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Wisconsin Mommy: Tips to eliminate the causes of allergies

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MILWAUKEE -- Grab the tissues and medication. It's allergy season. Maureen Fitzgerald, the woman behind the blog "Wisconsin Mommy," joined the Studio A team on Wednesday, April 20th with some tips to eliminate the causes of allergies.

About Maureen Fitzgerald (from website)

Maureen, aka Wisconsin Mommy, resides just outside of Milwaukee where she lives with her husband, son, and  rescue dog, Roofus who is fast becoming the most spoiled member of the family.Maureen is a former elementary teacher who decided to stay home when her son was born in 2004. She spent many of those early years on the computer (usually Googling whatever new mom challenge she was panicking about at the moment) and discovered the world of Mommy Blogs. In 2007, Maureen started her own blog to claim her little piece of the web and was born. 

Wisconsin Mommy generally cover things that seem interesting to Maureen and features helpful products and services.  Maureen’s specialty is conveying the story behind the products she uses and recommends.  You will not find any cut and pasted press releases on Wisconsin Mommy.  Maureen will give you the whole story, whether it’s her experience shopping and purchasing a product or the disaster she created trying a new recipe (and you might even get a video of that one!).  She writes the way she lives, open and honest and occasionally sharing a little too much information!

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