your case by playing the race card. i hear your tired of the same treatment and equality and i agree with you but your going all wrong on how to deal with it. It not about race at all but 2 really trouble girls. i beg you take the race card out look at the case put your anger a side for I do value your opinions be honest. Are you putting your anger and hatred where you can’t see children no matter what color they are. equality happens on both sides i am willing are you?

  • jpar

    What some forget is that these 2 girls tried to murder in cold blood another human being! They have been brainwashed maybe, but anyone that is that easily to warp the mind of, then in no doubt they would try to kill again, only this time they might seceded in carrying out what they started! They belong where they are till their 18, then they need to be tried as adults! Murderers need executed, attempted murderers need life in prison, and these girls sure tried the attempted part!

  • silence dogood

    Glad the judge didn’t let the former cop intimidate him. Geiser needs to stay in jail. You can tell she’s totally wacked out even after they put her on meds.

    • Jeremy

      Better be careful…It’ll happen to someone you know or worse…to your family. Think your children/grandchildren are perfect? You may want to check again just in case…The world is getting scarier and you know it.

  • melerod109

    Judge Braun is a terrible judge he always has been his statement that the children are a flight risk is asinine. He’s a terrible judge and they should try to get a new one for their kids

  • Natasha

    They should be tries for the crime committed period! Regardless of age. Thank god the victim is alive but what if she would have died? Would she have had a chance to write a letter to a judge to bring her back to life?? NOT

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