Jasmine Pennix now charged, fired after pushing Bay View H.S. student in class

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MILWAUKEE -- 39-year-old Jasmine Pennix of Milwaukee was charged on Friday afternoon, April 22nd with one count of physical abuse of a child. This in relation to an incident that happened at Bay View High School on Wednesday, April 20th. The charge comes with a maximum penalty of six years in prison and $10,000 in fines if Pennix is convicted.

Pennix made his initial appearance in court in this case on Friday. Probable cause was found for Pennix to stand trial in this case. A preliminary hearing was scheduled for May 10th.

Cash bond was set at $2,500 -- which Pennix posted, and he was released from custody. He was ordered to have no contact with the victim in this case.

According to the criminal complaint, several boys in a biology class at Bay View H.S. were "ripping on each other." The complaint indicates the boy who was pushed by Pennix "got into an argument with (Pennix)." Pennix then "became upset and pulled the back of the chair that (the teen) was sitting on, causing (the teen) to fall to the floor."

Jasmine Pennix

Jasmine Pennix

The complaint indicates the teen was put in a headlock and a witness heard the teen "tell the defendant to 'get off me.'" The two separated -- and a witness heard the teen state "'come do something' and then observed the defendant shove (the teen) into a chair and then observed the defendant push (the teen) to the ground with his hands around (the teen's) neck."

Video of the incident, which was shared with the FOX6 News Facebook page, is tough to watch. It shows the teacher's aide push the student into a desk, and then hold him down on the floor. The teacher can be heard leveling expletives at the student during the entire incident, which happened shortly before 11:00 a.m. Students told FOX6 News it happened during a freshman biology class.

On Friday afternoon, Milwaukee Public Schools officials released a statement indicating Pennix was terminated.

State Senator Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee) issued the following statement on Friday about the incident at Bay View H.S.:

"Based on the video I saw, I am deeply concerned about what happened at Bay View High School. I believe violence is a major educational barrier for our kids. It’s just that usually it happens on the street, not right in the classroom. We need to create schools and communities free of violence so that our kids can focus on learning, not looking over their shoulders. Until that day comes, we must ensure that our kids have access to school therapists who they can talk to about any trauma they experienced. Additionally, we must ensure workers have special training to address conflict.

"With regard to this incident, it is my expectation that the school will take appropriate disciplinary action towards all involved. Transparency will be key in moving ahead through that process. "

Monitor FOX6 News and FOX6Now.com for updates on this developing story.


  • You Know Who You Are

    In hindsight I wish he would have pummeled that little hoodlum. That would have helped to make the firing justifiable.

  • Angela

    “Tough to watch”? Not if you know that Marcellus is one of the kids that has been put here stealing cars.

  • These hoodlums

    I support the Aide! The inner city kids are like children of the corn disrespectful and ignorant.

  • Chrisco

    Let the man out. I understand why he snapped. He is trying to make a difference and motivate them. What do they do? They sh*t all over him. That is sad.

  • Fred

    These punks will continue to do whatever they want because they know they are untouchable. Parents go to jail for giving a kid a good whipping. Other parents expect the teachers to instill the values they are unable to instill at home, but the teachers have even less ability due to the law. The laws are not made to protect the kids, the laws allow them to become gangsters immune from the law. You couldn’t pay me any amount of money that would make me want to be a teacher these days. Every teacher deserves a medal for bravery.

  • Wilson

    Charge Barabus and let the teacher’s aide go free!! He was just doing what the punk’s father should have done. That punk still needs a good ass whipping!!!

  • Disgusting liberal liars

    Send the felon teen to a disciplinary camp and teach him some matters. Give the teacher a medal. But in the end it won’t matter because the stupid entitlement teen will end up robbing and killing hard working citizens because of the social justice warriors that defend him.

  • Libsareliars

    This is more liberal policies right in our face. This is one good reason liberals are destroying the very fabricate of this country.

  • blackpeoplebecrazy

    If the aide or punk were white lena taylors statement would be much different. Wait, his name is jasmine? Give him a break.

  • Robet B.

    I’m sure the student provoked this response. unfortunate discipline takes a back seat to PCBS. Can’t imagine the OUTRAGE had the aide been white.

  • hoodhater

    He should have beat the crap out of the little hood monger. He needs to be rehired as to show the hoodlums they are not running anything

  • Shawn

    Often, when there is an incident of violence, the police will ask if the “victim” gave permission for thr violence to occur. As far as I’m concerned, “Come do something” was an invitation for such. Also, any kid that tries to fight a teacher then causes this much drama is a fracking p****y.

  • ibn nate

    The complaint is NOT consistent with the video. Pennix is standing directly in front of the teen, and then the teen kicks at someone or something. That’s when Pennix takes care of business on the youngster. I hope charges are dropped or reduced to a misdemeanor because this man has no criminal record, and to convict him of a felony due to this young knucklehead would be absurd!!!

  • Lorett

    He was doing his job and was doing it great. Those little slimy brats needs to learn respect. FREE him and give him a raise!

  • Trinitta Smith

    I don’t think he did anything wrong he should’ve beat his assistant. These teens have No respect! Teachers should be allowed to discipline if the have to spend time with them. They are not babysitters!

  • Respect is the answer

    Let this teacher out, he was assaulted by this little punk. Put this little punk in jail where he belongs, he is going to do this again to another teacher and give his parents a assault and battery citation. Maybe they will start teaching this punk how to respect adults. He will be in jail soon anyways for stealing cars. Hopefully he does not kill someone while doing it. Free the teacher!!!

  • Kraz

    While the kid should not have been held by his throat. I get where the aide was coming from. Teachers are but in the worst situations but no one cares about that.
    I’m sure the student was extremely disrespectful and there was nothing done to counter the behavior. This teacher’s aide will be given a bad rap. But, I blame the MPS. Jacked up system and the fact that when you call for assistance no one from security comes 8/10 times and there is NO back up from administration!
    Why are phones allowed in the classroom freely when there is a no phone policy? Why is there an aide in that class? Clearly that class had behavioral issues. What about what happened prior to the Video. Students from the class stated the aide was kicked.
    Lena you opportunist troll! You are part of the problem in the Black community. Clearly the system is messed up and you side with MPS. I encourage you to take an unannounced trip to all the high schools in the city you will see first hand what teachers and aides are working with. When I grew if we did something wrong anyone in the community could discipline us. Now these entitled teens think they are untouchable.

  • dave simon

    Teachers don’t lose their cool for no reason, Hell what a job, low pay, i guess abuse by some adolescence and driven to mental aberration at the time. What would top it off would be the adolescents parents righteous indignation at court and in the media..

  • Darren

    I applaud this teacher… We need more of this sort of thing… Its shocking how weak and ineffective our schools have become. The disrespect is extraordinary. It threatens all of society. Teacher of the year award!

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