Arrest of black student sparks rally at University of Wisconsin

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MADISON — Hundreds of demonstrators were rallying at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to protest the arrest of a black student accused of spraying provocative graffiti messages around campus.


The Wisconsin State Journal reports Thursday ( that students and faculty gathered at the statue of Abraham Lincoln and pasted a list of demands that included community control of campus police.

They later marched to occupy a library and shut down nearby intersections.

The protests come after police accused a black student of doing $4,000 worth of damage to university buildings and arrested him during class.

One note he’s accused of spraying reads, “The devil iz a white man, – God.” Protesters say the collection of graffiti represents anti-racist artwork.

Arrest of black student sparks rally at University of Wisconsin


  • Opinion8d

    Drop a bomb! What an enlightened group. ‘Community Control of the Police’??? Really??? The ‘tolerant’ left is already out of hand on treating people with a different message -could you imagine if the lefties decided who was charged with crime??? Any surprise is mostly women protesting???

  • A yooper

    Unreal. guy was charged. Wait & see what evidence shows. If enough to be convicted….So be it. Until then let the police protect you. Maybe a back round check to buy spray paint. Some of those women should spend some energy hiking & eating better. Not many of them missed their Big Mac’s & fries for lunch.

  • Wilson

    The po po should have beat his sorry ass when they arrested him. Perhaps even spray painted him yellow because he is a cowardly loser.

  • Kaylah

    This is complete nonsense. Im down with protests about realistic issues, but this just seems like local leaders are grabbing at any controversy to try and stay relevant. Most of these protests are led by a well known local organizer. I’m not going to name her. But if, like me, you think this has crossed from logical social issues into the realm of thr ridiculous, then feel free to boycott thr Madison YWCA. That’s where she works.

  • chris

    Stupid hippies. Let’s protest the arrest of a criminal, demand the police resign for doing their job and block traffic in the process. Perfect example of the me generation supporting a criminal and bashing the police. Liberal idiots.

  • same thing

    He deserves to put in jail its called trespassing on private property you know damn well if it a white guy writing rasiest no one would be protesting interesting

    • Truth Hertz

      Intelligent people would argue that that would be very intelligent of him to avoid incurred debt associated with college costs. Funny we don’t complain when corporations use governmental provided subsidies to avoid paying their fair share in taxes, but when commoners exploit the loopholes other commoners ridicule them. Either you are very ignorant to the world around you or you’re one of those corporate flunkies defending your puppeteer.

  • DSF

    “Art Is Not A Crime”??? Um, sure…but vandalism sure is. Lock him up. Fine him. Boot him from school.

  • Opinion8d

    But if he were White and wrote “TRUMP 2016” on the side walks with chalk, these same people would want him arrested, forced into re-education/sensitivity classes and then booted from school.

  • Mark

    seriously……… all you can do when you see this is shake your head and tell yourself that yes, there truly are people this stupid wandering our streets. I honestly believe that these individuals have no self-thinking abilities whatsoever. “if I go along with this group, they’ll all like me. plus….. maybe I’ll get on tv!” each and every one of you: an embarrassment to our society.

  • Robby

    Okay. So guy vandalizes property 11 times writing racial statements. Student body is upset and wants police to catch him. Police finds him and arrests him. Student body now upset because he’s a minority and wants him cleared of all crime and then blame the police for helping the students in the first place? And they want complete control over what police do? Good luck to all students who now think they are qualified to lead a bomb threat incident or an active shooter event.

  • KaitiLu

    Even elementary students know laws are not made by police, but enforced by police. Looks like a lot of wasted tuition because these snowflakes are not learning much.

  • Alumni

    Is there some sort of new anti-white curriculum in universites or brainwashing classes? Ive noticed a lot of kids go in college with high spirits and pride and come out docile and over zealously politically correct.

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