Audio recording released from Prince’s April 15th emergency landing in Moline, Illinois

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MOLINE, Illinois — An audio recording of a medical emergency suffered six days before Prince was found dead at his home studio in Minnesota was released Monday morning, April 25th.

The singer was headed back to Paisley Park Studios on April 15th after a performance in Atlanta the night before when his plane suddenly made an unexpected stop in Moline, Illinois.

A pilot can be heard in the recording — obtained by TMZ — communicating with an air traffic controller before the plane landed.

The controller was heard saying at one point, “CFR (certified first responder) will be waiting” to help the sick passenger.

A “save drug” was administered to Prince as soon as the plane landed, according to TMZ.

Prince was then taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, CNN reported.

After the incident, Prince reassured his fans. “He is fine and at home,” his publicist said.

TMZ reported it was a Percocet OD that led to the emergency landing in Moline.

According to TMZ, Prince ingested so much, EMTs had to administer the “save shot” at the airport where his plane made the emergency landing.

Sources in Moline, Illinois told TMZ, Prince’s entourage told responders he had taken the painkiller after his Atlanta concert.

TMZ was told Prince was taking painkillers for a hip problem.

On Thursday, April 21st, Prince was found unresponsive in an elevator at his studio and was later pronounced dead.

An autopsy was performed Friday to discover the circumstances surrounding his death. But it could be weeks before we know, according to his publicist and authorities. “The cause of death remains unknown,” Noel-Schure said, “and it will be at least four weeks before we receive the results of the autopsy.”