Cheerios angers grieving Prince fans with ‘tribute’ tweet

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LONDON — Here’s another lesson in the risks of social media marketing.

Cheerios maker General Mills was forced to delete a Twitter tribute to Prince, after the singer’s fans slammed the company and called the tweet tasteless.

Prince Rogers Nelson, known simply as Prince, died Thursday. He was found unresponsive in an elevator at his studios in Chanhassen, Minnesota. He was 57 years old and his death came as a shock to his fans.

Cheerios tweeted a purple “Rest in peace” sign with a cheerio in place of the dot above the letter i. It tagged the tweet with #prince.

Cheerios Tweet

A storm of angry comments followed immediately, forcing the Minnesota-based company to take the Tweet down.

General Mills said it wanted to “acknowledge the loss of a musical legend in its hometown.”

“But we quickly decided that we didn’t want the tweet to be misinterpreted, and removed it out of respect for Prince and those mourning,” the company said in a statement emailed to CNNMoney.


  • KaitiLu

    Just plain silliness. General Mills was acknowledging the death of Prince and the little Cheerio was a sweet personalization. People offended by such small things should find a safe place and never leave.

  • Paula

    WTH is wrong with people? I thought the tribute by General Mills was wonderful – the small Cherrio was brillant! We are living in a world of crybabies! PS – I hope I haven’t offended anyone with my post.

    • Malai

      I completely agree with you! I thought the little cheerio above the “i” was a sweet little touch. People get upset over the silliest things! In no way was it disrespectful. It’s not like they’re trying to use prince’s name and passing as a way to advertise their product! Who in the world doesn’t already know what Cheerios are? Goodness!

  • Staticphear

    I understand why some people are upset. You NEVER try to advertise your products when someone dies. It is in bad taste.

    But yes, people are overly sensitive. Or maybe the rest of us are just numb to the world.

  • wilson

    I am angry that General Mills would even acknowledge the death of a drug abuser. Who really gives a rat’s arse about this creepy druggie???

  • Michael Neils

    I thought it was neat. Rushing out to buy a box never occurred to me. Just a sweet little r.i.p. from cereal.

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