Parents — is your child’s bedroom a pigsty? Some tips to help calm the chaos

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MILWAUKEE -- Parents -- we're willing to bet your kids' bedrooms aren't as clean and organized as you'd like them to be.

Whether it's clothing or toys, sports items or school materials -- sometimes the clutter can be overwhelming. And getting the kids to clean up can be a fight.

Liz Girsch, a professional organizer, joined Studio A on Thursday, April 21st with some tips on how to help calm the chaos.

Below are some tips to help organize your child's room as they grow:

Babies: Create systems that can grow with your baby.

Toddlers and preschoolers: Involve busy little people in the process.

School-aged children: Contain those big kids' little things.

Teenagers: Establish life-long habits for your young people to implement into their independent lives.

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