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Caught on camera: Police need help in search for teen who allegedly punched elderly man

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MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police need help identifying and locating a teenager who allegedly punched an elderly man, who then fell and struck his head on concrete. The young man was caught on camera, seemingly combative before he and the man got off a Milwaukee County Transit System bus.

The incident happened on March 17th around 7:10 p.m. -- near Burleigh Street and Sherman Boulevard.

Sources tell FOX6 News the victim is not doing well.

Police need help in search for teen seen punching elderly man after exiting bus

In the video, the teenage suspect is seen yelling on the bus. A young woman seemingly tried to stop him.

According to police, the victim, an 81-year-old Milwaukee man, got off the Milwaukee County Transit System bus and was followed by the suspect. The suspect then swung at the victim and the victim fell to the ground.

The suspect fled on foot and the victim was transported to the hospital for treatment.

Police need help in search for teen seen punching elderly man after exiting bus

FOX6 News is told the 81-year-old victim in this case is a retired MCTS driver.

Brendan Conway, MCTS spokesman

Brendan Conway, MCTS spokesman

"This seems fairly brutal. Really, anybody who commits a crime like this should be caught and gone though the system. Police generally use our video often to identify all sorts of things. These cameras (on MCTS buses) will be even better. There might be some of that face out -- so that will be helpful for police," Brendan Conway, MCTS spokesman said.

Conway noted that a grant will provide high-definition cameras in MCTS buses.

This, as Omar Smith, a regular user of the MCTS buses, told FOX6 News he helped to break up a fight on a bus in March.

Omar Smith

Omar Smith

"The other dude just grabbed him and they were swinging. Almost hit the elderly people in front of the bus -- so me and this other guy grabbed him and said 'one of you have to get off the bus,' so we got him off the bus and transit security came," Smith said.

The suspect accused of striking the 81-year-old man is described as a black male, between the ages of 15 and 17, standing 5'6" tall and weighing 140 pounds with a thin build and dreadlocks.

He was wearing a blue jogging jacket with white stripes.

MPD would also like to attempt to identify the female witness seen with the suspect. She is described as a black female, between the ages of 15 and 17, weighing 180 pounds with her hair pulled back. She was last seen wearing a gray sweatshirt.

Anyone with information is asked to call Milwaukee police at 414-935-7360.

Google Map for coordinates 43.073682 by -87.965626.


  • Chrisco

    It is not a hate crime. Black on white crime is never a hate crime. Even if they say the chose the person because they are white.

    • Kennith

      I was on the bus when this incident happened and you have no idea what you are talking about. How on earth did a old black guy get assaulted turn into a racist rant about Blackmon white crime?! Everyone on the bus was black as you can even clearly see on the video. Both of you conservatives are some Ignorant mofos.

    • chris

      For that matter neither is black on white crime. God forbid we attack one of these knuckle daggers. Rev Al, Gwen Moore and Nate Hamilton would be calling for justice.

  • Mark

    That kid is such a bad-ass. Taking a swing at an 81 year old defenseless citizen. This should add a few points to his street cred rep.

    • RobertMMiller

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  • Michael Neils

    Find them. Arrest them. CONVICT them. SENTENCE them to a LONG LONG stay. 81? What is wrong with these two? They look well fed, clothed, not like they were naked and starving. Only thing lacking these two is morals.

  • amerie

    congrats @sshole your mama raised a real winner. Ya know what hassling an 81 year old man makes you? a simple little b!tch that can’t take on a real man. I seriously hope your future cellmate shows you just how much of a b!tch you really are

  • Gary Hamilton

    And Mayor Barrett wants the tax payers to spend millions on express lanes downtown for MCTS. Folks law abiding citizens are too afraid to take the Transit system because of daily attacks like this which don’t get reported. The criminal element saturate MCTS, drivers and passengers are physically and verbally assaulted every day and MCTS tries to keep it hidden under the rug.

    • Troi

      I swear it seems as tho there is a dark cloud over the city of milwaukee,I will continue to pray for peace……….

  • Jim

    So the police didn’t care about this until now that the 81 year old is not doing well!!! What about a crime against the elderly from day one?? Color has nothing to do with this a thug injures an 81 year old.SMH

  • Democlampits

    Another candidate for the 7 man hanging at red arrow park. Hang em high just like in the clint movie. Of course only if we pass the penality otherwise if hanging is too much for some, then bring out ole sparky for a bbq.

  • Jay

    Praying for, strength and peace for the elderly man involved. We need intervention from The Most High because, this (country) world is getting more and more out of hand!

  • Sheila Moyet

    This is pure animalistic behavior. This is the product of the liberal “baby daddy/baby momma” society where respect, morals and values are becoming a thing of the past.

  • Reagan 84

    The POS is a usual suspect,Hood Rat. Where is the media outrage? Hope the POS gets run over by a bus or better yet a semi going 50mph down a street

  • Angry Dad

    This POS will not be hard to find. If i run into him before the police do, I’m curb stomping the punk.

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