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Video shows pregnant 15-year-old being beaten by students inside high school

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A disturbing video shows a pregnant 15-year-old student being attacked at a Tennessee high school on Monday.

The girl, who is four-months pregnant, told WREG she was attacked by fellow students on her way to class at Trezevant High School in Memphis.

Video of the attack was captured on a cell phone and appears to show several students beat the girl and push her into a set of lockers.

"They was holding me down. It took them forever to get her up off of me, and then she kicked me in my stomach," said the girl, whom WREG is not identifying.

She said the attack was initiated by one girl, but other students soon joined in.

The girl went to Le Bonheur Children's Hospital Monday with injuries to her head and back.

This isn't the first time something like this has happened, according to her mother.

"Several boys been trying to fight her. A boy been trying to get his girlfriend to fight her all year. I’ve been up here constantly," she said.

Her mother also said two boys attacked her daughter on a school bus last week, and that her daughter has been attacked on and off school premises multiple times since December. Each time, the school's response has been less than satisfactory, she said.

“I’ve talked to several administrators up here, and I’ve told them what happened and they’re like, ‘Oh, we’ll work it out’ or ‘We’ll get it fixed’ and nothing has happened," the mother said.

"As a mother, you want to protect your children. But my child’s not safe at school, she’s not safe on the bus, what do I do?”

The girl told WREG a teacher was present during Monday's attack, but didn't offer to help.

"She wasn’t doing nothing. She was just standing right there."

WREG emailed Shelby County Schools Tuesday morning and was told they were looking into it.

"We take all allegations that relate to student safety very seriously and are investigating these claims," an emailed statement read.


  • Dolores Brown-solorzano

    them school teachers and school staff don’t care about your children’s safety but they get very angry when you don’t send them to school because they don’t get paid for every day that the student or students are absent because they are very greedy money grubbing mongers take their paychecks away and they will start caring especially when students cause fights or start bullying start discounting the time of them not doing their jobs especially when a child is being bullied and the school does nothing take it out of their pay and fine them for their failure to stop the bullying and fights and failure to punish the perpetrators and the bullies

  • ibn nate

    Yes, they’re wrong for assaulting this young lady, but why are these students constantly attacking her. Is she a loud mouth trouble-maker?

  • 40 something employer

    multiple attacks all year? think maybe this little angel might be bringing this on herself

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